Weep, Rachel. Baby Boy left to Die

Weep, Rachel! Baby Boy Aborted Alive and Left to Die
The manner of this child's death is horrifying beyond belief, but it's not the location of his death that makes it a homicide! He was the very same 22 week-old infant hours earlier when he was kicking and growing inside his mother's womb! He was the very same human being the moment he died as the moment before he was aborted. That he died slowly, nearly two days after the abortion, only means he was clumsily murdered.
** How I long to hear Rachel weeping! How I long to see her wail at the top of her lungs, cover her head with ashes and mourn for her children! "A voice is heard in Ramah, mourning and great weeping, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because her children are no more." Jeremiah 31:15


Singer David Parks Healed in Medjugorje

Singer speaks about visit to Medjugorje
By Yadira Betances

David Parkes is the son of a band leader and trumpet player. He was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 1977 and after 13 years of fighting the disease and going through 13 operations, doctors told him there was no hope.

While at Medjugorje with his wife, Anne, he was cured at a healing service. Parkes has since dedicated his life to spreading the message of Medjugorje and God's healing.
Medjugorje, located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has become well known because the Blessed Virgin Mary has been appearing to six young people since June 24, 1981 with a message of peace, love, faith, conversion, prayer, and fasting. The site was in Yugoslavia at the time.
Every year, thousands of faithful flock to the town seeking healing.


A Reflection of Our Lady's Medjugorje message of April 25, 2010 by Sr. Isabel

Our Lady of Medjugorje's April 25, 2010 Monthly Message :
“Dear children! At this time, when in a special way you are praying and seeking my intercession, I call you, little children, to pray so that through your prayers I can help you to have all the more hearts be opened to my messages. Pray for my intentions. I am with you and I intercede before my Son for each of you. Thank you for having responded to my call.”


There is an old Marian hymn that we sang as children in grade school, "'Tis the month of our Mother...", and called upon her each day as we brought flowers for the May Altars that we had in our classrooms. In a few days it will be May! These are troubling days for many people who are turning to prayer as a source of strength and consolation. We need the guidance and wisdom of Our Heavenly Mother, the spouse of the Holy Spirit, to deal with the daily anxieties and trials that we all face. In this message Our Lady is inviting us to pray more, to call upon her more, to rely upon her intercession more so that we will have hearts receptive to her messages. Mary ultimately wants us to have personal peace. She came with the message of peace and continues to invite us to pray for peace. Prayer is the solution for many of our problems. As we focus on Our Lord and Our Lady, our minds can become more clear so that we will be able to respond to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. With Mary's intercession, Jesus will respond to our prayers and we will have more of the peace that God wants us to have. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen

Experiences of pilgrims in Medjugorje

Experiences of pilgrims in Medjugorje
date: 4-25-2010.

This period in which our Church celebrates the mystery of resurrection that lasts for fifty days was filled with many pilgrims in Medjugorje and press members from radio station “Mir” Medjugorje were able to find quite few interesting life experiences. Kim Yong Hwan, priest form Korea, said that he heard about Medjugorje in 2001 for the first time and in that year he was celebrating 25 years of his priesthood. At the same time, that was the year of great crisis for him, since he felt sort of spiritual emptiness in his vocation as a priest. He received invitation from Seoul Maria Centre to come to Medjugorje as a spiritual director to one of the groups, and he accepted and came to Medjugorje. There, he met one completely new reality. He was looking at the people who, nearly every one of them, had rosary beads in their hands. He was amazed with devotion of all of those who very at the church during Holy Mass and evening services. “I prayed to Our Lady that I may also receive that inner strength and I received it. Thanks to Medjugorje, I was given the true, genuine experience of priesthood. That is my greatest joy. I was able to understand the most important fact and that is that my priesthood is a holy, precious thing”, said Fr. Kim Yong Hwan.

Maria Kuehnel, 76 years old German pilgrim has been connected with Medjugorje for 25 years and already in her first encounter with Medjugorje and phenomenon of Medjugorje she was able to experience that the message for the whole world is taking place here. “I know that many people have returned to their faith thanks to Medjugorje. There are many who received vocations after their visit or right here, in Medjugorje. I know that Medjugorje is really important to so many people”, said Mrs. Maria amongst other things. Inspired with so many problems and troubles that recent war had brought to Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, she spent most of her time helping to displaced and refugees. She also started charity organisation that had built homes for refugees from Bosnia in village Tasovcici, close to Capljina town.

Journalists also met Danijela Sisgoreo-Morsan, Croatian poet, musician and composer of famous spiritual songs. Danijela converted in 1993 and from that time she started writing and composing spiritual songs. She spoke to us about herself, her work and experience of Medjugorje and amongst other things she said: “It is always experience to come here, for this is the place of prayer, place where the whole world comes to pray. When people come here on pilgrimage, they always come with desire to pray, to receive conversion, that God fulfils and changes them. You can really experience open hearts here, that all of us at the end have only one desire – Pure heart grant me o Lord!”--medjugorje official


Our Lady's Medjugorje Message of April 25, 2010

Our Lady of Medjugorje's April 25, 2010 Monthly Message :

“Dear children! At this time, when in a special way you are praying and seeking my intercession, I call you, little children, to pray so that through your prayers I can help you to have all the more hearts be opened to my messages. Pray for my intentions. I am with you and I intercede before my Son for each of you. Thank you for having responded to my call.”


Fr. Mark Bozada-Priest who see's souls.

Father Bozada is well-qualified to speak on the mystical because he is "supersensory" and has had the experience of sensing and even seeing spirits since he was five or six. The gift developed as he encountered the demonic -- including the smell of sulfur as a boy -- and learned to pray harder. That's the negative side. He also experiences -- and sees -- angels and poor souls doing their purgatory on earth -- something that was also associated with Saint Padre Pio.

Revelation-Saint Faustina

There are moments when I mistrust myself, when I feel my own weakness and wretchedness in the most profound depths of my own being, and I have noticed that I can endure such moments only by trusting in the infinite mercy of God. Patience, prayer, and silence-these are what give strength to the soul.
There are moments when one should be silent, and when it would be inappropriate to talk with creatures; these are the moments when one is dissatisfied with oneself, and when the soul feels as weak as a little child. Then the soul clings to God with all its might. At such times, I live solely by faith, and when I feel strengthened by God's grace, then I am more courageous in speaking and communicating with my neighbors.
Diary of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska, 944


God's Word: Speak Lord Your Servant is Listening

"Speak Lord, Your Servant is Listening"
I must come to the Bible prayerfully and expectantly. What am I expecting in prayer when I am reading the bible? In prayer, I should expect to hear God’s Word. If it is the love-letter, then whatever I feel when I read a love-letter, I should be able to feel when I read the Bible.

Therefore, I must approach the bible with the same attitude of Samuel. Samuel said, "Speak Lord, Your servant is listening."(1 Samuel 3:10) With a listening heart, I must begin to read – not carelessly, No! With a lot of affection and love and faith, I must expectantly wait for God to talk to me, and wait to listen to what God has to tell to me. I will listen and I will hear God talking to me.

Pray for the gift of love.

“My children, pray for the gift of love.” Medjugorje Message Reflection by Kathleen Aparo
Our Lady of Medjugorje Message of Sept. 2, 2009
Dear Children, “Today with a motherly heart, I call you to learn to forgive completely and unconditionally. You suffer injustice, betrayals and persecutions, but by that you are closer to and dearer to God. My children, pray for the gift of love. Only love forgives all, as my Son forgives. Follow Him! I am among you and am praying that when you come before your Father you can say: ‘here I am Father, I followed your Son. I had love and forgave with the heart, because I believed in your judgement and trusted in you.’ Thank you.

Mary knows that once we are hurt by someone, once our hearts are wounded, it will take divine assistance to forgive and forget. And so she prays for us. Mary knows our prayer needs will be great in order for us to take that step to forgive, to be able to finally say to the Father “ …..I followed your Son. I had love and forgave with the heart …..” And so she prays for us.
She knows that when someone breaks our heart, we will need an avalanche of grace to realize with certainty that God doesn’t want us broken and bruised. Mary understands that when we are filled with hurt we cannot be filled with love. And so she asks us to pray for the gift of love. We may not feel loving, we may not feel worthy to ask for anything at all, but it’s exactely then that we need to put ourselves aside and for the sake of our souls, pray for the gift of love. You can’t pull yourself up and out of self-pity without love. You can’t be good to yourself or feed your soul without love. You can’t move forward on your spiritual journey. It is exactely as one songwriter wrote, “Love is all we need.”
A good while ago I was hurt by a friend and I suffered and stayed in that place for much too long. I wanted everything to go back to normal. But that normal was exactely what God wanted to shake up. In that shake-up, I learned a good lesson about taking care of myself. I learned the importance of believing in the one “God knit in my mother’s womb.”
I think now that we are born for loving and forgiving and that we are asked to do it over and over, again and again. Is it humanly possible? Mary’s answer, “My children, pray for the gift of love.”
–Kathleen Aparo - source-blessed mother guides us


Jesus Speaks to the Church in Ephesus

Jesus Speaks to the Church in Ephesus by Scott Hahn

If you have a Bible, turn with me to Revelation chapter 2. "To the angel of the Church of Ephesus," Jesus commands John to write, "The one who holds the seven stars in his right hand and walks among the seven lampstands of gold has this to say." Now Jesus speaks directly to the Ephesian believers who've enjoyed Paul's preaching and teaching, St. John the beloved disciple, the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Timothy, as well as Apollos, and Priscilla, and Aquila. "I know your deeds, your labors, and your patient endurance. I know you cannot tolerate wicked men. You have tested those self-styled apostles who are nothing of the sort and discovered that they are impostors. You are patient and endure hardship for My cause; moreover, you do not become discouraged. But this one thing I hold against you; you have turned aside from your first love. Keep firmly in mind the heights from which you have fallen. Repent and return to your former deeds. For if you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place. Let him who has ears heed the Spirit's word to the Churches." (Rev 2:2-7)

(I put the above quote in bold because I believe this speaks to us today...Joyce)

But listen to the Church at Ephesus and what they had to hear. They're patient; they endured hardship; they tested false apostles: they have reprimanded these false teachers. Yet Jesus says, "This one thing I have against you; you've lost your first love. Return to Me and recall the heights from which you have fallen." (Rev 2:4-5) . ...You know it's true, and yet how true it also is that all of us here to some extent have fallen from our first love. We have to recall the height from which we have fallen. We've got to beg the Lord for the grace we need to rise back to that. We've got to start asking St. Anthony to find for us something besides our keys.

*We ought to ask St. Anthony to help us find our first love and return to Christ. Do you know why? Because if you go to Ephesus today, there is no Church there. If you go to Ephesus today, it is illegal to celebrate Mass. There is no Church in Ephesus and there hasn't been a Church in Ephesus for hundreds and hundreds of years, even though it was founded by the likes of St. Paul and St. John with the Blessed Virgin Mary, along with Priscilla, Aquila, and Apollos. With so much, what's happened? So little. Fr. de Lapaderi described how they had to implore the Turkish authorities to get permission for an exceptional occasion to celebrate Mass once out by the ruins of a Church in Ephesus.


Dear Family of Mary

April 19, 2010
Dear Family of Mary!
"Dear children
Also today I call you to pray for peace. Pray with the heart, little children, and do not lose hope because God loves His creatures. He desires to save you, one by one, through my coming here. I call you to the way of holiness. Pray, and in prayer you are open to God's will; in this way, in everything you do, you realize God's plan in you and through you. Thank you for having responded to my call." (March 25, 2003)

Not long ago I had a conversation with a good friend. She shared an experience with me that has really stuck with me since then. She said that recently she had an occasion to seek counsel from a friend who happens to be a nun. She shared her difficulty with her friend and then this sister began to pray for her over the phone. Instead of talking about the problem, she just prayed in the Spirit. My friend said that this sister just prayed and prayed for a long, long time. My friend said that at the end of the prayer she felt much different. She felt lighter and more at peace. The prayer was a big help for her.
Later it hit me that this sister was acting very much like Our Lady. How many times have we heard from the visionaries that during the apparition Our Lady prays over all who are present! They report very often that Our Lady prays for a long, long time over the people there. Often it is this prayer that takes up most of the time of the apparition. In the same way, I have seen Vicka pray over pilgrims for a long, long time. She seems able to focus her whole being and to pray with her whole heart for those who come to see her. He little hands have a strong grip, and she holds on with determination as she prays for the pilgrims. She seems to be able to pray in the Spirit for extended periods of time with complete composure and peace. And many people have been healed through her prayer!
Finally, I experienced something similar recently when I found myself at Mass. I happened to sit by someone I love and don't see very often. Usually I can get distracted by the people I am near at Mass and think about all kinds of things. But on that day I was reminded of what my friend shared about the sister praying for her, and I felt directed to just silently pray for my friend. I prayed for what was for me a long time, offering my Mass for her and just asking for blessings for her. I even surprised myself! The Holy Spirit helped me to focus and pray. And after Mass I had a wonderful conversation with that person, and felt the grace of our encounter!Well, you can see what I am getting at. We would be much better off if we began to be more like Our Lady and Vicka and that sister! Prayer is a much better use of our time that talking or worrying! In prayer we draw close to God's will. As Our Lady says, "Pray, and in prayer you are open to God's will; in this way, in everything you do, you realize God's plan in you and through you." In prayer we draw down God's blessing on ourselves and all those around us. In prayer we find all the answers to our problems and unleash the healing power of God into our situations. Prayer connects us with the source of all power, truth, light, life and love! Wow, wouldn't we like to be connected to this?"Pray with the heart, little children, and do not lose hope because God loves His creatures." Let's pray for a long, long time for our families, our friends, our acquaintances, our enemies, our Church, and anyone else that God brings into our lives. Let's be like Our Lady and just pray, pray, pray!
In Jesus and Mary! Cathy Nolan
© Mary TV 2010 http://www.marytv.tv/


Statue of Our Lady of Fatima

Providence, Rhode Island April 17, 2010
Our lady of Fatima came to the Magnificat Breakfast yesterday. Now she's coming to you. Miracles happen when we honor the mother of God. She is one of the four statues that travel around the US. This one is the only one that has been at the United Nations. May you receive a special blessing from the Lord today!

Thank You Barbara for this beautiful photo of Our Lady.


Easter Octave in Medjugorje

The first eight days of the Easter season make up the Octave of Easter and are celebrated as Solemnities of the Lord. Although it rained nearly throughout the whole period, Medjugorje was still packed with various groups of pilgrims. Pilgrims from all over the world participated this week in 89 different Holy Mass celebrations in different languages as well as in evening prayer programme. Information Office in Medjugorje was able to confirm to us that this week there were groups from Italy, France, Austria, Germany, United States, Ireland, UK, Canada, Mauritius, Malta, Check Republic, Romania, Korea, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Hungary, Switzerland, Argentina, Mexico, Lebanon, Belgium, Slovakia, Slovenia, Latvia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.*** This Octave was even more special because of the group of grown newly baptised pilgrims from United States and there were also many priests who came to Medjugorje to intensify their own personal prayer and peace. Medjugorje Official


Listen to Fr. Neil Buchlein live interview on Medjugorje on the Al Kresta show

Fr. Jozo's reflection on Prayer

The following is an excerpt from Fr. Jozo’s reflection on the March 25, 2008 message:

We must be honest with ourselves and look at how much time out of 24 hours in a day we dedicate to prayer. How much do I pray for my family? When the Lord has given me 24 hours in a day, how can I then say that I do not have time for prayer? How can my children find time for a television program they like? Why have we not succeeded in inspiring our family for longer and daily prayer? Can we sleep in peace while Our Lady calls us to pray the Rosary every day – to pray it together and to pray it with the heart? If I feel myself losing enthusiasm and love for prayer and my meeting with God, I must ask myself what is happening with me. I must not turn prayer into a habit or a form of an effort. Instead, as Our Lady said, for me, prayer must become “as breathing,” – absolutely necessary and natural…

Dear brothers and sisters, never say that prayer is too long, or that we have remained in prayer for a long time. Always remember Our Lady’s motherly words which are meant to awaken us: “Spend all the more time in prayer.” Never give crumbs or remnants of your day to God. To the contrary, give Him the gift of the most beautiful time and in abundance. May your prayer not become shorter, but flow into your life and your work throughout your entire day. This is because prayer blesses your life. Prayer unites your family and keeps it in peace. It removes all evil and temptation. Prayer is a meeting with the living Lord in our hearts. …
If the Mother is calling all of us with such persistence and love, how much greater must our love be in responding and recognizing our call and our way? This call and way are right. We need to persevere on this way of the messages.


You Are a Priest Forever. To All Our Priests, Thank You


ohiopadre Today, Holy Thursday, my brother priests and I commemorate the institution of the Most Blessed Sacrament and the establishment of the Sacred Priesthood. Thank you for this video. I was moved to tears watching as I know my brother priests will be that I share this video with. God bless you. 2 weeks ago

AndreKnepp Each time I assist at Mass, I feel the awesome power of the priestly sacrifice and generosity of their love for God and for us !They literally bring Jesus to us in the Mass and in the Confessional! That is truly humble and faithful service to our mighty, tender and loving God! We thank the O Lord for our priests! May they always burn with unquenchable love of You and generate that same love in those whom You give them to serve in your Name!! 3 months ago

djdw2008 This is a beautiful video in honor of the holy priesthood ~ Thanks be to God for the gift of Ordination and for holy priests...Thank you, Margie, for this beautiful tribute. 4 months ago

Pennycake Beautiful video and song! I came across it at spiritualmotherhoodforpriests [dot] blogspot [dot] com/2009/10/you-are-priest-forever-song-and-clip [dot] html


Statue of Mary that survived Nagasaki nuclear blast to visit US for first time.

Statue of Mary that survived Nagasaki nuclear blast to visit US for first time
Posted on April 13, 2010 by Dennis Sadowski

Archbishop Joseph Mitsuaki Takami of Nagasaki, Japan. (CNS/Paul Haring)
While another in a series of important events aimed at making the world safer from nuclear weapons occurs this week with the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, plans are under way to bring a statue of Mary that survived the 1945 nuclear blast in Nagasaki, Japan, to the United States for first time.
Actually, only the head of Mary will be displayed at a May 2 Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, reported Ecumenical News International. It’s the only part of the wooden statue that survived the powerful explosion.
The Mass will mark the opening of a four-week U.N. conference on nuclear nonproliferation.
The statue once stood in Nagasaki’s Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception -– Urakami in Japanese. The cathedral was leveled by the blast, which claimed an estimated 74,000 lives.
The Mass will be one of several activities in which Archbishop Joseph Mitsuaki Takami of Nagasaki will participate beginning April 30, ENI reported.
Although born in March of 1946, the archbishop is considered a survivor of the Nagasaki bombing because his mother was pregnant with him when the blast occurred Aug. 9, 1945.
Archbishop Takami and Bishop Joseph Asumi Misue of Hiroshima in February called on all world leaders to work toward the abolition of all nuclear weapons.
The archbishop reportedly also is expected to meet with U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon or his deputy to deliver the February statement directly.
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The Gates of Hell will not Prevail. Time to defend the Pope.


A review of this pontificate demonstrates this Pope´s effort to lead Europe to a future which embraces its Christian roots in order to flourish.

CHESAPEAKE, VA. (Catholic Online) - Among the Biblical texts most often used to defend the selection of Peter, and His successors, to lead the Church which Jesus founded is this passage from St. Matthews Gospel:
"When Jesus went into the region of Caesarea Philippi he asked his disciples, "Who do people say that the Son of Man is?" They replied, "Some say John the Baptist, others Elijah, still others Jeremiah or one of the prophets." He said to them, "But who do you say that I am?"
Simon Peter said in reply, "You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God." Jesus said to him in reply, "Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah. For flesh and blood 12 has not revealed this to you, but my heavenly Father. And so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it. I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." (Matt. 16:13 – 19)
Other translations of the text speak more graphically, using the phrase, the "gates of hell".


Obstinate Betrayal of Nuns

'Who could imagine that consecrated religious would openly, and in defiance of the bishops as successors of the apostles, publicly endorse legislation containing provisions which violated the natural moral law in its most fundamental tenets – the safeguarding and promoting of innocence and defenseless life, and fail to safeguard the demands of the free exercise of conscience for health care workers?'


Bishop Tobin Cancels Hospital's CHA Membership

Bishops Tobin cancels hospital's CHA membership
Providence, R.I., Apr 9, 2010
Bishop Thomas Tobin.

Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence, Rhode Island, recently denounced the Catholic Health Association (CHA) for causing “scandal” with its endorsement of the health care bill and asked that a local diocesan Catholic hospital be removed from its membership list.
In a March 29 letter to Sr. Carol Keehan, director of CHA, Bishop Tobin wrote that he was “very disappointed that the Catholic Health Association, under your leadership, publicly endorsed the recent health care legislation that was passed and signed into law.”
“This action was taken,” the bishop lamented, “despite the fact that the legislation will very possibly provide additional public funding for abortion and threaten the freedom of conscience of Catholic individuals and institutions.”
“Your enthusiastic support of the legislation, in contradiction to the position of the Bishops of the United States, provided an excuse for members of Congress, misled the public and cause serious scandal for many members of the Church,” Bishop Tobin charged.
“Accordingly,” he added, “I am writing to request that St. Joseph Health Services of Rhode Island, sponsored by the Diocese of Providence, be removed from the membership list and mailing list of the Catholic Health Association.”
Bishop Tobin further stated that “even the association with CHA is now embarrassing, and for that reason I request that our name be removed.”
The Rhode Island bishop concluded his letter telling Sr. Keehan he hopes “that the future of the Catholic Health Association will review its mission and will find new opportunities to renew its commitment to human life, including that of unborn children. I also hope that the Association will clearly support the teaching mission of the Church as expressed by the Bishops, whose obligation it is to preach the Gospel of Christ and apply the teachings of the Church to the important moral issues of our time.”

Peter, Receives the Holy Spirit

"Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, spoke up." —Acts 4:8

On the day of Jesus' death, Peter denied Him three times. Even after Jesus' resurrection, Peter disobeyed Him and went back to fishing for fish instead of fishing for men and women.

After receiving the Holy Spirit, however, Peter became a new person. He fearlessly obeyed the Lord even to being thrown into prison. At his trial before "Annas the high priest, Caiaphas, John, Alexander, and all who were of the high-priestly class" (Acts 4:6), Peter defied the religious leaders. He proclaimed that "Jesus is 'the Stone rejected by you the builders Which has become the Cornerstone' " (Acts 4:11).

The Holy Spirit transformed Peter from a coward into a powerful evangelist and the fearless leader of the newborn Church. For Jesus' death to set us free and His resurrection to empower us, we need the Holy Spirit. To truly celebrate Easter as soon as possible, we need Pentecost as soon as possible. We don't have to wait for the Father and Son to pour out the Spirit on us. They are waiting for us to repent of our sins by which we have stifled the Spirit.Then we will receive the Spirit (Acts 2:38). We will no longer deny and disobey Jesus, but celebrate and proclaim Him risen from the dead. Alleluia! Come, Holy Spirit. Jesus is risen!

Prayer: Father, give me a thirst for the Spirit and a new outpouring of the Spirit within three days.


Fr. Joe Whalen prays over all those viewing this throughout the world for Healing.

ArchangelRaphael25 — April 01, 2010 — Fr. Joseph Whalen, MS prays over all those viewing throughout the world for healing.
Fr. Joseph Whalen is a La Salette missionary healing priest. His dramatic life story is a story of "how God writes straight with crooked lines!" His ministries are many and he is a champion of the sick, the elderly, drug addicts, alcoholics, families, and those in need. The charism of the La Salette's is Reconcilliation ... of compassion and mercy to the repentant;he is noted for his ability to hear confessions hour upon hour. Fathers message is to realize that Its Never Too Late to Live. Fr. Whalen conducts many healing services every year and his St. Raphael Healing Ministry is international. Fr. Whalen has spent his entire priesthood witnessing Christs healing presence and helping countless people to find hope in the midst of life's many challenges. www.straphaeloil.com

A Happy and Blessed Easter

Indeed, the cure for death does exist. Christ is the Tree of Life, once more within our reach. If we remain close to him, then we have life. Hence, during this night of resurrection, with all our hearts we shall sing the alleluia, the song of joy that has no need of words. Hence, Paul can say to the Philippians: "Rejoice in the Lord always, again I will say, rejoice!" (Phil 4:4)....In baptism, this medicine is given to us. A new life begins in us, a life that matures in faith and is not extinguished by the death of the old life, but is only then fully revealed.


Holy Saturday

God so loved the world that he gave his only Son so that all who believed in Him might not perish but have eternal life.


Our Lady's Medjugorje Message to Mirjana of April 2, 2010

Good Friday message of Our Lady
This is the message given to the Medjugorje visionary Mirjana this Good Friday morning.

Dear children, today I bless you in a special way and I pray for you to return to the right way to my Son – your Saviour, your Redeemer – to him who gave you eternal life. Reflect on everything human, on everything that does not permit you to set out after my Son – on transience, imperfection and limitation – and then think of my Son, of his Divine infiniteness. By your surrender and prayer, ennoble your body and perfect your soul. Be ready, my children. Thank you. Medjugorje message, April 2, 2010


Statue of Our Lady

Rising flood waters in the back yard of one Rhode Island resident went around the Statue of Our Lady which is pictured in front of the shed and never touched her.