Cardinal Schonborn, if it were not for Medjugorje our Seminaries would be empty.

Cardinal Schonborn has frequently, forthrightly, and now almost famously said "if it were not for Medjugorje our Seminaries would be empty. Half our new priests come to us directly or indirectly because of Medjugorje"

He has also spoken of the "great fruits" of Medjugorje and in his answer to the earnest young lady's question this afternoon he mentioned, not once but twice, how he sees that Medjugorje brings young people back to the Church.

So now we ask is Cardinal Schonborn hinting that the solution to the dire state of Christianity in Europe is perhaps found in Medjugorje. Is His eminence subtly encouraging us to look to Our Blessed Mother for guidance in these uncertain times and to look to Her for direction as She points us to the Way.

Is Cardinal Schonborn suggesting, perhaps not in his words but maybe in his heart that Medjugorje is, as some have said, "The Hope of the World?"

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Ed Sousa said...

Message of May 25, 2008 "Dear children! In this time of grace, when God has permitted me to be with you, little children, I call you anew to conversion. Work on the salvation of the world in a special way while I am with you. [b]God is merciful and gives special graces, therefore, seek them through prayer. I am with
you and do not leave you alone. Thank you for having responded to my call."