Jesus "told them a parable on the necessity of praying always." -Luke 18:1

Most people believe in praying, but how many believe in praying always? Even those who believe that praying always is a good idea don't always believe it's a necessity, but Jesus does.
Does your life say you believe in "the necessity of praying always"? Do you pray the first thing in the morning? Do you try to center your day on the Mass? Do you pray the Angelus? Do you pray not only for people, but with them? Do you pray daily with your spouse, family, and co-workers? Do you pray on the phone, before you go to bed, etc? With these many times of formal prayer, you will be in touch with Jesus all day even when you're busy with the day's activities and can't give Him undivided attention. Thus you will be praying always.
Praying always is a necessity, for some battles are won not only by prayer, but by praying always. For instance, Moses had to keep praying, or Joshua would not have defeated the Amalekites (Ex 17:11ff). Prayer is good, but may not be good enough. There is "the necessity of praying always."

 Father, may I not lose heart (Lk 18:1), but have the faith (see Lk 18:8) to consider it a privilege to pray always. Holy Spirit, help me to pray always.

Dear children! Today also I want to call you all to prayer. Let prayer be your life. Dear children, dedicate your time only to Jesus and He will give you everything that you are seeking. He will reveal Himself to you in fullness. Dear children, Satan is strong and is waiting to test each one of you. Pray, and that way he will neither be able to injure you nor block you on the way of holiness. Dear children, through prayer grow all the more toward God from day to day. Thank you for having responded to my call. Medjugorje message, September 25, 1987

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