Medjugorje: Our Lady's Message of July 25, 2018

(c)Mateo Ivankovic

July 25, 2018
St James, Apostle
Dear Family of Mary!
Here is the July 25, 2018 Message:
"Dear children! God called me to lead you to Him because He is your strength. That is why I am calling you to pray to Him and to trust in Him, because He is your refuge from every evil that lurks and carries souls far from the grace and joy to which you are all called. Little children, live Heaven here on earth so that it will be good for you; and may the commandments of God be a light on your way. I am with you and I love you all with my motherly love. Thank you for having responded to my call." (July 25, 2018)
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
Cathy Nolan
Mary TV


Enabling Behavior

Alberta Sequeira 
Enabling behavior is the easiest thing for someone to do for a loved one. I could have received the highest award for doing so because I wanted no conflicts, to have the person mad at me, keeping firm with my rules, and watching a sulking person, to only give into them.
When it comes to the person with a drinking or drug problem, we have to develop the tough-love we hear about so often. If we don’t, we help the addict go deeper into their habit, that can, in the future, kill them. Better to have them hate you than burying them.
I lost both my husband, Richard, and daughter, Lori, from their addiction to alcohol abuse. My relationship with Richard during his blackouts were frustration, anger, hate, the guilt that his actions had to be from something I had done, or he no longer loved me.
From me not making, and enforcing demands, with what should not have been allowed living together, our family life, behind closed doors, was on the path of destruction with mind and body, and our two daughters lived in confusion, fear, watched abuse, and grew up scared with no security.
Lets understand something that I didn’t, at the time. Don’t stay with a partner because you believe the children need the other parent. No child needs to watch adult behavior at its worse. They grow up following the same path by marrying the same kind of person with substance abuse problems, take the drugs up themselves, and the merry-go-round starts again with their family life when they marry.
When we enable, we shield our loved one from experiencing the full impact and consequences of their behavior. Enabling is different from helping and supporting in that it allows the enabled person to be irresponsible for whatever they do; getting in a car accident, get arrested, being violent, fights, blackouts, hanging out with the wrong crowd, cause separation from family, constantly asking for money or stealing it, lying, losing their jobs, children, cars, homes, and the list can go on.
Until they come to realize that only they can get sober by themselves, and we can only support them, the cycle will continue, especially, if parents and loved ones, make excuses for them. What we do is make decisions with our hearts and not our brain with reality with a solution.
Drinking and taking drugs becomes a problem, when it causes problems. Think of what your conflicts are: do they revolve around the time they drink? Are you getting behind paying bills, when you never did? Where is the money going? Who are your child’s friends, where do they go, what do they do?
Living this kind of life for fourteen years (way beyond reasoning) made me have a small breakdown, because all I did day and night for 24/7 was think of ways to cure Richard. I pushed my mind and body to the point of braking down. If you see no results from demands, separate from that person. People panic thinking the next step is divorce. That happens, if you make it happen, by filing for one. Separation is just that, both going different ways, until you see if changes happen.
God didn’t put us on earth to be abused mentally or physically by someone who doesn’t want to change their destructive behavior. You should not have to sink with that person. You can die tomorrow, and they will continue on their suicide path. We all have choices; the addict and yourself.
I’m ashamed to say, I took Richard back four times. FOUR TIMES! Love is not going to pull you through this nightmare of substance abuse. When they go too deep, the alcohol or drugs are more important to them than life itself. 

Don’t do what I did….wait fourteen years to end it. By then, all of us suffered, when there was no need for it when professional help is available to the whole family. End a relationship before you can be killed by someone in a rage.
As for handling my daughter’s drinking and taking drugs, believe it or not, none of us knew she had a problem, until she was thirty-seven years old. She had been drinking in her senior year in high school, and I thought she’d outgrow it when she graduated…my blinders were on even after losing Richard at forty-five at the VA Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island from his alcohol abuse. Lori was following the same path.
Lori died in 2006 at thirty-nine years of age at the Charlton Memorial Hospital in Fall River. She and her father are buried together at the Saint Patrick Cemetery in Somerset, Massachusetts. Don’t think that it will never happen to you.
If something doesn’t feel right, find out what it is! New friends, new attitude, coming home late, wanting fights, losing interest in the family unit, and arguments all from substance abuse.
If I had ever taken the seriousness of Lori’s drinking, and her being under eighteen years old, she could have been taken out of school and placed in a rehabilitation center before learning of her addiction in her thirties. She would have had professional help before the demon had a grip on her.
She entered Butler Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island, and twice at Emerson House in Falmouth, Massachusetts. She just couldn’t understand why she had a problem. Look for depression, which I never saw. Lori felt her father’s death without talking about it, and I forced her into an abortion at seventeen, which she didn’t want.
Don’t ignore the warning signs!


Fr Donald Calloway Endorses Rosary Coast To Coast

Published on Jul 13, 2018

Author, Speaker and regular on EWTN, Fr Donald Calloway of the Congregation of the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception--has given his endorsement of the Rosary Coast to Coast in the US--and in union with this--the New Holy League of Nations!


Vatican Envoy: Evil Is Attacking Medjugorje

Abp. Henryk Hoser / Jacek Domiński / Reporter
The Vatican envoy to a major apparition site says that recent events at the diocesan building in Warsaw, Poland, are a sign of a generalized demonic attack.
This was spurred by satanic graffiti.
“The inscriptions on the church buildings are a manifestation of the confrontation between good and evil, which has grown enormously at the moment,” said Archbishop Henryk Hoser, “referring to the inscriptions that appeared on the night of Monday to Tuesday, among others on the building of the Warsaw-Praga Curia,” reports a foreign news outlet.
“Subtitles, including ‘Behold, my flesh, behold my blood, I love you’ and ‘Women’s murderers’ appeared on Monday night at three points in Warsaw: on the fence of the building of the Curia of the Archdiocese of Warsaw at ul. Miodowa St., at the parish house at the Archcathedral of Saint John the Baptist and on the door and steps of the building of the Warsaw-Praga Curia. On the latter unknown perpetrators wrote ‘Rwanda remember.'”
Rwanda is where a genocide occurred in the 1990s — as predicted by apparitions at Kibeho in that same nation of Rwanda.
The press office of the Warsaw-Praga Diocese on the website says Archbishop Hoser celebrated Mass for his closest associates in the airport chapel Warsaw’s Okęcie airport — from which he flew to Medjugorje with the mission of the special envoy of Pope Francis.
“In the hierarchy homily,” says the report, “he stressed that ‘the inscriptions on church buildings are a manifestation of this confrontation between good and evil. It has become really intense at this moment because of attempts to bring society to a higher level of life morals and protection of life, just like this law protecting human life from conception that is so hard to pass. We see how the forces of evil are mobilizing to prevent everything.'”
According to the archbishop, two realities in opposition to one another are trying to become incarnated, we are still between these two poles. 
“He stressed that in Medjugore he would also be ‘confronted with the forces of evil.’
“Where there is a place of charismatic mass conversions, mighty Confessions, where there are still missing confessors, there are devilish activities in this area, which try to do everything to destroy this place, where they penetrate the Mafia, due to the inflow not only pilgrims, but also their victims. I have heard that there is, among others, the Neapolitan Mafia.”
Many Italians pilgrims journey to the site.
This is extraordinary stuff — a representative from the Vatican saying it is the forces of evil, even the Mafia, seeking to disparage Medjugorje — and comes as other signs accrue.
On Monday, after the monthly apparition, one Medjugorje seer, Mirjana Soldo, was in obvious and deep pain, barely able, despite her relatively young years (in her fifties) to make it down a hill without strong assistance.
In a book called My Heart Will Triumph, she said, “Our Lady told me many things that I cannot yet reveal. I can only hint at what the future holds, but I do see indications that the events [in her secrets] are already in motion.”
Meanwhile, it has been revealed that a second seer, Vicka Ivankovic-Mijatovic, who long has been known to have received revelations on the Virgin’s life, received those messages by way of a strange script no one can read.
Claims a witness (as reported on Forums on the Virgin, from an experience around Christmas, 1984): “We were about ten people . I remember very well, the Gospa was happy and in her arms she had little Jesus.
“The truth is that I do not remember the message. At that time the Gospa explained her biography to Vicka. When the apparition ended, Vicka told us the message. I thought that Vicka will go to another room, to shut herself up to write what the Gospa told her and then return to where we are. Instead, she returned immediately with a large notebook and pencil in her hand. She sat next to me on the couch and started writing. I remember perfectly the situation of the sofa in that room and the notebook. I was very surprised because I saw that, ‘It’s not hiding at all!’ I thought to myself.”
Mysteries, mysteries. Many things will come out, and are beginning to already. Soon, many will realize the truth, though many also will have trouble acknowledging it.


Message from Our Lady, Queen of Peace for July 2, 2018


Mirjana greets Our Lady, July 2, 2018
   (c)Mateo Ivankovic 2018
July 2, 2018

Dear Family of Mary!

Here is the message from Our Lady, Queen of Peace for July 2, 2018:  
"Dear children,I am the mother of all of you and, therefore, do not be afraid because I hear your prayers. I know that you seek me and that is why I am praying to my Son for you, my Son who is united with the Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit-the Paraclete-my Son who leads souls to the Kingdom from where He came, the Kingdom of peace and light.
My children, you are given the freedom to choose, but, as a mother, I implore you to choose the freedom for the good. You, with pure and simple souls comprehend-even if sometimes you do not understand the words-and within yourselves you feel what the truth is.
My children, do not lose the truth and true life so as to follow the false one.By life in truth, the Kingdom of Heaven enters into your hearts, and that is the Kingdom of peace, love and harmony. Then, my children, there will not be the selfishness which distances you from my Son. There will be love and understanding for your neighbors. Because, remember, again I repeat to you, to pray also means to love others, your neighbors, and to give yourself to them.
Love and give in my Son, and then He will work in you and for you. My children, ceaselessly think of my Son and love Him immeasurably and you will have true life, and that will be for eternity.Thank you, apostles of my love."
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
Mary TV
Video Of Apparition  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PH7KhM0JWpg