Gianni and the Italian Woman

Gianni and the Italian Woman
By June Klins
    When I was in Medjugorje last year, our wonderful tour guide, Ana Sego, shared some interesting stories with us.  One  story  she shared was about a man named Gianni. Ana said that Gianni goes every night to Apparition Hill to pray, although Gianni came to Medjugorje a few years back as an atheist. He had not been to church for 30 years! During his first time in Medjugorje, he would not even enter the church. He was in the bars drinking the whole time.  Then he came a second time to Medjugorje just to appease a friend.  The priest from the group said to him, "Gianni, you cannot be in the bar the whole time. Come with us to Apparition Hill to pray."  So Gianni went with them, and he had an extraordinary experience while on Apparition Hill. 
   Many years back, Gianni had argued with his mother and had not talked to her for a few years. When his mother died in 1967, Gianni did not even go to her funeral!  Gianni suffered for this.  While he was on Apparition Hill  that day with the group, Gianni saw his mother appear before him. She asked him, "Dear son, would you like to pray with me?” Gianni stood up and embraced his mother. Gianni was converted.
   So now, when Gianni goes every night to Apparition Hill, he goes there to pray. He saw his mother only once, but he believes that she waits for him there. And Gianni is now a happy person because he has started a new life with Christ.
   Another beautiful testimony Ana related is from an Italian woman.  Out of the blue, Ana asked the woman, "Did you experience anything in Medjugorje?"  She said she did, but not this time. She said, "I came for the first time to Medjugorje in October of 1983, and one evening I decided to go to Cross Mountain. I don't know how, but I got separated from my group. I finished my prayers, I started going down, but it was impossible. I did not have a flashlight, and then it started to rain.  I begged God to help me." Suddenly she felt two strong hands on her shoulders, and these people helped her to get down.
   In the morning, the Italian lady was talking with her group and she exclaimed, "What service they have on Cross Mountain – when you can't get down, they carry you!“  They told her that there's no such service there at all.  Then she started to think – these persons did not have a flashlight, but on the sides of the Way of the Cross –  on the most difficult parts of the Way of the Cross –  they carried her. She remembered that she did not touch the ground, so she concluded that those people were angels – that God sent them to help her.
   Ana said that this woman was a big, tall woman and it would have been hard to carry her, so the lesson of this story is that when your cross is too heavy and you cannot hold it, Jesus will carry you in His arms – or send angels to carry you! 
Source of this article   http://www.spiritofmedjugorje.org/

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Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

Thank you Ed. I had a similar story as the woman that was carried, but in Lourdes. The stations of the cross are on a very high hill and all over it. I had difficulty breathing up there between the walking and the air that day that I could not go on. Everyone was passing me. I was asked if I wanted to be taken off as there were many stations for help. I didn't want to. I only had a few to go but just couldn't do it. All of a sudden I could breath and got a new surge of energy and was passing people ahead of me all the way to the end. They were praying for me and when they saw me they were happy. I could hardly feel my legs under me. It was one of the miracles I had there.