Medjugorje - Our Lady's Message of October 25, 2018:


The Future Generations at the Youth Festival in Medjugorje!
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October 25, 2018

Dear Family of Mary!

Our Lady's Message of October 25, 2018:  
"Dear children! You have a great grace of being called to a new life through the messages which I am giving you. This, little children, is a time of grace, a time and a call to conversion for you and the future generations. Therefore, I am calling you, little children, pray more and open your heart to my Son Jesus. I am with you and love you all and bless you with my motherly blessing. Thank you for having responded to my call."

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
Mary TV


Pope John Paul II’s Warning on ‘Final Confrontation

John Paul II’s Warning on ‘Final Confrontation’ With the ‘Anti-Church’
Paul Kengor
COMMENTARY: It seems more likely now that we are indeed facing, as Cardinal Karol Wojtyla said in 1976, the greatest historical confrontation humanity has gone through.

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Dear Family of Mary

(c)Anthony Zubac

October 19, 2018
At the Blue Cross in Medjugorje
Dear Family of Mary,

 (Friday, October 19, 2018) Ivan's prayer group met at the Blue Cross for prayer. Our Lady came at approximately 9:00 pm Medjugorje time. Ivan shared his encounter with Our Lady after the apparition. Here is the translation of his comments:

Like every day after meeting together with Our Lady I would like to draw closer to all of you the greatest part of tonight's meeting. Also today Our Lady came to us joyful and happy and Our Lady greeted all of us with her motherly greeting, "Praised be Jesus, my dear children."
After, for a while with her arms extended, she prayed over all of us here. Especially she prayed over those of you who are present who are sick. Then for a while Our Lady turned to all of us and addressed us:

"Dear children. Also today in a special way I desire to call you to accept with love the will of God. Especially I call you to pray for the sick, that they may accept their cross, and that God may be able to be glorified through them. The Mother prays for all of you, dear children. And for all of you presents you to her Son. Thank you for also tonight responding to my call."

After that Our Lady blessed all of us with her Motherly Blessing. She blessed everything that you brought to be blessed. Then I recommended all of you, your needs, your intentions, your families, and in a special way, the sick.
After that Our Lady continued to pray for a while over all of us. And in that prayer she left in the illuminated Sign of the Cross, with the words, "Go in peace, my dear children." 
(This is an approximate translation.)
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
Mary TV 2018


Ivan's Prayer Group at the Blue Cross

Ivan's prayer group at the Blue Cross (Oct. 5, 2018)
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October 5, 2018

Dear Family of Mary!

Ivan shared his encounter with Our Lady, occurring at 10pm (October 5) at the Blue Cross in Medjugorje.  Here is what he shared:

Our Lady spoke:

"My children,  also today in a special way I desire to call you in this time of grace to complete surrender to my Son. Open yourselves to Him, open your hearts  that you may be able to receive grace. I intercede for all of you before my Son.  Dear children, pray, pray, pray.  And open yourselves in prayer.  Thank you also today for having responded to my call."

Our Lady came to us also today very joyful and happy. As always she greeted all of us with her motherly greeting, "Praised be Jesus, my dear children."  For a while she prayed over all of us here with her arms extended.  She blessed all of us with her motherly blessing.

She blessed everything that you brought to be blessed. And after that she prayed for peace - for peace in the family.  And then after that she left in the illuminated sign of the Cross with the words "Go in peace, my dear children." 

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
(c)Mary TV 2018


Pastor Installation

Father Edward A. Sousa, Jr.

Father Edward Sousa was installed as the new pastor at the St. Joseph Church, Hope Street on the East Side of Providence on Sunday, Sept. 30. Auxiliary Bishop Robert C. Evans presided at the installation Mass. In his homily, Bishop Evans asked parishioners to work with Father Sousa and support him in his ministry so he can be “that good and faithful steward.” At the end of the Mass, Father Sousa briefly spoke. “I’m proud to be your pastor,” Father Sousa said.

Papal envoy compares Medjugorje to Lourdes, Fatima


There is no such thing as coincidence

As a priest, you realize there is no such thing as coincidence

God had sent me to this Mass to speak to this daughter of his who had such a great need for him.
I had woken up content and looking forward to celebrating Mass in the parish. I sprang from bed, eager to get ready and to arrive early for my appointment with Our Lord and his people.
Mass went beautifully.
At the end, some women approached me, “Father, could you hear our confessions?”
I said yes — there were only three of them — but after I’d finished hearing the confessions of the first three women, I saw more people had gotten in line, and then more and more … until three hours had passed. I was hungry, thirsty and ready for a break.
I started to head back to the seminary, content with the morning’s ministry, when another woman approached me. “You’re a priest, right? My father died yesterday and they are going to bury him today, but I haven’t been able to find a priest.”
The prayer that came to my mind was, “Lord, I see that you want me to work in your name today! I just ask that you give some peace to my stomach!”
I celebrated a Mass of Christian burial for the woman’s dad, and decided to take a taxi back to my house and finally get some breakfast, and perhaps even lie down for a bit. Though you might not realize it, celebrating two Masses and hearing three hours of confessions on an empty stomach isn’t that easy.
So with an almost childlike excitement, I readied to dig into my sandwich … and as if the world was suddenly in slow motion, a brother arrived to tell me: “They are looking for you. Father. The parish priest got sick and there’s no-one to celebrate the 1 p.m. Mass …”
My human frailty immediately began to protest and my thoughts turned in complaint to God. “But, Lord, you know that I haven’t even had breakfast! I’ll go, but afterward, give me a break … or better yet, send another priest!”
God never ceases to amaze me, because just as I finished complaining to him, I clearly felt his response: “On the day of your ordination, you told me that you offered yourself completely to me and to my people.
“Besides, go to this Mass. I have a surprise for you.”
I gobbled down my sandwich and went to celebrate another Mass, feeling, quite frankly, angry.
I went out of a sense of obligation and not because I felt any desire to go.
But as I entered the sacristy to vest, my anger started to calm down. A couple approached me and said, “Father, our daughter tried to kill herself a month ago and we have convinced her to come with us to Mass today. Please include her in your intentions.”
This must have been the surprise: God had sent me to this Mass to speak to this daughter of his who had such a great need for him. As a priest, you realize that there is no such thing as a coincidence. God himself directs our paths.
It was a marvelous moment of Providence because the Gospel of the day was just what the girl needed: “Come to meall you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.”
As I celebrated the Mass, I was convinced that it was God who had placed me there — before beginning, I had prayed before the tabernacle, asking him to speak through me. I “reminded” him that I hadn’t had breakfast, and that I was a little angry …
And the Mass was overflowing with grace. I don’t know how to explain it, but it was Jesus himself who guided it. He was the one speaking while I gave the homily. They were his words — even today I can’t describe what happened — his words were words of comfort, of caresses, of fortitude, of encouragement.
After Mass had ended, the couple approached me again, this time with their daughter. She was crying and embraced me. “Father, I so desperately needed to hear everything you said. I need God’s help so much. I have distanced myself from him. Now I just want to place myself before him, and ask him to love me and to help me go forward …”
When this young woman embraced me, I felt God’s whisper: “I needed you in this Eucharist. This is why I had you come …”
I love Our Lord — how he finds his ways to get where people need him. This young woman who tried to kill herself is now a regular at the 1 p.m. Mass. God has changed her life.
And since that day, any time that I feel tired or angry because of the excess of work, I think, “Get going. Go to Mass and live it as if it were your first and last Mass. God needs you.”
And it seems that God answers me, “Be at peace. Go. I celebrate Mass in your place. Only lend me your hands and your mouth …”
Say a prayer today for the priest of your parish. Undoubtedly, he’s also gone to celebrate a Mass or two without having had breakfast, and even feeling a little angry …


Friday, October 5 on the feast of St. Faustina Kowalska,

Holy Mass in Surmanci on the Feast of St. Faustina

On Friday, October 5 on the feast of St. Faustina Kowalska, Holy Mass will be celebrated in the church at 8 am.
Church of Divine Mercy is located in Surmanci, just along river Neretva, and each first Sunday after Easter there celebration of the Feast of Divine Mercy, while the blessing of this church built in 2002. It was one prayer group from Trento that gave to Medjugorje the icon of the Merciful Jesus, icon full of significance, since the miraculous healing that happened before this icon was one of the proofs used in the beatification of Sr. Faustina Kowalska and recognition of Devotion to the Divine Mercy, as well as institution of this Feast on the first Sunday after the Easter. This icon was in the chapel in Surmanci for the first few years and later on it was moved to this newly built church, devoted to Divine Mercy. Once faithful from all over the world discovered this place, they all began to come and pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet before this famous icon.


Medjugorje: The October 2nd, 2018 message from Our Lady

(c)Anthony Zubac

October 2, 2018

Dear Family of Mary!

The October 2nd, 2018 from Our Lady

Dear children, I am calling you to be courageous and to not grow weary, because even the smallest good-the smallest sign of love-conquers evil which is all the more visible. My children, listen to me so that good may overcome, so that you may come to know the love of my Son. This is the greatest happiness-the hands of my Son that embrace, of Him who loves the soul, of Him who has given Himself for you and is always giving Himself anew in the Eucharist, of Him who has the words of eternal life. To come to know His love, to follow in His footsteps, means to have a wealth of spirituality. This is the wealth which gives good feelings and sees love and goodness everywhere.

Apostles of my love, my children, be like the rays of the sun which with the warmth of my Son's love warm everyone around them. My children, the world needs apostles of love; the world needs much prayer, but prayer spoken with the heart and the soul and not only pronounced with the lips. My children, long for holiness but in humility, in the humility which permits my Son to do that which He desires through you.

My children, your prayers, your words, thoughts and actions-all of this either opens or closes the doors to the Kingdom of Heaven for you. My Son showed you the way and gave you hope, and I am consoling and encouraging you because, my children, I had come to know pain, but I had faith and hope. Now I have the reward of life in the Kingdom of my Son. Therefore, listen to me, have courage and do not grow weary.
Thank you.

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
Mary TV