Incredible Photo


An amazing picture became a message of faith in Spain . This was taken at the baptism of Valentino Mora, son of Erica, a single mom of 21 who asked the photographer to take a picture of her son for free.

The photo of the baptism of Valentino Mora is sweeping the Internet, because at the time the priest pours the Holy water over his head, the water flows in the shape of a rosary (see photo above).

This story began at the Parish of the Assumption of Our Lady in Cordova , Spain , where the baptism of a one month baby took place. At the time that Valentino came to the baptismal font for the sacrament of baptism, Erica asked the photographer Maria Silvana Salles, who was hired by other parents baptizing their babies, to take a photo of her son as a favor, since the young mother had no way of paying for it. The photographer, moved by Erica's request, agreed to take a photo of Valentino.

Maria Silvana works with a traditional camera and had to send the film to be developed to a shop in Cordova. When she received the photos, she noticed with surprise that the water poured from the head of Valentino was a perfect rosary.

The photo of the baptism of Valentino has awakened faith in the people of Cordova who come to the humble home of Erica and Valentino Mora to touch him.

The truth is that this sign of faith has mobilized this town in Cordova, whose neighbors go to Maria Silvana's store to buy the picture as if it were a prayer card.


oriole said...

Has an expert looked at the negative to verify that the photo is legitimate. It is very easy to make the changes in Photoshop. I hope that it's real because it is truly extraordinary!

PRAISE GOD said...

I believe it is real. We pray the rosary all the time. My faith tells me so and I thank God for all his little miracles. John has now made over 8,000 Mother Theresa rosaries that have the five colors of the world with really pretty acrylic beads and given out to whomever Our Lady sends to us. The stories of how we meet people who are to receive the rosary is incredible. Thank you Ed for posting this.

Mary333 said...

That's incredible! I love it :)

DMFerra said...

I enlarged the photo to 800% using a photo editor like Photo Shop in order to see if the pixels in the photo were modified.

It can be seen from the 800% magnification of the photo, that this digital version of the photo has not been modified using anything like Photoshop.

I don't know if it's possible to modifiy negatives before rendering the photo output (it doesn't look like that was done either), but the digitial image itself is clearly a normal, random occurence of pixels that come from shadows and shades of light without any digital modification on this photo.