Mirjana reflects on Our Lady's October 2, apparition.

Mirjana reflects on Oct apparition

The following is part of a questions and answer session given by Mirjana at the Oasis of Peace on 3rd October 2009. I will transcribe the rest at a later date.
Q: Yesterday’s message was very serious and very sad, can you elaborate a little bit?
A: Message was very sad and you were lucky because you did not have a chance to see the expression on Our Lady’s face so that your heart breaks. Because she is mother, and as she said in one of her messages, she desires to bring all of us as the most beautiful bouquet of flowers to her Son. Once she realises that we do not see, we do not understand that, she is the way she was yesterday.
Talking about her message, I have no right to comment on the message because I received it the same way you did. Same like you, I also have to reflect on message in order to understand what it tells me.
But I would like to ask you one thing. Yesterday when I talked with some people about message, most people said ‘when shall this world change, when shall the world understand?’ but no one said ’when shall I understand, when shall I change myself?’ I am only asking from all of you to start from ourselves to see where we make mistake and what we can change. Once we change, it will be easier to change others, not always put the blame on others. We should start with ourselves.
Q: She said her heart was seizing? A: I also say that my heart seizes when I see her so sad. Our Lady had a very sad expression on her face, filled with pain because she was looking at us and we know what she was able to see within us.. - Taken from Medjugorje Forum.

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Micki said...

Such a powerful message/explanation. It's much harder to read when you see that it's not "the world" that needs to change, it is "me" Much more difficult to now do. Great post.
Thank you.