Tajci Cameron: Be it Done Unto Me

Luke 1:38 And Mary said, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord;
 be it unto me according to thy word.” And the angel departed
 from her.

Tajci Cameron: Let it Be


Revelation: From the Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska,

A vision of the Mother of God. In the midst of a great brilliance, I saw the Mother of God clothed in a white gown, girt about with a golden cincture; and there were tiny stars, also of gold, over the whole garment, and chevron-shaped sleeves lined with gold. Her cloak was sky-blue, lightly thrown over the shoulders. A transparent veil was delicately drawn over her head, while her flowing hair was set off beautifully by a golden crown which terminated in little crosses. On her left arm she held the Child Jesus. A Blessed Mother of this type I had not yet seen.

 Then she looked at me kindly and said: I am the Mother of God of Priests.

 At that, she lowered Jesus from her arm to the ground, raised her right hand heavenward and said: O God, bless Poland, bless priests. Then she addressed me once again: Tell the priests what you have seen. I resolved that at the first opportunity [I would have] of seeing Father [Andrasz] I would tell; but I myself can make nothing of this vision.
Diary of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska, 1585

Cardinal Piacenza writes to Mothers of Priests, Seminarians 

Rome,  (Zenit.orgAnn Schneible


 Writing on the occasion of the solemnity of Mary Mother of God (January 1), Prefect for the Congregation for the Clergy, Cardinal Mauro Piacenza, addressed a letter to mothers of priests and seminarians.

"In welcoming the Eternal Word into her immaculate womb," he wrote, "Mary Most Holy gave birth to the Eternal High Priest, Jesus Christ, the only Savior of the world… By adhering to God's Will, Mary participated in a unique and unrepeatable way in the mystery of our redemption, thereby becoming the Mother of God, the Gate of Heaven and the Cause of our Joy."

Cardinal Piacenza continued: "In a similar way, the entire Church looks with admiration and deep gratitude upon all mothers of priests and of those who, having received this lofty vocation, have embarked upon the path of formation."

Cardinal Piacenza noted the role of the family in helping young men to be receptive to the call of the priesthood. In particular, he continued, "the participation given to mothers of priests is quite unique and special. For unique and special are the spiritual consolations which they derive from having carried in the womb one who has become Christ's minister. Indeed, every mother cannot but rejoice in seeing the life of her son not only fulfilled but also clothed with a most exceptional divine favor which embraces and transforms it for all eternity."

Even though the separation between a mother and her son is more "radical than any other separation," he continued, "the Church's two thousand years of experience teaches us that when a man is ordained a priest, his mother 'receives' him an a completely new and unexpected way; so much so that she is called to see in the fruit of her own womb a "father" who by God's will is called to generate and accompany a multitude of brothers and sisters to eternal life.

 Every mother of a priest mysteriously becomes a 'daughter of her son.' Towards him, she may therefore also exercise a new motherhood through the discreet yet extremely efficacious and inestimably precious closeness of prayer, and by offering of her own life for the ministry of her son."

"This new 'fatherhood' - for which the Seminarian is prepared, which the priest has been given, and which benefits all God's People - needs to be accompanied by assiduous prayer and personal sacrifice, in order that a priest's free adherence to the divine will may continually be renewed and strengthened, that he may never tire in the battle of faith, and that he may unite his own life ever more completely to the Sacrifice of Christ the Lord."

Cardinal Piacenza concludes: "Mothers of priests and seminarians thus represent a true and veritable 'army,' which from earth offers prayers and sacrifice to heaven, and from heaven intercedes in even greater number so that every grace and blessing may be poured out upon the lives of the Church's sacred ministers."


The Medjugorje Message: Our Lady’s messages for 2013

The Medjugorje Message: Our Lady’s messages for 2013: You can view a list of all the monthly messages given by Our Lady to Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti during the past year at THIS LINK – and th...

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Feast of the Holy Innocents

The children slaughtered by Herod the Great when he tried to kill the infant Christ.

When Herod realized that he had been deceived by the magi, he became furious. He ordered the massacre of all the boys in Bethlehem and its vicinity two years old and under, in accordance with the time he had ascertained from the magi. Then was fulfilled what had been said through Jeremiah the prophet: “A voice was heard in Ramah, sobbing and loud lamentation; Rachel weeping for her children, and she would not be consoled, since they were no more.” - Matthew 2:16-18

A tiny child is born, who is a great King. Wise men are led to him from afar. They come to adore one who lies in a manger and yet reigns in heaven and on earth. When they tell of one who is born a King, Herod is disturbed. To save his kingdom he resolves to kill him, though if he would have faith in the child, he himself would reign in peace in this life and for ever in the life to come.
Why are you afraid, Herod, when you hear of the birth of a King? He does not come to drive you out, but to conquer the devil. But because you do not understand this you are disturbed and in a rage. To destroy one child whom you seek, you show your cruelty in the death of so many children.
You are not restrained by the love of weeping mothers and fathers mourning the deaths of their sons, nor by the cries and sobs of the children. You destroy those who are tiny in body because fear is destroying your heart. You imagine that if you accomplish your desire you can prolong you own life, though you are seeking to kill Life himself.
The children die for Christ, though they do not know it. The parents mourn for the death of martyrs. The Christ child makes of those as yet unable to speak fit witnesses to himself. But you, Herod, do not know this and are disturbed and furious. While you vent your fury against the child, you are already paying him homage, and do not know it.
To what merits of their own do the children owe this kind of victory? They cannot speak, yet they bear witness to Christ. They cannot use their limbs to engage in battle, yet already they bear off the palm of victory.
Holy Innocents  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQE_iYQYkxM


Father Jozo Zovko shares how Apparitions in Medugorje Began June 24, 1981...

Uploaded on May 12, 2011
Beginning in June 24, 1981, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, began to appear daily to six young Croatian visionaries with a message for the world of peace, love, conversion to God. Mary continues to appear each day for the last 30 years to continue her call of conversion. Father Jozo Zovko was the parish priest when the apparitions first began, and his personal witness to these events in the 1980s is important history to capture and document.

Our Lady's Message of Prayer PART 2 of 2 - Father Jozo Zovko Medugorje..

Published on Mar 30, 2013
This is Part 2. Father Jozo Zovko, a Franciscan priest who was the Pastor of St. James Church when the apparitions first began on June 24, 1931, the Feast of Saint John the Baptist, explains a primary message given by the Blessed Mother in Medugorje.


Our Ladys Medjugorje Message to Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti

Christmas Day

"Dear children! I am carrying to you the King of Peace that He may give you His peace. You, little children, pray, pray, pray. The fruit of prayer will be seen on the faces of the people who have decided for God and His Kingdom. I, with my Son Jesus, bless you all with a blessing of peace. Thank you for having responded to my call."

Our Lady's message given through Medjugorje visionary Jakov during his annual Christmas apparition:

“Little children, today in a special way, Jesus desires to come to dwell in each of your hearts and to share with you your every joy and pain. Therefore, little children, today in a special way, peer into your hearts and ask yourselves if the peace and joy of the birth of Jesus have truly taken hold of your hearts. Little children, do not live in darkness, aspire towards the light and towards God’s salvation. Children, decide for Jesus and give Him your life and your hearts, because only in this way will the Most High be able to work in you and through you.”

Peace and Joy - God is with us


Give Thanks because he's given Jesus Christ his son

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve!
  Giving thanks
  Giving thanks!
(c) Mary TV 2013

December 24, 2013
Christmas Eve

Dear Family of Mary!

"Dear children! Today when God granted to me that I can be with you, with little Jesus in my arms, I rejoice with you and I give thanks to God for everything He has done in this Jubilee year. I thank God especially for all the vocations of those who said 'yes' to God completely. I bless you all with my blessing and the blessing of the newborn Jesus. I pray for all of you for joy to be born in your hearts so that in joy you too carry the joy I have today. In this Child I bring to you the Savior of your hearts and the One who calls you to the holiness of life. Thank you for having responded to my call." (December 25,2000)

There is a deep connection between thanks giving and joy. Our Lady demonstrates it in her message of Christmas 2000. She tells us how she gives thanks to God for everything He has done in the Jubilee year of 2000. Then she wishes that we could also carry the joy that she has. She reminds us of all that Jesus has brought into our lives, salvation, forgiveness, union with the Father, etc. And she encourages us to realize it all, with thankful hearts. Why, because joy comes to those who give thanks. Giving thanks to God is really admitting the truth! Everything comes from Him and everything is His!! We can only receive.

What joy! What deep joy is available to us, if we listen to Our Lady! On this Christmas Eve, as we await the celebration of Jesus' birth, let's fill our hearts to the brim with thankfulness. For every little detail of our lives, let's thank Jesus. And then, with Our Lady, we will be filled with joy!

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
©Mary TV 2013

PS. I give thanks for all of you who have joined me in pondering Our Lady's messages over the years!  You are a great blessing to me!  Tomorrow I will send out the message when I get it. Dearest Mother, we await your Christmas message for 2013, with all our hearts!!


 "Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world!"   
Blessed John Paul II  -
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Silent Night - Medjugorje's Choir

Medjugorje's Choir - Christmas concert.


Alleluia Medjugorje (christmas)

Published on Jan 4, 2013
Song From youth festival Medjugorje
Arabic Lyrics by jamil toufic
Sancta Maria Choir - Lebanon
Soloists : Jean Darido & Elie Helou
Christmas Concert 2012 - Mar Elias kontari - beirut


Immanuel - Songs Of Praise

Choirs of school children from Cheshire and the Wirral celebrate Epiphany in
 Chester Cathedral singing Michael Card's 'Emmanuel


My world began to change

Gisella Barreto: „After coming to Medjugorje, I felt as if my world began to change”

A pilgrim from Argentina, Gisella Barreto came to Medjugorje. Gisella is a very famous person in Argentina and in the other countries of Latin America as well. She won several times at the beauty contests, became TV hostess, and even though she lived in the world of glamour, none of that ever made her happy. She came to Medjugorje in 2010 as a result of her mother’s desire and that is when her world started to change. She does not work in media anymore, she does not live in the world of glamour, but she witnesses instead of that and teaches religion in schools and she said how only now she feels happy and blessed in her life after so many years. Gisella told us that she came here to thank Gospa in Medjugorje. She said that her mother was always a pillar of faith in their family and that she raised her four children in the faith. She had beautiful childhood but it all changed in the time of adolescence. That is when she was attracted to the world with all of its challenges. Gisella was very pretty and that is when she entered the world of glamour. She won at several contests and was a semi-finalist at the contest for Miss Argentina. “That life was seemingly nice and attractive, it was actually a true trap of the world. I always looked unhappy and my mom used to tell me to surrender all to God. She was in Medjugorje on three occasions and showed me Our Lady from Medjugorje and told me to thank Her for all. It was after that visit to Medjugorje that my life began to change. This is where I understood that it is not enough just to be a good person, but our soul needs to be filled with God. It was through the emptiness in the heart that the world starts to enter within us.”     Source   http://www.medjugorje.hr/en 


The Medjugorje Message: Mary is working according to God’s plan...

The Medjugorje Message: Mary is working according to God’s plan...: What exactly has God in mind for each of us? Simple answer: Salvation. And it’s the sole reason why Our Lady is appearing at Medjugorje...

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Tajci - Tiha noc (Silent Night)

 Tajci sings Silent Night at Christmas Gala Concert in small town of Bjelovar in Croatia.
 The concert was broadcast on Croatian National Television.


"Zechariah...your prayer has been heard." -Luke 1:13

When God finally answers your deepest prayer after a long period of silence, do you believe it or are you skeptical? Are you a person who is "well-disposed" to the Lord? (Lk 1:17) Or have you just "disposed" of your long-time prayer request, figuring that God said "No" (rather than "Not yet"). When the Lord is silent for years, even decades, do you grow bitter or grow better?
Simeon and Anna waited for the Lord for decades, and when the day came that their long-desired prayers were answered, they were ready (Lk 2:27ff, 38). The Blessed Virgin Mary was ready and well-disposed in docility to the Lord when her moment came (Lk 1:38). Manoah and his wife were likewise ready (Jgs 13:2ff). When God called Abraham, his first response was "Ready!" (Gn 22:1) The Pharisees, Sadducees, and Zechariah were not ready when their prayers were answered even though, as lifetime religious, they were in a prime position to be ready for God.

The way to be ready for God's answered prayer is to be ready every moment of every day. Years of practice of becoming like a little child before God helps us to be ready when He answers, never doubting His saving power and His loving-kindness. That's why God sends babies as answers to prayer (Jgs 13:3; 1 Sm 1:19ff; Lk 1:13). The Lord makes all things new and fresh, and babies make that clear to all.
Each day, "acquire a fresh, spiritual way of thinking" (Eph 4:23). Resist developing a hard, skeptical heart. Let the Infant Jesus "open wide your" heart (2 Cor 6:13).

 "You are my hope, O Lord; my trust, O God, from my youth" (Ps 71:5).

 "Joy and gladness will be yours." -Lk 1:14

 "O Flower of Jesse's stem, You have been raised up as a Sign for all peoples; kings stand silent in Your presence; the nations bow down in worship

Statue of Our Lady-Boracay Island, Philippines


Tajci: O, Holy Night

In 2011, Tajci sang at Christmas Gala Concert in small town of Bjelovar in Croatia.
 The concert was broadcast on Croatian National Television…


The encounter with Medjugorje is my greatest gift.

Fr. Mateo Mario: “In Medjugorje we feel grace-filled love of God”

date: 12.12.2013.
Fr. Mateo Mario is a member of the community of Our Lady Queen of Peace in Sao Paolo in Brazil, and that community is a fruit of Medjugorje. Before he became a priest, he received a degree in Chemistry and worked for few years in chemical factory. His job was good, as well as his salary and he lived a good life according to the standards of the world. Even though he was brought up in a Catholic family, he did not go much to the church at that time. All of that had changed with just one accidental encounter with the Holy Scripture. He came to Medjugorje in 2002, at the time he was in Novitiate.

 “While I was seeking for my religious vocation, I visited various communities. That is how I took part in prayer meetings of one charismatic group Rinovamento from Sao Paolo and that is where I heard about the apparitions. Up to that time, I did not know anything about the apparitions of the Queen of Peace in Medjugorje, and the thought that Gospa was appearing every single day filled my heart and that is when I decided to join community that lives and spreads Our Lady’s messages. The encounter with Medjugorje is my greatest gift.

Those were the days when I got to know the heart of a Mother who embraced me and who loves me. Ever since I came here for the first time, Gospa is a strong part of my life. I feel I was chosen as a priest to be the instrument of peace, grace and prayer in the life of other people. I started to pray with the heart in Medjugorje, and Rosary became fundamental part of my life. Jesus became my brother and my friend. It was here in Medjugorje that I learned how important is to adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Mary is not in the centre in Medjugorje, it is her Son Jesus.

” Fr. Mateo feels that pilgrims in Medjugorje experience great love of God. “As we are becoming aware of their sins, we open more to God. I climbed Cross Mountain today with my group. As we prayed at the stations of the Way of the Cross, I felt huge outpour of God’s love and I was not able to speak at all, I just cried all the time.”        http://www.medjugorje.hr/en/


Pray for Your Shepherds

Confession in Medjugorje 2011
Pray for priests!  We need them so much!
(c) Mary TV 2012
J.M.J. December 13, 2013
St. Lucy

Dear Family of Mary!

"Dear children...Pray for your shepherds and long to come to know the love of your Heavenly Father, in union with them. Thank you." (December 2, 2013)

Our Lady shows us in these words how she loves. She loves by drawing others into her own heart and longing for them the very graces and blessings that she longs for herself. She prays for others as if she is praying for herself, asking for the blessings and graces that she needs, but asking for those she prays for in the same breath! We can imitate her way of praying, by drawing others into our hearts and asking God to give them the graces we long for! Beautiful!

And we can especially do this for our priests, who need our prayers so badly. I have assembled Our Lady's requests for prayer for priests over the past year, because these requests reveal so much about her love for priests, and how we can love them. Today, as we fast, let's pray for priests with all our hearts!

January 02, 2013 "Dear children...My children, pray for the shepherds. May your lips be shut to every judgment, because do not forget that my Son has chosen them and only He has the right to judge. Thank you."

February 02, 2013 "Dear children ...Pray for your shepherds so that through your fasting and prayer they can lead you in love. Thank you."

March 02, 2013 "Dear children! ...I am especially praying and watching over those whom my Son called to be light-bearers and carriers of hope for you - for your shepherds. Thank you."

April 02, 2013 "Dear children, ...Again I am warning you, pray for those whom my Son called, whose hands He blessed and whom He gave as a gift to you. Pray, pray, pray for your shepherds. Thank you."

May 02, 2013 "Dear children.... My children, my Son gave you a gift of the shepherds. Take good care of them. Pray for them. Thank you."

June 02, 2013 "Dear children, ...Love your shepherds as my Son loved them when He called them to serve you. Thank you."*Our Lady said this resolutely and with emphasis.

July 02, 2013 "Dear children, ...Dear children, extend the joy of love and support to your shepherds, just as my Son has asked them to extend it to you. Thank you."

August 02, 2013 "Dear children, ...Again I am calling you to love your shepherds and to pray that, at this difficult time, the name of my Son may be glorified under their guidance. Thank you."

September 02, 2013 "Dear children,..I am imploring Him that, through Him, you may be God's children and my apostles. Then with great concern Our Lady said: "For the sake of Jesus, for the sake of my Son, love those whom He has called and long for the blessing only from the hands which He has consecrated. Do not permit evil to come to reign. Anew I repeat - only along side your shepherds will my heart triumph. Do not permit evil to separate you from your shepherds. Thank you."

October 02, 2013 "Dear children...Put your trust in your shepherds as my Son trusted when He chose them, and pray that they may have the strength and the love to lead you. Thank you."

November 02, 2013 "Dear children, ...Pray for your shepherds that they may always have love for you as my Son had, and showed by giving His life for your salvation. Thank you."

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
©Mary TV 2013


 "Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world!"   
Blessed John Paul II  -
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The Vocation of Priest is an exalted one, and remains a great mystery

Fr. Edward A. Sousa Jr.

In his message of 12 Mar 2010, our Holy Father said "..."it is important clearly to bear in mind the theological specificity of ordained ministry, in order not to surrender to the temptation of reducing it to predominant cultural models. In the context of widespread secularization which progressively tends to exclude God from the public sphere and from shared social conscience, the priest often appears 'removed' from common sense." Yet, the Pope went on, "it is important to avoid a dangerous reductionism which, over the recent decades, has presented the priest almost as a 'social worker", with the risk of betraying the very Priesthood of Christ."

"It is particularly important that the call to participate in the one Priesthood of Christ in ordained ministry should flower from the charism of prophecy". There is great need for priests who speak of God to the world and who present to the world God; men not subject to ephemeral cultural fashions, but capable of authentically living the freedom that only the certainty of belonging to God can give. ...And the prophecy most necessary today is that of faithfulness" which "leads us to live our priesthood in complete adherence to Christ and the Church.

Priests, the Holy Father continued, "must be careful to distance themselves from predominant mentality which tends to associate the value of Ministry not with its being, but its function". Our "ontological association with God is the right framework in which to understand and reaffirm, also in our own time the value of celibacy........it is an expression of the gift of self to God and to others." "The vocation of priest is an exalted one, and remains a great mystery.....

The Holy Father concludes...."The men and women of our time ask us only to be priests to the full, nothing else. The lay faithful will be able to meet their human needs in many other people, but only in the priest will they find that Word of God which must always be on our lips, the Mercy of the Father abundantly and gratuitously distributed in the Sacrament of Penance, and the bread of new life"...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JL_JoKuOXtI.

Pope Francis, sad christians afraid of the freedom of the Holy Spirit

Vatican City,  (Zenit.org) | 2088 hits

During his homily at Casa Santa Marta this morning, Pope Francis said that Christians who seem “allergic” to preaching are, in fact, afraid of opening the door to the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Father drew his homily from today’s Gospel where Jesus compares the generation to unhappy children who always refuse the invitation of others to sing or dance.
“For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they said, ‘He is possessed by a demon.’  The Son of Man came eating and drinking and they said, ‘Look, he is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners,’” the Gospel says.
These people, the Pope explained are “not open to the Word of God” and use the excuse that it is not the message but the messenger that is the problem.
“And they, the people of that time, preferred to find refuge in a more elaborate religion: in moral precepts, like that group of Pharisees; in political compromise, like the Sadducees; in social revolution, like the zealots; in gnostic spirituality like the Essenes. They were with their well cleaned system, well-done. But the preacher, no!” he said.
“Even Jesus reminds them: ‘Your fathers did the same to the prophets’. The people of God have a certain allergy to preachers of the Word: the prophets, they persecuted them, killed them.”
Comparing to today’s world, the Holy Father said that there are Christians who are like the ones spoken of by Jesus and are “afraid of the freedom of the Holy Spirit that comes through preaching.” The scandal of preaching, he continued, “that ends in the scandal of the Cross.”
“It is scandalizing that God speaks through men with limitations, sinful men: it scandalizes! And even more scandalizing that God speaks to us and saves us through a man that says that He is the Son of God but ends up like a criminal. That scandalizes,” the Pope said.
Preaching comes to warn you, to teach and even to correct you, he went on to say, and that is precisely the freedom that comes from it. Sad Christians who dismiss preaching, are in fact afraid of opening the door to the Holy Spirit.
Concluding his homily, Pope Francis prayed for them as well as for all so “that we may not become sad Christians. (J.A.E.)


O Come O Come Emmanuel

Clip from "Tajci - The Christmas Concert Special"  Tajci, she has an amazing
 voice and your soul will be filled with the true meaning of Christmas.

The Medjugorje Message: Commission Cardinal says work still ongoing

The Medjugorje Message: Commission Cardinal says work still ongoing: Cardinal Vinko Puljic, a member of the Vatican commission investigating the Medjugorje phenomenon, is reported today as saying the work of...

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I call you. Come to me

Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened. (Matthew 11:28)
As you ponder today’s Gospel reading, imagine Jesus standing before you with outstretched arms, inviting you into his embrace. His eyes are filled with compassion as he says, “I will always love you. I never stop thinking about you. Did you think that I had rejected you? Never! On the contrary, I call you. Come to me.
“Come, you who hide under shame’s dark shadow, and let my light shine into your darkness.
“Come, you who have searched the world for success and been disappointed, for in me your soul will find rest.
“Come, you who are sick, and let me ease your suffering.
“Come, you who toil under the weight of addiction, and I will help you shoulder your burden.
“Come, you victims of violence, and I will give you my protection and peace.
“Come, you whose marriage is in tatters, and I will strengthen your love with my own.
“Come, you who have been rejected, for I accept you unconditionally.
“Come, you who despair of my mercy, for I offer you forgiveness in abundance.
“Yes, come to me. Open your heart to me at any time, any hour. I love it when we spend time together and you confide in me.
“Come to me, for I am true Wisdom. I want to teach you by my word. Open the Scriptures and let me speak to you. Rejoice in my love for you and the whole world!
“Come to me, for I am Mercy incarnate. Let me cleanse you in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Lay down your burden; I have waited so long.
“Come to me, for I am the Bread of Life. Let me nourish you at the Eucharistic feast. Come without fear to receive me, your Savior, and I will give you all of myself: body, blood, soul, and divinity.
“Come and take my yoke upon you. Learn from me, for I am gentle and humble of heart, and you will find rest for your soul.”
“Jesus, I am amazed at your love. Here I am, Lord!”


Children of Medjugorje Newsletter

December 10, 2013

Dear Children of Medjugorje, praised be Jesus and Mary!

1. On December 2, 2013, Mirjana received her monthly apparition at the blue Cross, surrounded by pilgrims, but less than usual because of the winter season. After the apparition, Mirjana transmitted the following message:

"Dear children!  With a motherly love and a motherly patience I am looking at your ceaseless wandering and how lost you are. That is why I am with you. I desire to help you to first find and come to know yourself, so that, then, you would be able to recognize and to admit everything that does not permit you to get to know the love of the Heavenly Father, honestly and wholeheartedly. 
My children, the Father comes to be known through the Cross. Therefore, do not reject the Cross. Strive to comprehend and accept it with my help. When you will be able to accept the Cross you will also understand the love of the Heavenly Father; you will walk with my Son and with me; you will differ from those who have not come to know the love of the Heavenly Father, those who listen to Him but do not understand Him, those who do not walk with Him - who have not come to know Him. I desire for you to come to know the truth of my Son and to be my apostles; that, as children of God, you may rise above the human way of thinking and always, and in everything, seek God's way of thinking, anew.
My children, pray and fast that you may be able to recognize all of this which I am seeking of you.
Pray for your shepherds and long to come to know the love of your Heavenly Father, in union with them. Thank you."

2. Question: Last Christmas, what happened that was so exceptional? On December 25, 2012, the visionary Marija was completely aghast to see that during her apparition, Mary gave no message. This had never happened before, especially on Christmas day, when Our Lady always comes very happy. This time however, it was the Child Jesus who spoke!  He lifted Himself up on His Mother's arms and said, with great authority: "I am your peace. Live my commandments!" The event shook us up! A newborn spoke!!  However, it turns out too few people took it to heart to listen to the Child Jesus and his cry to us!  Too bad!  Living God's commandments is to follow the signposts in the road to heaven, and obtain true peace!

That is why I suggest to all to offer a wonderful birthday gift to the Child Jesus this year, namely to read and re-read the commandments given to Moses (they don't have an expiry date), and the commandments given by Jesus in the Gospel, so that we can put them all into practice, (see PS2). That would be the most beautiful of all gifts, to thank Him for coming in His Mother's arms this Christmas again, and into our hearts with every Eucharist. 
Then, based on these "10 Words" (as the Jews name them), let's go to a priest to confess our transgressions and sins most sincerely, so as to come to Christmas with a heart that is pure and light. Then, let's joyfully celebrate!
The Catechism of the Catholic Church gives splendid explanations for each one of the 10 commandments. They are all based on love and revealed by love, for the purpose of love. "Whoever loves me, says Jesus, is he who has my Words and keeps them!"

3. With Christmas approaching,
we are tempted to be nervous, and be swept away by the wave of the world that transformed Christmas into a huge financial operation. We are put under pressure: Go shopping; go to the mall; buy a growing list of presents, cook. So many see the coming of Christmas with anguish because of the imperatives that society imposes on them, while they dream of living Christmas in the warmth and simplicity of the Holy Family with those who are close to them. Assuredly, we should know how to "celebrate". Jesus was the first one to celebrate Holidays well, but the Holiday is made for man and not man for the Holiday!
Especially today, one could be sullen considering the horrors that our leaders are imposing on us at all levels, considering the decreasing thickness of our wallets, and the crises that don't seem to be getting better. Isn't this a sign that God wants us to spend Christmas with Him this year in a more Christian way? It is first and foremost the anniversary of the birth of the Infant Jesus, and he has huge treasures to give to us! In particular, he will give us the love of life! Let's not miss this present! 
I know an ex-Satanist who had done terrible things as part of his initiation in a child-stealing network, but I won't say any more about his actions. He underwent numerous exorcisms, and became Christian. After 12 years of a profound Christian life, he confided in me this terrible fact about his life, "You know, when I see the picture of a newborn on the wall, I can feel a wave of hatred rising in me, yes, still now! I need time to push it away and welcome in me the love of God for life, and for children."
The enemy hates human life of which he is jealous, and his number one plan is the destruction of the Family, the basis of human life. If he succeeds in corrupting and destroying the family, the nest of life created by God, he will have destroyed humanity and he will be glad. But he will not succeed! Why? Because God is intervening today like never before, among other things through His Mother, to call us and show us the way! The enemy will not succeed because Jesus and Mary have called us! Yes, you and me, all of us her "dear children" as she calls us, to live with Them and bring divine peace where it has disappeared.
"In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph!" This is the nicest prophecy of Mary, often expressed in her messages. Mary thanks all her children who take her triumph to heart and advance it by their humble faithfulness. The Gospa is counting on you as much as on me!
She is going to give us her Child again at Christmas because, "A Child has been born unto us, a Son has been given to us!" as Isaiah wrote. And this "us" is us!  Dear brothers and sisters, Christmas is our healing! Evil will crash against the innocence of the Child Jesus! We need a child to put an end to our rejection of children, of life, of the human family! We need the Child Jesus to vanquish in us the fear of living and giving life!
3. Is your manger ready?  The Gospa invites us to set up our Nativity scenes at the beginning of Advent, so that we can wait with her, during her loving and maternal expectation of her child. She also invites us, as a family, to read excerpts from the Bible about the Advent season (at least the texts read at mass), and to share them among us, thus reinforcing the unity of hearts in the family.  (We may also read the stories of the Childhood revealed to Blessed Anna Katharina Emmerick. These need not be taken literally, as if it were a new Gospel. But the images may help some to better perceive the coming of the Messiah to Bethlehem.) Finally she invites us to outdo ourselves in generosity, mostly toward people who are alone, suffering, poor, or weak. Not forgetting that the poor are not only those who have nothing. Many of the rich live a great inner poverty. "There are people who are so poor that they only have money!" says our Pope Francis. Christmas is when the most suicides occur, according to Psychiatric hospitals reports!   But Christmas day is also when the most souls leave Purgatory to enter Heaven!
4. Yes, the Pope said... "Curiosity can lead us to have the wrong focus, making us want to say, 'I know a visionary who receives letters from Our Lady, messages from Our Lady.' But look, Our Lady is the Mother of everyone and she loves all of us. She is not a postmaster, sending messages everyday."
These words created doubt among some people: did the Pope have Medjugorje in mind? Of course, not! These words do not concern Medjugorje, it is just the opposite, they protect Medjugorje from false visionaries who interfere in groups and give messages to whoever is looking for them. In addition, it would be good to keep in mind that the pope knows and believes in Medjugorje.
5. Remember to prepare your list of Saints so that you can draw your companion for the year when you come together in the family, or in your prayer groups. The list is available online, below the featured video on the homepage of our website, www.childrenofmedjugorje.org

Dearest Gospa, we beg you as never before, please outdo yourself in your intercession this Christmas, spiritual warfare is raging! Who else but you has received from God the power and the mission to crush the head of the serpent? Please fulfill our hearts with your Child, and make this Christmas the most joyful one ever!
Sister Emmanuel +
(Translated from French)


Today's Daily Revelation December 7

Today [December 7, 1937] is the eve of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. During the midday meal, in an instant, God gave me to know the greatness of my destiny; that is, His closeness, which for all eternity will not be taken away from me, and He did this in such a vivid and clear fashion that I remained wrapped up in His living presence for a long time, humbling myself before His greatness.
Diary of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska, 1410
It is with great zeal that I have prepared for the celebration of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God. I have made an extra effort to keep recollected in spirit and have meditated on that unique privilege of Our Lady. And thus my heart was completely drowned in Her, thanking God for having accorded this great privilege to Mary.
Diary of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska, 1412
I prepared not only by means of the novena said in common by the whole community, but I also made a personal effort to salute Her a thousand times each day, saying a thousand "Hail Marys" for nine days in Her praise.
Diary of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska, 1413

Ivan to witness at Honduras Youth Festival

Ivan to witness at Honduras Youth Festival


The Catholic University of Honduras, Our Lady Queen of Peace, is to stage its second Central America Youth festival in Danli, Honduras, on January 23 to 25, 2014. 

Invited speakers include the Medjugorje seer Ivan Dragicevic and the recently-ordained and Medjugorje-born priest Fr Stanko Cosic. 

Last year’s event was also attended and supported by the Honduras Cardinal Óscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga as well as Ivan Dragicevic. The Cardinal is the co-ordinator of the so-called C8 circle of advisers to Pope Francis. 

At the site of the festival is a replica of Medjugorje’s St James church, and the white cross that stands at the summit of Mt Krizevac (pictured below).


Blind Men

"Two blind men came after [Jesus]." -Matthew 9:27

The Church repeatedly reads to us from the Bible about being blind and being healed from blindness by Jesus. Our first reaction to this may be that of the Pharisees: "You are not calling us blind, are You?" (Jn 9:40) Jesus' response to that question is: "Yes, I'm calling you blind, blinded by sin, and I'm commanding you to repent both of blinding yourself (see Is 29:9) and of denying your spiritual blindness."

Jesus doesn't "beat around the bush." He bluntly calls sin "sin" and acts like God in demanding we repent. We can react to Jesus' candor as did the Pharisees. We can blindly try to kill the only One Who can heal blindness, or we can confess our denial, see our blindness, and cry out to Jesus: "Son of David, have pity on us!" (Mt 9:27) Then Jesus will touch our eyes, and we will be healed.

There are Christmas presents, and then there are Christmas presents. We can receive presents worth $5 or $5,000, or ones which are priceless. Healing from spiritual blindness is one of the greatest gifts a person can receive. This healing is even more valuable than a healing from physical blindness, as great as that is. Repent, open your Christmas present, and open your spiritual eyes.

 Jesus, "I want to see" (Mk 10:51).

 "Out of gloom and darkness, the eyes of the blind shall see." -Is 29:18

Daily Grace: Seek God's Way of Thinking

Daily Grace: Seek God's Way of Thinking: December 02, 2013 Message through Mirjana: "Dear children, with a motherly love and a motherly patience I am looking at y...


The Medjugorje Message: There’s no hiding brokenness...

The Medjugorje Message: There’s no hiding brokenness...: I can’t remember who gave me the gift of the statue pictured above, but it stands on a sideboard close to my bed and near the window over...

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Sr. Emmanuel's Comments on the Apparition of the 2nd

Sister Emmauel comments on Our Lady's apparition to Mirjana on December 2nd


A Message from Our Lady


Dear children!
Today I call you to accept and live my messages with seriousness. These days are the days when you need to decide for God, for peace and for the good.

 May every hatred and jealousy disappear from your life and your thoughts, and may there only dwell love for God and for your neighbor. Thus, and only thus, shall you be able to discern the signs of the time.

I am with you and I guide you into a new time, a time which God gives you as grace so that you may get to know him more. Thank you for having responded to my call."

Our Lady's Medjugorje message to Mirjana of (January 25, 1993)  

Pope Francis said that we must ask the Lord for the grace to have “the ability which gives us the spirit” to “understand the signs of the time.”Nov: 29, 2013

Christmas Spirit

"The Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him." -Isaiah 11:2

As we begin Advent, the Church directs our attention to the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of the Lord rested upon Jesus, and He "rejoiced in the Holy Spirit" (Lk 10:21). Jesus calls us also to be "Spirit-filled." Those of us who have received Baptism and Confirmation have received the Spirit. However, all of us have stifled, quenched, saddened, and grieved the Spirit by our sins (1 Thes 5:19; Eph 4:30).
As we begin this new Church year, we must let the Spirit be stirred into flame in our lives (2 Tm 1:6). We do this by repenting of sin and asking for a renewal of our life in the Spirit. After we have stopped stifling the Spirit and have been renewed, we should ask the Lord for a completely new movement of the Spirit in our lives. We have only begun to receive the Spirit's infinite graces. There's always so much more, always something new.
Pray with the Apostles: "Grant to Your servants, even as they speak Your words, complete assurance by stretching forth Your hand in cures and signs and wonders to be worked in the name of Jesus, Your holy Servant" (Acts 4:29-30). After that prayer, like Jesus' early disciples, we will be filled in a new way with the Holy Spirit (see Acts 4:31). Receive the Holy Spirit again, now, and anew.

 Father, stir up in me wisdom, understanding, counsel, strength, and fear of the Lord. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit.

 "Blest are the eyes that see what you see." -Lk 10:23


Lord, Only say the Word

Only say the Word and my servant will be healed. (Matthew 8:8)
It wasn’t too often that someone or something stopped Jesus dead in his tracks. But this centurion surely did. Jesus was so thrilled and impressed with him that he declared he had never seen such faith in anyone else—not even in the most faithful of Israelites! We all know the end of the story: the centurion’s servant was healed at that very hour.
It can be hard to believe, but it’s true: Jesus is thrilled when we proclaim our faith and trust in him. It puts a smile on his face and fills him with joy. So let’s make this the cry of our hearts this Advent: “Lord, I am not worthy, but only say the word and _______ will be healed.” Believe that he is a good God. Trust that he will take care of you. Surrender your needs and the needs of your loved ones to him. Know that the moment you say this prayer, he has already begun to respond.
Be sure to remember that God’s response may not look exactly like the response you’re looking for. Neither will it always come according to the exact timing that you expect. But it will come, and that’s what you need to base your faith on. Simply proclaim, “Lord, I know you have heard my prayer. I know you love me. I know you love the person I am praying for. Now I’m leaving it in your hands. I trust that you will do what you know to be best for all of us.”
How can you tell that the Lord is working? For one, you will have a growing sense of peace as you continue to pray—an inner confidence that God is in control of the situation. You may also find new wisdom and insight into ways you can improve the situation. Finally, keep your eyes open for signs of healing and restoration. If you are praying for a wounded relationship, look for a thaw that you can step into. If you are looking for physical healing, look for forward progress.
Keep declaring your faith, and watch to see how God’s marvels unfold.
“Lord, I am not worthy to have you enter under my roof; only say the word, and I trust that I will see the healing you have in store for me.”