Medjugorje: Mirjana's Annual Message

Mirjana’s Annual March 18, 2010 Message

“Dear children! Today I call you to love with all your heart and with all your soul. Pray for the gift of love, because when the soul loves it calls my Son to itself. My Son does not refuse those who call Him and who desire to live according to Him. Pray for those who do not comprehend love, who do not understand what it means to love. Pray that God may be their Father and not their Judge. My children, you be my apostles, be my river of love. I need you. Thank you.”

Mirjana added, "Our Lady was joyful. She blessed all those present and all the religious articles brought for blessing."

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Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

Our Lady tells us

“…I invite you to become missionaries of my messages, which I am giving here through this place that is dear to me…” - February 25, 1995