Does Our Lady really invite pilgrims to Medjugorje

Greetings, From ever since my first visit to Medjugorje from long time ago, I am hearing from many people/sources ( including sister Emmanuel book) that every pilgrim that visits Medjugorje is invited in person by our lady the most holy virgin Mary, like I and everyone of you invite specific people to our birthdays parties. Moreover, I personally believe in this issue, I had an awesome experience and i will tell you its story hereunder:

In my first visit to Medjugorje in summer 2000, there was a girl that came with us, this girl who is called Micha, was very skeptical about this specfic point ( the invitation of our lady in person to every pilgrim) and she used to laugh on us whenever we told her "enjoy your stay at medjugorje" because it is our lady who has invited you to this place totally like you invite your friends to your birthday party.

Days passed until the last day in our stay, when we had to climb Criczevac, when we arrived to the mount in front of the big white cross, a Lebanese priest asked us to kneel in front of the cross and pray the rosary, while doing so, Micha was bothered by a small piece of boulder/stone and therefore she was forced to move it in order to kneel properly and while doing so, guess what she found written on the other side of the stone??!!........it was her name written clearly "Micha", maybe another pilgrim who's name is Micha had written her name on this small piece of stone....

At that moment, Micha was literally motionless/speechless and from ever since this story she is a witness of the personal invitation issue and she tells her story everyday to new people... What about you?? what do you think? God bless, Joseph. - Source Medjugorje Forum

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Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

Father Jozo has said that none of us who go to Medjugorje go there by accident. We go because Our Lady has called us.