Two Suns in Medjugorje in 1993

I saw two suns in Medjugorje, in 1993

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Recreation of a phenomena of two suns that I personally witnessed in 1993, in Medugorje.

“Two Suns? Twin Stars Could Be Visible From Earth By 2012″ is the title of an article on The Huffington Post that gives the scenario where we could see two suns in the sky. Along with the article, there is a photo illustration of what it would look like. As soon as I saw the picture, it was like a flashback. I remembered my first pilgrimage to Medugorje, during the anniversary in June of 1993. One day, we were sitting in the gazebo behind the church waiting for Fr. Petar to speak. He is the priest who was chosen by Mirjana to revel the secrets when the time arrives. Anyway, we were seated on the west side of the gazebo, facing Cross Mountain. W were sitting in the permanent benches on the right hand side, inside the gazebo, facing the mountain.

As with most things in Medugorje, there are long waits if you want a good seat to hear someone speak. For some reason, I looked to my right, through the glass panel and saw what appeared to be two suns, one above the other. When I pointed to what I saw, a good number of the people also saw it, but, not everyone did.

The two suns did the same thing as people experience in the “miracle of the sun”. They moved around in circular motions and were surrounded by streaks of colored light. This continued for about 25 or 30 minutes, until the two suns merged together.

What did that “sign” mean? Was there a message in it? I really don’t know. I have always struggled with the purpose behind all of this phenomena. The Franciscan priests are always telling the people not to look at the sun, but when something like this happens, you seem to be drawn to it. Another mystifying thing is that as some people see these “signs” in the sun, others can’t look because of the brightness. I have been on both sides of that fence. I still ask what it all mean, and have no answer. Maybe it has something to do with the future. Or it might just be a small way of the Lord, reminding us that He is present in our lives.

Whatever those two suns were and the other “miracles” of the sun that I have witnessed mean, I don’t know. But this I do know, I can never forget!   Source-Father Jay Finelli's Medjugorje page--http://www.medugorje.com/

A Prayer for Healing

Heavenly Father, I call You right now in a special way. It is through Your power that I was created.

Every breath I take, every morning I wake, and every moment of every hour, I live under Your power.

Father, I ask You now to touch me with that same power. For you created me from nothing, You can now certainly recreate me. Fill me with the healing power of your Holy Spirit. Cast out anything that should not be in me. Mend what is broken. Root out any unproductive cells. Open any blocked arteries or veins and rebuild any damaged areas. Remove all inflammation and cleanse any infection.

Let the warmth of Your healing love pass through my body to make new any unhealthy areas so that my body will function the way You created it to function.

And Father, restore me to full health in mind and body so that I may serve You the rest of my life. I asked this through Christ our Lord. Amen


Our Lady's Medjugorje Message of February 25, 2011 to Marija

Dear children! Nature is awakening and on the trees the first buds are seen which will bring most beautiful flowers and fruit. I desire that you also, little children, work on your conversion and that you be those who witness with their life, so that your example may be a sign and an incentive for conversion to others. I am with you and before my Son Jesus I intercede for your conversion. Thank you for having responded to my call.

Medjugorje message, February 25, 2011


Daily Grace: The Silent Witness

Daily Grace: The Silent Witness: "I had passed her many times before, we always smile at one another, but I had never taken the opportunity to speak to her. A small lady with..."


Prayers Requested and Needed

Fr. John Randall

Dear Friends,
Would you please pray for Father John Randall who is in the hospital with Pneumonia and is very weak.
 Father also has other serious medical problems as well
He is a good and holy priest and he needs our prayers now.

Thank You dear friends in Christ. 2/22/11


Saint Maria Faustina, Visions of Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven

Visions of Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven according to Saint Faustina

The following passages are taken from the Diary of St. Faustina and they refer to her visions of Hell, Purgatory and Heaven.

"...I Saw two roads. One was broad, covered with sand and flowers, full of joy, music and all sorts of pleasures. People walked along it, dancing and enjoying themselves. They reached the end without realizing it. And at the end of the road there was a horrible precipice; that is, the abyss of hell. The souls fell blindly into it; as they walked, so they fell. And their number was so great that it was impossible to count them. And I saw the other road, or rather, a path, for it was narrow and strewn with thorns and rocks; and the people who walked along it had tears in their eyes, and all kinds of suffering befell them. Some fell down upon the rocks, but stood up immediately and went on. At the end of the road there was a magnificent garden filled with all sorts of happiness and all these souls entered there. At the very first instant they forgot all their sufferings" (Diary 153).

" Today, I was led by an Angel to the chasms of hell. It is a place of great torture; how awesomely large and extensive it is! The kinds of tortures I saw: the first torture that constitutes hell is the loss of God; the second is perpetual remorse of conscience; the third is that one’s condition will never change; the fourth is the fire that will penetrate the soul without destroying it, a terrible suffering, since it is a purely spiritual fire, lit by God’s anger; the fifth torture is conditional darkness and a terrible suffocating smell, and despite the darkness, the devils and the souls of the damned see each other and all the evil, both of others and their own; the sixth torture is the constant company of satan, the seventh torture is horrible despair, hatred of God, vile words, curses and blasphemies. These are the tortures suffered by all the damned together, but that is not the end of the sufferings. There are special tortures destined for particular souls. These are the torments of the senses. Each soul undergoes terrible and indescribable sufferings, related to the manner in which it has sinned. There are caverns and pits of torture where one form of agony differs from another. I would have died at the very sight of these tortures if the omnipotence of God had not supported me. Let the sinner know that he will be tortured throughout all eternity, in those senses which he made use of to sin. I am writing this at the command of God, so that no soul may find an excuse by saying there is no hell, or that nobody has ever been there, and so no one can say what it is like. I, sister Faustina, by the order of God, have visited the abysses of hell so that I might tell souls about it and testify to its existence. I cannot speak about it now; but I have received a command from God to leave it in writing. The devils were full of hatred for me, but they had to obey me at the command of God. What I have written is but a pale shadow of the things I saw. But I noticed one thing: that most of the souls there are those who disbelieved that there is a hell. When I came to, I could hardly recover from the fright. How terribly souls suffer there! Consequently, I pray even more fervently for the conversion of sinners. I incessantly plead God’s mercy upon them. O my Jesus, I would rather be in agony until the end of the world, amidst the greatest sufferings, then offend You by the least sin. (Diary 741).

" ...I saw my Guardian Angel, who ordered me to follow him. In a moment I was in a misty place full of fire in which there was a great crowd of suffering souls. They were praying fervently, but to no avail, for themselves; only we can come to their aid. The flames, which were burning them, did not touch me at all. My Guardian Angel did not leave me for an instant. I asked these souls what their greatest suffering was. They answered me in one voice that their greatest torment was longing for God. I saw Our Lady visiting the souls in Purgatory. The souls call Her “The Star of the Sea”. She brings them refreshment. I wanted to talk with them some more, but my Guardian Angel beckoned me to leave. We went out of that prison of suffering. [I heard an interior voice which said] ‘My mercy does not want this, but justice demands it. Since that time, I am in closer communion with the suffering souls.’” (Diary, 20)

" November 27, 1936. Today I was in heaven, in spirit, and I saw its unconceivable beauties and the happiness that awaits us after death. I saw how all creatures give ceaseless praise and glory to God. I saw how great is happiness in God, which spreads to all creatures, making them happy; and then all the glory and praise which springs from this happiness returns to its source; and they enter into the depths of God, contemplating the inner life of God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, whom they will never comprehend or fathom. This source of happiness is unchanging in its essence, but it is always new, gushing forth happiness for all creatures. Now I understand Saint Paul, who said, “Eye has not seen, nor has ear heard, not has it entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for those who love him.” And God has given me to understand that there is but one thing that is of infinite value in His eyes, and that is love of God; love, love and once again, love; and nothing can compare with a single act of pure love of God. Oh, with what inconceivable favors God gifts a soul that loves Him sincerely! Oh, how happy is the soul who already here on earth enjoys His special favors! And of such are the little and humble souls. The sight of this great majesty of God, which I came to understand more profoundly and which is worshipped by the heavenly spirits according to their degree of grace and the hierarchies into which they are divided, did not cause my soul to be stricken with terror or fear; no, no, not at all! My soul was filled with peace and love, and the more I come to know the greatness of God, the more joyful I become that He is as He is. And I rejoice immensely in His greatness and am delighted that I am so little because, since I am little, He carries me in His arms and holds me close to His Heart. O my God, how I pity those people who do not believe in eternal life; how I pray for them that a ray of mercy would envelop them too, and that God would clasp them to His fatherly bosom... "
(Diary 777).


Medjugorje Miracles

Medjugorje miracle of colored lightning, changing sun, and conversions, seen by Fr. John Gibbons, OFM
I am not very charismatic, but when I walked into Saint James Church, I dropped to my knees and stayed on them, overwhelmed for a very long time. It became clear to me during my week in Medjugorje that Mary was appearing there. Source of this article:  http://www.christinewatkins.com/

Sacred Art by Joan Grayson: I want to share the precious gift of art that was given to me by my Lord Jesus.

Joan Grayson

Please check out this blogsite by Joan Grayson. Its called "Sacred Art" I'm sure you will enjoy it. Ed Sousa


We are Divided, Fragmented, even Shattered.

"It was from that place that He scattered them all over the earth." -Genesis 11:9

We are divided, fragmented, even shattered. Even our divisions are divided and sub-divided. Our different languages, nationalities, and denominations have cut the human race and even the body of Christ into hundreds of thousands of pieces.

Pride is the cause of our divisions and divisiveness. Like the builders of the tower of Babel, we want to make a name for ourselves and make monuments to ourselves reaching high into the sky (see Gn 11:4). We want to be better, superior to others, to stand apart, that is, be divided (see Lk 18:9ff).

Jesus contradicts human pride. He made a name for Himself by dying on Calvary, and His monument in the sky was a cross. By the blood flowing from His crucified body, Jesus reconciles us and makes the two of us one (Col 1:20; Eph 2:14). As we deny ourselves and take up the cross (Mk 8:34), we possess "the one love, united in spirit and ideals" (Phil 2:2). In Jesus, we "never act out of rivalry or conceit" (Phil 2:3). "Let all parties think humbly of others as superior to themselves, each of you looking to others' interests rather than to his own. Your attitude must be that of Christ" (Phil 2:3-5).

Prayer: Father, may I die to self to bring about unity within the Church (see Jn 11:51-52).

Promise: "Whoever would preserve his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel's will preserve it." -Mk 8:35

Medjugorje Visionary Vicka attracts thousands in Dublin

Medjugorje visionary attracts thousands in Dublin
Vicka Mijatovic says Our Lady visits her every day
Published Friday, February 18, 2011, 7:13 AM
Updated Friday, February 18, 2011, 7:22 AM

"Medjugorje visionary Vicka Mijatovic attracted over 2,000 followers to the RDS venue in Dublin yesterday, and many claimed they could feel the presence of Our Lady in the hall.
Mijatovic was the eldest of six children but was just 16 when she said the Virgin Mary appeared to her on June 25, 1981 in Medjugorje in south Bosnia.
Since then she says Mary visits with her at the same time every day.
“When I kneel down you will know that Mary is really among us,” Mijatovic told the crowd.
“We need to pray and thank God for this gift, for this pain, for this sorrow and pray to God for the strength to carry on with this gift,” she said.
“Mary came tonight very happy and every night she comes she says hello to her son Jesus. The first message is prayer and peace and conversion and confession and fast,” she said.
Afterwards she was mobbed by the crowd. Kathleen Dougan told “The Irish Times,” “She touched my rosary beads. I was lucky. I can still feel her.”
“She had the vision there; you could hear a pin drop. I could feel Mary’s presence,” Gráinne Levers from Dublin told the “Times.”
  *News clip shown on Irish television (RT3) yesterday. It features Vicka receiving Our Lady’s apparition at 4.40pm........ http://en.gloria.tv/?media=131610


Miracles: Doctor Crandall heard the Lord say, 'Pray for him.'


Jeff Markin: Back from the Dead, Reborn Into the Light
They called a time of death on Jeff. Then, his doctor, Chauncey Crandall heard the Lord say, 'Pray for him.'
Watch this video and see how God worked a miracle in an Emergency Room.

Divine Mercy News--A Mother's Visions

God can and will use us in ways we never thought possible because He is so merciful. We have to be open to hear Him speak. Our hearts should be ready, waiting for Him to enter, and in our readiness, we should be prepared to answer Him with, "Yes, Lord, Thy will be done!"


What a Soul's Greatness Consists Of.

*Revelation from Saint Maria Faustina*

Jesus, You have given me to know and understand in what a soul's greatness consists: not in great deeds but in great love.
Love has its worth, and it confers greatness on all our deeds. Although our actions are small and ordinary in themselves, because of love they become great and powerful before God.
Diary of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska, 889

Love is a mystery that transforms everything it touches into things beautiful and pleasing to God. The love of God makes a soul free. She is like a queen; she knows no slavish compulsion; she sets about everything with great freedom of soul, because the love which dwells in her incites her to action. Everything that surrounds her makes her know that only God Himself is worthy of her love. A soul in love with God and immersed in Him approaches her duties with the same dispositions as she does Holy Communion and carries out the simplest tasks with great care, under the loving gaze of God. She is not troubled if, after some time, something turns out to be less successful. She remains calm, because at the time of the action she had done what was in her power. When it happens that the living presence of God, which she enjoys almost constantly, leaves her, she then tries to continue living in lively faith. Her soul understands that there are periods of rest and periods of battle. Through her will, she is always with God. Her soul, like a knight, is well trained in battle; from afar it sees where the foe is hiding and is ready for battle. She knows she is not alone-God is her strength.
Diary of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska, 890


Cancer Survivor Arthur Boyle says "Holy Place" saved him.

Cancer Survivor Says 'Holy Place' Saved Him
Dire Diagnosis Leads Man on Spiritual Journey
Nov. 12, 2004
abc news

While many cancer survivors have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, Arthur Boyle says his story is nothing short of miraculous.
The Boston man's fight began when he was diagnosed with cancer of the kidney. The situation became desperate when doctors realized the cancer had spread to his lungs.
"When I was rediagnosed, there was a tremendous depression and it felt like a death sentence," Boyle said on ABC News' "Good Morning America."
Boyle, the father of 13 children, said he could not imagine not being around to coach his kids' hockey games, see their smiles or grow old with his beloved wife of 30 years.
Boyle, who is Catholic, says his faith was severely tested, but he continued to pray for a miracle that would save him. As he hoped and prayed for a cure, Boyle decided it was time to set out on a spiritual journey to a mystical place he had wondered about for many years.
A Pilgrimage to Bosnia
Motivated by faith and a determination to live, Boyle made the journey to Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina, a place where many believe miracles have occured.
Medjugorje became a popular destination for pilgrims more than two decades ago, when the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared there before six children.
Boyle said he believes the journey there saved his life.
"It was over in Medjugorje where the depression lifted. And I believe I was healed," he said.
When Boyle returned home, a CAT scan showed that one nodule on his lung had disappeared and two others had shrunk to an insignificant size.
His physician, Dr. Francis McGovern of Massachusetts General Hospital, says the sudden change was certainly uncommon.
"He has not received any other additional treatment. At this time we consider him without any evidence of cancer," McGovern said.
Boyle says he believes the spritual healing he received in Medjugorje allowed for the physical healing.
"I'm not a theologian. I'm not a priest. But I do know that forgivenes and confession are very powerful tools," he said.
True Believers
Boyle isn't alone in his belief that Medjugorje is a holy site. Some pilgrims have said they've witnessed rosary beads change color at Medjugorje. Others have said the spot smells of roses even when flowers aren't in sight. Some even say the sun looks like a pulsating heart when you stare at it from Medjugorje.
Many pilgrims say they believe these alleged episodes are all signs from the mother of Jesus. Believers say the signs began in 1981, when the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared before six children of Medjugorje.
Although that first sighting was reported 23 years ago, Ivan Dragicevic, who was one of those children, recalls it vividly.
"When we approached her she placed her hands over our heads and said her first words were, 'My children, I am with you. I'm your mother. Don't be afraid of anything. I will protect you,'" he said.
Dragicevic says he believes his calling -- spreading the word of the Virgin Mary and Jesus -- began on that unforgettable day. And he says the Virgin has appeared before him many times since.
"Messages of fast and penance, firm faith, love, forgiveness and messages of hope. These are the most important messages," Dragicevic said.
Boyle says he, like Dragicevic, is a believer for life.
"I'm not sure why I was healed, but I am grateful," Boyle said. "Some people are skeptical but all they have to do is look at me. I'm still here."


Father Jozo,-Your Only Enemy is the one who can separate you from the alter.

Father Jozo and the Eucharist:
He that can separate You from the alter is your only enemy. There is no other.

Place your life upon this altar. You will witness how a priest will place a drop of water within a chalice full of wine. That drop of water intermingles with the wine and signifies you in the Holy Mass. You can become one, unite with and intermingle with Jesus. That is why the Holy Mass is called Communion ...union with God ...you and your God together ...that is the Holy Eucharist. All of us together and Jesus. That is the church, and that is where the one, holy Catholic apostolic church comes from.
* He who can separate you from the alter is your only enemy. Ther is no other *
Every time we come into the church and celebrate the Holy Mass, that is our embrace, our hanging onto Our Lord and saying, "Lord where would we go, for you are the Word of Life."
Where did the martyrs gain so much strenght from? In the Church, where did the witnesses gain their strenght from?
To date, in this year, 23 missionaries have been murdered around the world in four months. That is a lot. How can a man give his life for Jesus simply, with delight? It is the Holy Mass that does this within us, so that for you I'm able to give my very eyes, my arms and my life, my everything as Jesus gave His all; and the same way the Christian must give his all. Yes, once again, I must return to the Holy Mass and the Holy Eucharist.
Why is it that churches and sects do not tolerate the Mass, do not respect Our Lady? Because they go hand-in-hand. Yes, they go together. Our Lady teaches to come to love Jesus, to fall in love with Him, and that is why she places us before the Holy Eucharist, and pleads with us to pray before this holy, blessed Sacrament, so from Jesus we may learn to become bread for others; so that I not have fear to say, "Take this, all of you, of me, and eat of it."I know a lot of Anglican and Protestant priests, ministers, that were in Medjugorje.
I know of a Presbyterian bishop that I have met from Washington. He had sent a multitude of his priests to Medjugorje as well. When I was in Washington a few years ago, I visited him because he visited me and came to Medjugorje. He had a problem, a cross, that was inflicted upon him. His son was shot in Vietnam and became paralyzed. When his son returned from the war, he said to his wife, "Let us make a pilgrimage to Medjugorje. I believe Our Lady will hear us." And Our Lady gave a miracle. The son was healed and converted the parents. The bishop desired that all of his priests come to know Our Lady. Eight of those priests to date have become Catholic priests, without any shouts, without publication, without media. Our Lady works in miraculous ways. She was always the sign, the sign of a better world, the sign of peace and unity in the Church, the sign of our salvation. May it also truly be the same in your city or town. Let us commence Holy Mass by preparing ourselves and involving this great grace.
This article was taken from the Medjugorje Newletter, published by Weible Columns.


The Thirty Franciscan Martyrs of Siroki Brijeg

The Thirty Franciscan Martyrs of Široki Brijeg

Thousands of pilgrims visit the Franciscan Monastery in Široki Brijeg every year, about one hour distant from Međugorje (Medjugorje). On 7th February 1945 the Communist soldiers arrived and said “God is dead, there is no God, there is no Pope, there is no Church, there is no need of you, you also go out in the world and work.” The communists forgot that the Franciscans were working, most of the Franciscans were teaching in the adjoining school. Some of the Franciscans were famous professors and had written books. The communists asked them to remove their habits. The Franciscans refused. One angry soldier took the Crucifix and threw it on the floor. He said, “you can now choose either life or death.” Each of the Franciscans knelt down, embraced the Crucifix and said, “You are my God and my All.” The thirty Franciscans were taken out and slaughtered and their bodies burned in a nearby cave where their remains lay for many years. Today they are buried inside the Franciscan church. In our Gospel today Jesus said, “if anyone declares himself for me in the presence of men, I will declare myself for him in the presence of my Father in heaven.” The thirty Franciscan martyrs of Široki Brijeg are a powerful example of declaring oneself in the presence of others for Jesus. They lived something else Jesus also said in the Gospel, “Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; fear him rather who can destroy both body and soul in hell.”
Witnessing to Jesus and following God’s way helps others who are lacking courage to follow Jesus. One of the soldiers in the firing squad at Široki Brijeg later said, “Since I was a child, in my family, I had always heard from my mother that God exists. To the contrary, Stalin, Lenin, Tito had always asserted and taught each one of us: there is no God. God does not exist! But when I stood in front of the martyrs of Široki Brijeg and I saw how those friars faced death, praying and blessing their persecutors, asking God forgive the faults of their executioners, it was then that I recalled to my mind the words of my mother and I thought that my mother was right: God exists!” That soldier converted and now he has a son a priest and a daughter a nun. As I said, witnessing to Jesus and following God’s way also helps others in the crowd who are lacking the courage to follow Jesus.
Posted by Stephen at 7:50 AM

Remembering the Murdered Franciscan Priests

Remembering the Killed Franciscans
From 4th to 7th February in Siroki Brijeg we remembered 66 years that passed since Herzegovinian Franciscans were killed, and the event is called Days of Killed Franciscans. 66 Franciscans were killed only from Herzegovinian Province during and after the World War II. Since 34 of them were from Siroki Brijeg monastery, and 12 were burned in the garden in front of the church, Siroki Brijeg was appointed as central place in the Province were this will take place and central day of celebration is on February 7th. February 10th is the Memorial Day of Blessed Alojzije Stepinac and day when we remember killed Franciscans from Medjugorje parish. Holy Mass at 6 p.m. will be celebrated for following late priests: Friar Krizan Galic, Friar Jozo Bencun, Friar Marko Dragicevic, Friar Mariofil Sivric, Friar Grgo Vasilj and Friar Jenko Vasilj who were brutally killed in the World War II. Holy Mass for seven Franciscans killed in Mostar will be celebrated on Monday, February 14th, and amongst those three were from Medjugorje parish: Friar Jozo Bencun, Friar Grgo Vasilj and Friar Bernardin Smoljan who built the cross on the Cross Mountain as a parish priest back in 1933. Medjugorje Official.
You see on your right here, there is a tomb, a very interesting tomb. When the Communists came here fifty-five years ago, they found thirty Franciscans here in the monastery and they told them that there was no more God. And those soldiers that came were inspired by terrorism telling them that there was no more God, there was no more church, there was no more priesthood nor the need for them.
They were told to remove their habits. But not one of those thirty Franciscans was willing to even enter into a debate about this. An enraged soldier took the crucifix from the wall, threw it at the feet of the Franciscans and said, "Now you can choose, this is your last chance, choose - death or life."
One by one the Franciscans came forth and embraced Jesus. Jesus humiliated at being thrown on the floor. And each one, one by one, said, "You are my God and my everything." One by one they were taken outside,and they were thrown into the flames to be burned, here in the garden. Those were thirty brothers who went forth to their death with song. Some of them sang Salve Regina, others sang The Litany of Our Lady. They all blessed their enemy and forgave them.


Emergency Numbers for Spiritual Life


Your Bible is not a toll call ***

When in sorrow, .................. call John 14;
When men fail you, ................. call Psalm 27;
If you want to be fruitful, .............. call John 15;
When you have sinned, .................. call Psalm 51;

When you worry,................. call Matthew 6: 19-34;
When you are in danger, ............... call Psalm 91;
When God seems far away, ................ call Psalm 139;
When your faith needs stirring, ............. call Hebrews 11;
When you are lonely and fearful, ............. call Psalm 23;
When you grow bitter and critical, ............. call I Corinthians 13;
For Paul's secret to happiness, .............. call Colossians 3:12-17;
For understanding of Christianity, ....... call II Corinthians 5:15-19;
When you feel down and out, ................ call Romans 8:31;
When you want peace and rest, .................. call Matthew 11:25-30;
When the world seems bigger than God, ........... call Psalm 90;
When you want Christian assurance, ................ call Romans 8:1-30;

When you leave home for labor or travel, .............. call Psalm 121;
When your prayers grow narrow or selfish, .............. call Psalm 67;
For a great invention or opportunity, ............. call Isaiah 5;
When you want courage for a task, ............... call Joshua 1;
For how to get along with fellow men, ................. call Romans 12;
When you think of investments and returns, .............. call Mark 10 ;

If you are depressed, .................. call Psalm 27;
If your pocketbook is empty, .................. call Psalm 37;
If you are losing confidence in people, ........ call I Corinthians 13 ;
If people seem unkind, .............. call John 15;
If discouraged about your work, ............... call Psalm 126;
If you find the world growing small and yourself great,..........call Psalm 19;

For dealing with fear, ............... call Psalm 34:7 ;
For security, ..................... call Psalm 121:3;
For assurance, ..................... call Mark 8:35;
For reassurance, ......................... call Psalm 145:18
Prayers to the Holy Spirit......http://www.ourcatholicfaith.org/prayer/p-holyspirit.html
All lines to Heaven are open 24 hours a day!


Great Sports Men Sharing Their Faith

WOW!! LOOK AT THIS. How much we have to learn from great sports men!! How brave they are!! - Maria Vallejo Nagera -
Shawn Brown talks to various Packers and Steelers about their faith and what's most important to them before they take the field Sunday in Dallas.


A Healing: Testimony of Margarita Rodriguez

" This is a Testimony that was sent to me by my Dear Friend Margarita Rodrigues, who is now sharing with us a Healing she received when Medjugorje visionary Ivan visited her parish several weeks ago."
I want to share with you some wonderful news of the day we had in our church St. Brendan's the visit of Medjugorje visionary Ivan and the apparition of the Blessed Mother.

On that day Our Lady asked her Son Jesus to take care of me. My big problem is that I have been short of breath- and that is because of my operation which was back in 1987. The doctor had to remove half of my diaphragm and since then I have been very short of breath, but about a year ago I became much worst, and my right lung collapsed.
I went to a specialist a Doctor of Pulmonary disease and he sent me to do a Scan, and also a test to see how my oxygen level was. The test showed that I had less than 60% function in my lung. So I was really bad, with my shortness of breath, I have to sleep with 3
pillows to be able to sleep, and when I am doing my housework I do it, and then I have to rest.
The doctor told me I am sorry Margarita I can do nothing more to help you, you have to live with this condition the best way you can.
I accepted what the doctor told me and that was fine and then I offered to Our Lord the little I have to offer Him.
I said to Jesus, I offer the little that I have to You because You have suffered so much for us, and our sins and You continue your suffering for us..

When I went to my church to talk to Father Fernando Heria with my friend Mary Fernandez and her husband Manolo to discuss the
preparation of the day IVAN was coming to Miami and the Apparition
of Our Blessed Mother. It was then that Father Fernando asked me to pray and lead the Rosary.
I said yes of course -and I was so happy- but then I was worried because of my acute shortness of breath and my cough.
I prayed very hard to Our Mother and Her Son Jesus to help me to pray well, as they both know of my
big problem. I asked them to help me--(remember I asked you also to help me in your prayers)-- so I could pray well the Rosary on that special day in front of so many people about 1500 persons.
When I went to the podium I felt that I was in a cloud, a Peace so strong came
over me, I felt different and I prayed the Rosary so well. Then after the Apparition of Our Blessed
Mother I also prayed the Rosary of Medjugorje, The Creed and the 7 Our Father's, the 7 Hail Mary's and the 7 Gloria Be's.

That was on a Friday January 21 but it wasn't until Sunday the 23rd that I realized that I was fine and that
I didn't have any shortness of breath.
I didn't tell my husband
anything at that time! I wanted to be sure first. I started checking myself and
I began doing things in the house and I felt fine, and when I went to bed that evening I said OK now I am going to do a big test.
I took the 3 pillows away that I always had to sleep on and I was perfect,- I was breathing perfectly- and then I said now
the final test- the way I always like to sleep, FLAT completely, with my stomach in the
mattress- and I slept perfectly all night.
Since that day I continued sleeping that way with

I feel so good, and so happy. Yesterday afternoon I went to see my Doctor and I told him what happened and that I was feeling fine, and that I was no longer short of
breath. He was so surprised and said to me when "Our Lord wants to do something for someone HE does it and HE did it for you Margarita."

So now I am beginning to tell about my healing and I wanted to tell you Ed very quickly
this beautiful news.
Thank again for everything, and your prayers.
GOD BLESS YOU always, Maggie


Death Wish! The Impending Suicide of a Once Great Nation.

Death Wish! The impending Suicide of a Once Great Nation:
An excerpt from Father Corapi's book, Letters.

A large number of endangered, unwanted, and unborn children held a town hall meeting on the 4th of July - alarmed at the brutal and untimely killing of millions of their brothers and sisters in recent years. That the murderous war waged on them had the full force and respectability of the law made their plight all the more terrifying.

Their complaint was humble and it was simple. They were not distressed by rising gas prices, or the deteriorating economy in general. They were not even frightened by the exponential increase of natural disasters. The threat of global warming or global terrorism did not greatly disturb them.

They had become an endangered species, and little had been done to answer their terrified and silent screams from the womb. They decided that the barbaric treatment that they and their fellow unwanted unborn human beings have had to endure for perilous decades was unconscionable and unbearable. They cried out to their Creator for inspiration and protection, and then unanimously they put forth a declaration. It began as follows:

"When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of nature and the Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS TO BE SELF-EVIDENT, THAT ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL, THAT THEY ARE ENDOWED BY THEIR CREATOR WITH CERTAIN UNALIENABLE RIGHTS, THAT AMONG THESE ARE LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS...


The first and pre-eminent right is the right to life. This truth the Founding Fathers were sure of, and anyone with any common sense at all is equally sure of it. 232 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed the amount of common sense that seems to be operative in many spheres of influence - most notably the courts and the political arena - can easily be poured into a very small thimble. The United States of America seems to have a death wish, and we have traveled far down the road to having that wish realized. When law divorces itself from common sense and spawns the illegitimate offspring of distortions of law, resulting in illegal laws - based neither on the natural law nor divine law - this undermines law itself, generating disdain for the law. Erosion of trust in the courts, or the system in general, is inevitable.

The genesis of the death wish is rooted in the fall of man that we see in the Book of Genesis. The substance of the fall is wrapped up in Lucifer's pride, transferred to Adam and Eve - "You can be like gods, knowing good and evil." The unholy, yet inevitable, consequence of that price is disobedience - eating the forbidden fruit. The ultimate end is death, as God said it would be. That's the way it was in the beginning. That's the way it is now. That's the way it will be until time breathes forth it's last moment.

The prototypical sin is pride, the pride that seeks to exalt the creature above the Creator:

"I can be like God." Then, subjectively and arbitrarily, man tries to assert himself, imagining that he knows what's good and evil for himself without reference to God and God's law. This was the fall of the angels and the fall of man. The attempt by creatures to usurp what is only the province of God. Only God knows what is good for His creation.

In recent years it took the form of a self-inflicted heart wound when some dissident Catholics rejected the teaching of the Church, a teaching that clearly held that artificial contraception is intrinsically evil. Then, as Pope Paul VI had warned, it metastasized into abortion. From abortion it degenerated even further into partial-birth abortion. It was then a short and easy step to infanticide.

It's hard to believe that we have degenerated to the point that we'll murder a helpless baby should it escape the violence of an abortion and be born alive. Can a Catholic vote for such persons? [who support abortion] We are told, "yes" for a "proportionate reason." What, I might ask, is the proportionate reason so weighty as to excuse supporting those responsible for what is tantamount to genocide?

The judges and politicians that support such barbaric practices are truly guilty of genocide: genocide - the deliberate and systematic destruction of an ethnic, racial, religious, national, or social group. "What is the group so target?", you might ask. The group is unwanted, unborn children - tens of millions of them. The Supreme Court justices that gave us Roe v. Wade will have to plead temporary insanity in the court of history. There will be no defense in the highest Court that is the judgment seat of almighty God if they do not repent of the incalculable evil they have wrought.

Yet, despite the life and death importance of this travesty of authentic law, there will be no serious discussion among political candidates, or anyone else. It is as if society has been bewitched, blind to the splendor of truth, deaf to the cries of the most innocent, most vulnerable, and most utterly helpless.

From artificial contraception to abortion to partial-birth abortion, then on to infanticide we march toward the abyss of oblivion, a society marked for death...

Fr. John Corapi, SOLT, STD


Our Lady's Medjugorje message to Mirjana of February 2, 2011

Dear children, you are gathering around me, you are seeking your way, you are seeking, you are seeking the truth but are forgetting what is the most important, you are forgetting to pray properly. Your lips pronounce countless words, but your spirit does not feel anything. Wandering in darkness, you even imagine God himself according to yourselves, and not such as he really is in his love.

Dear children, proper prayer comes from the depth of your heart, from your suffering, from your joy, from your seeking the forgiveness of sins. This is the way to come to know the right God, and by that also yourselves, because you are created according to him. Prayer will bring you to the fulfillment of my desire, of my mission here with you, to the unity of God’s family. Thank you. February 2, 2011
*Our Lady blessed everyone present, thanked them and called us to pray for priests.