Mary prepares you for you to say yes to God

Testimony of Gonzalo – Seminarian – on Medjugorje

Plotting on paper what it meant, and what Medjugorje still means in my life, is a difficult task. Because putting words into the action of God is complicated, I turn, and I find no words in the language of man to express the Love of God. To conjugate the human with the Divine is to mix poverty with Salvation and of this only Jesus Christ can speak to us. It’s putting my human misery together with your Love. I think this is a good phrase to describe what happened to me there. My human misery met with His Love, with His Kindness, with His Forgiveness … with him, with a God who loves me with madness. I met him through Mary.

I still have not assimilated that trip, what a torrent of graces I received! How many times now, in the difficulties, I cling to those moments. I like to review those days, received, received and received and I did not realize. Medjugorje is a mystery and I was focused on the secondary, Medjugorje is understood on my knees and I was on my heights. I was absorbed in my reasonings, in my doubts, in seeing signs. I was sent for work to investigate and I had read a lot about this phenomenon and I did not like anything about what was happening at Medjugorje ..  Until I went!

I was educated in the faith, thank God, although I had a youthful and agitated youth and something far away, I never stopped believing in God. A few years before the trip, I had already had my first conversion in the faith, when I made the trip I believed myself a first-rate Christian. He went to Mass every day, confessed to me weekly, prayed the Rosary every day … .etc. But, far from Jesus Christ, he was converted to works and not to God.

Describing the process within me seems impossible, but if I can say, convinced of it, that Maria called me and invited me to go. All I did was respond, and She took care of the rest. She took me to an encounter with her Son. The Virgin only wants to take us to her Son, She does not want protagonism. That is why Medjugorje is Cristocéntrico. The center of the village is the Parish, the center of the village is the Mass, are the confessional …… I was looking for other miracles, but these are the miracles that occur there. To all the pilgrims I have seen who reconcile with God through confession, and return to participate in the Eucharist to receive the Lord again after 2 years away, after 16, after 35 …… I have testimonies of all kinds . What a feast for the universal Church!

I have seen so many friends change their lives, with a sincere, real,, lasting conversion in years, I encourage everyone to go. Medjugorje is a gift, is to go to the house of the Mother. It is the people of the Virgin, so what to fear ?. She only wants our good, but our Good with capital letters, and that Good is her Son. When someone meets Jesus Christ, only joy and peace is possible. She prepares you to say yes to God, thanks to Mary I was able to welcome and respond to the call to the priesthood that had troubled me for so many years. There were 13 years of great struggles and say No to vocation. 20 days after the trip to Medjugorje I said yes to God and I saw clearly all the times that he had called me throughout my life. Mary prepares you for you to say yes to God. Yes, to form a family, yes, to the priestly vocation, yes, to consecrate yourself to him, yes to … .. She said the most important Yes in the history of mankind, Mary is your mother and will know how to do it. She wants you to count on God in every detail of your life, ask for help.

Going to Medjugorje is a party prepared by your Mother. Are you going to miss it?  source--Mystic Post

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