Our Lady's Message to Marija 
on June 25, 2020
"Dear children! 
I am listening to your cries and prayers, and am interceding for you before my Son Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. 
Return, little children, to prayer and open your hearts in this time of grace and set out on the way of conversion. Your life is passing and, without God, does not have meaning. This is why I am with you to lead you towards holiness of life, so that each of you may discover the joy of living. 
I love you all, little children, and am blessing you with my motherly blessing. 
Thank you for having responded to my call."

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Come, Holy Spirit

“Come Holy Spirit. Come Holy Spirit.” 
We can never repeat that enough. It’s the most fundamental of prayers. You can even ask the Holy Spirit to tell you what you need and how to pray for it!
“Peace does not come from you, but from God,” the Blessed Virgin said in 1984 at Medjugorje.
“I call you always to bring harmony and peace.”
“Raise your hands, yearn for Jesus, because in His Resurrection He wants to fill you with graces. Be enthusiastic about the Resurrection. All of us in Heaven are happy, but we seek the joy of your hearts.”
The most important thing in the spiritual life is to ask for the gift of the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit comes, the peace will be established. When that occurs, everything changes around you.”
“I have come to call the world to conversion for the last time” (1982).
“Let the Holy Mass be your life.”
For it is the Holy Spirit Who grants guidance, heals sickness, strengthens our bodies, and protects us against all untoward events. It’s the Holy Spirit Who imbues Mass with Christ’s Presence. When there are miracles or revelations, these are accomplished through the Holy Spirit. During Mass He is especially strong. He is especially willing to pervade our spirits.
And we should invite that. We should beg for His arrival. We should beg Him to pray through our minds and lips. Again, we should ask Him to reveal to us what it is we should be praying about.
He is the Spirit of Truth. He is the Spirit of prayerfulness.
When the priest gives us the opportunity to reflect upon our sins, we should ask the Holy Spirit to tell us what sins we most need to purge. We should ask Him to reach deep into our pasts and expunge any evil. We should ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten us as to what we need for spiritual development.
And we should cover ourselves with the whiteness of His protection.
Such is crucial in our time, when evil spirits (which we’ll be discussing more this week) are more numerous than ever– when they continue to climb in a horde from the pit, when they antagonize and anger and divide us. We need special protection, and that protection is given by the Holy Spirit. He draws us to the Father. He draws us to Jesus. As part of the Holy Trinity, He has the power to grant us health (if such is the Will of God) and shield us from demonism.
At Mass we should ask the Holy Spirit to protect us and our loved ones from accidents and disease. We should ask for protection from any unfortunate events. We should ask the Spirit to send special angels and further empower those angels we have. We should ask Him to guide our every thought and action. We should ask for a long, healthy life, a holy death, and the sure route to Heaven.
Come Holy Spirit of truth. Come Holy Spirit of Health. Come Holy Spirit of holiness. Come Holy Spirit of purity. Come Holy Spirit of discernment. Come Holy Spirit of peace.
Nothing brings the Holy Spirit like the Eucharist, and with God, anything is possible. Anything can change. Anything can be accomplished. As the Virgin of Medjugorje said, “The most important thing in the spiritual life is to ask for the gift of the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit comes, then peace will be established. When that occurs, everything around you changes. Pray for the Holy Spirit for enlightenment. Ask the Holy Spirit to renew your souls, to renew the entire world. Raise your hands, yearn for Jesus because in His Resurrection He wants to fill you with graces.”
When that happens, when we have the Holy Spirit, then, according to Our Blessed Mother, we have everything.