Pope Francis Kissing and Caressing Jesus' Wounds


The image of St Francis kissing the leper has been consistently in my mind since last Thursday's celebration of Francis' Transitus. In a reflection on St Francis I gave at our celebration of the Transitus here at Bellarmine University, I mentioned how moved I've been to see Pope Francis emulate St Francis in his interactions with people, often embracing and kissing the ill and marginalized.

Last July, during one of his last morning masses before his summer vacation, Pope Francis gave a homily on the apostle Thomas and his need to touch the wounds of Christ.  I didn't notice this homily back in July, but it has since been brought to my attention.  Exceptionally beautiful, but also very challenging.  Francis here puts a mirror up to all of us, and asks us how willing we are to kiss and caress the wounds of Jesus in our wounded brothers and sisters.

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