Sister Muriel of Medjugorje

Sister Muriel is from Boston, MA and is a member of the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Cenacle from New York, USA.    "After forty years of doing retreat work, I had a longing desire to do mission work with the poor and destitute.  My congregation gave me permission.  In the midst of the Bosnia War in 1992 I arrived in Medugorje. During these years, things were very hectic. I found myself and pilgrims (volunteers) aiding the victims of the war. The people of this country were in desperate need of everything (medical supplies, food, clothing and shelter). Many pilgrims from Europe, United States, Australia and Canada were arriving to assist in the war effort. For many of them, I became their contact, the worker in the field. Mostar at that time was in shambles. I lived in Medugorje but did most of my work in Mostar. At the end of the war, many refugees and returnees were coming back only to find their homes completely destroyed. They needed roofs, stoves, food and clothing which I provided through the generosity of pilgrims. Our ministry is totally supported through donations from pilgrims and a few private donations from the States. The people of Ireland have been very supportive of my work. I base my ministry on Divine Providence, knowing that the good lord will provide for the work he wants me to accomplish.



Laurie Forman said...

Sister Muriel, I hope you are well! I have sent several emails and have not heard back. You are always in my prayers...Bambi

Ellen Zientara said...

Hi Sister,I love you deeply and Thank God for you in my life growing up in the Boston area, I loved the retreats in Brighton,MA. God Bless you and I am sending you love,light and peace of God and Mother Mary. Bless you,Ellen