Mirjana Soldo encounters Our Lady - December 2, 2018

  (c)Anthony Zubac

December 2, 2018
First Sunday of Advent
Dear Family of Mary,

Here is the message to Mirjana Soldo of December 2nd, 2018:

Dear children! When you come to me, as to a mother, with a pure and open heart, know that I am listening to you, encouraging you, consoling you and, above all, interceding for you with my Son. I know that you desire to have a strong faith and to express it in the right way. What my Son asks of you is to have a sincere, strong and deep faith - then every way in which you express it is proper. Faith is a most wonderful mystery which is kept in the heart. It is between the Heavenly Father and all of His children; it is recognized by the fruits and by the love which one has towards all of God's creatures.

Apostles of my love, my children, have trust in my Son. Help all of my children to come to know His love. You are my hope - you who strive to sincerely love my Son. In the name of love, for your salvation, according to the will of the Heavenly Father and through my Son, I am here among you. Apostles of my love, along with prayer and sacrifice, may your hearts be illuminated with the love and the light of my Son. May that light and love illuminate all those whom you meet and bring them back to my Son. I am with you.

In a special way, I am alongside your shepherds. With my motherly love I illuminate and encourage them that, with the hands blessed by my Son, they may bless the entire world. Thank you.

Video of Mirjana apparition with Our Lady  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfLHkGsxcAQ

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
Mary TV

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Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

Glorious Virgin Mary, I long to love your Son, Jesus, the way he deserves to be loved-with the love of your Immaculate Heart.

Unite me to your Immaculate Heart so that I will be open to receive your Son with the same dispositions by which you received him.

Your Immaculate Heart is supremely gentle, steadfast, watchful-completely given over to the will of God.

Lead me out of the darkness of ignorance, free me from all selfishness and willful self-assertion, and train me in conformity with your Immaculate Heart.

Let me always trust your Immaculate Heart as a true source of grace and mercy.

In sharing in the Passion of your Son, your Immaculate Heart was pierced.

May your immaculate love embrace me in moments of suffering.

I beg to make reparation for all offenses against your Immaculate Heart as I offer you my intentions (mention your request). Amen.