Man Saw Mary in Hospital Near Medjugorje

by Jakob Marschner on Sep 21, 2013

80 years old Salko Balavac, a Muslim, had never been to Medjugorje when he had a vision of the Virgin Mary floating in the air above St. James Church while in hospital in nearby Mostar on September 13. His memory, appetite and eyesight have all returned, and he says his life was changed.

salko balavac muslim sees virgin mary our lady mostar hospital
Salko Balavac. Photo: Dnevni List

Medjugorje was never too much on the mind of Salko Balavac, an 80 years old Muslim from nearby Stolac. Until September 13 when, in severe pain, he had been admitted to the hospital in Mostar. What happened to him that Friday has changed his life, he says.

“I was lying in the room, I could not move. At the window was a patient who had come in the evening and was in great pain, constantly invoking Jesus. I had my eyes cIosed but I saw a doctor and a nurse walk up to him” Salko Balavac tells the Mostar-based newspaper Dnevni List.

st james church medjugorje
St James Church in Medjugorje

“As I was lying there, I suddenly saw the church in Medjugorje which I had previously only seen on television. The towers of the church were enlightened like gold, and between them was a young woman like a Barbie doll. She was in a pink and white dress and you could not get enough of how beautiful she was.”

According to Salko Balavac, the Virgin Mary then ascended into the air and headed for Mostar, saying: “I am going to save people.”

“When the lady came down and looked at the people, she said: “The barricades are down”. Again she ascended and returned at high speed to the point between the towers and disappeared” he tells.

“That Friday I jumped out of bed as if I am healthy, my appetite returned, and although I have had problems with my memory, I now remember names and people with ease. And most amazing of all, I have such an eyesight.”
Source  http://www.medjugorjetoday.tv/

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