Divine Mercy in Surmanci

The girl, later that week, was at the Divine Mercy gift shop and pointed to a picture of Saint Faustina exclaiming "that is the lady I saw.
 Who is she.
Divine Mercy in Surmanci last month, Father Petar (Peter G.), a Polish priest comes each year with a family to celebrate the healing of their epileptic son (seizures of as many as 100 times a day) seven years ago here in Medjugorje as Father was praying over him.  Father is from Jersey Island in the English Channel.   A few months ago, Father Petar celebrated the Divine Mercy Mass and prayer at the church in Surmanci and , during the services, prayed over each of the attendees.   One pilgrim, a 13 year old girl on crutches, was physically healed at this time.
  The girl says that she saw an image with a dark veil, felt warmth, saw a light, then was physically healed.  She says that she heard Jesus tell her "stay close to me".
  The documentation was left at the parish of Medjugorje (Surmanci is in the Medjugorje parish)..
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