Statue Glowing in Medjugorje

Received this E-mail from a friend Maureen who is now in Medjugorje and has seen the statue of Our Lady in Vicka's house that is glowing. Her comment.  E.A.S.

This was something wonderful to see!  As we waited in line with thousands of other pilgrims and villagers last night here in Medjugorje the anticipation was amazing.  On entering the room and being in darkness the statue of Our Lady was glowing in beautiful radiance!   Her messages have enlightened our minds and our hearts for over 32 years now, but tonight we saw the light of her love with our eyes!   This has attracted thousands and I have tried to think of how it was in the first days of the apparitions with thousands arriving!    Thank you, Gospa, for your love for us!

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