Pope Francis to Catholic Charismatic Renewal: Tell Them I Love Them Very Much

Rome, (Zenit.org) Rocio Lancho Garcia |

On Saturday, Archbishop Rino Fisichella, president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization, celebrated the Eucharist that ended the second day of the Rimini Fair of the 36th National Assembly of Catholic Charismatic Renewal. After the sign of the cross, Archbishop Fisichella gave an unexpected message, which was received with joy by the 15,000 present: an affectionate greeting from Pope Francis.
“Before beginning this celebration, I bring you a greeting. Before I left this morning, I was with Pope Francis, and I told him: “Holy Father, I have to leave soon. I’m going to Rimini where there are thousands upon thousands of faithful of the Charismatic Renewal: men, women and young people.” With a great smile, the Pope said: “Tell them that I love them very much!” Upon leaving the Holy Father, Archbishop Fisichella recounted, the Holy Father added: “Look, tell them that I love them very much because I was responsible for Charismatic Renewal in Argentina, and that’s why I love them very much.”
During the homily, Archbishop Fisichella addressed the faithful with affectionate words, thanking them for the great work of the New Evangelization “which you have been carrying out for some time” but which now, “with the National Plan for the New Evangelization which has been given to you, calls for the commitment of all of you and which, from this moment, becomes the compass with which to work and act in the heart of the Church.”

In a brief and very concrete homily, the president of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization spoke primarily of the endeavor of the New Evangelization and of Jesus as the Teacher, who accompanies us and does not abandon us in a world in which often the Christian must go against the current.
He continued adding that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, the “revelation” that indicates the path that God has designed for us. “Thomas’ question is ours: Lord, you are the way, but how can we know it?” he asked.
“The secret of our existence, the full realization of happiness, lies in the degree that we know God’s plan for us and that we put it into practice. However, what the heart understands does not always finds its full and concrete realization.”
This “realization” can only come about in Christ, who never leaves us alone, he added. “The journey enables us to know who we are, where we are going, and point out the end. The New Evangelization  calls us to make our own the certainty of faith, to found our life on Jesus.” Therefore, our witness cannot lack the proclamation of hope, of the resurrection which opposes the tendency to the culture of death, in which the lack of God robs us of prospects and orientation to the future. “We must become pilgrims: He, Jesus, is the end. And in this end we must find ourselves.”

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Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

The Holy Spirit Is Not Subdued
Pope Francis Full text: OsservatoreRomano

We want to tame the Holy Spirit. And that is wrong. Because He is God, and He is the wind that comes and goes and you do not know where. He is the power of God, what gives us consolation and strength to move forward. But move forward! And this bothers you. Comfort is more beautiful…

[It seems] we are all content [in the presence of the Holy Spirit]. It is not true. This temptation is still [present] today. Just one example: we think the Council. The Council was a beautiful work of the Holy Spirit. Think of Pope John: he seemed a good pastor, and he was obedient to the Holy Spirit, and he did that. But after 50 years, have we done everything that the Holy Spirit said to us in the Council? In the continuity of the growth of the Church which was the Council?

No, we celebrate this anniversary, we make a monument, but that does not bother us. We do not want to change. What is more: there are voices that want to go back. This is called being stubborn, this is called wanting to tame the Holy Spirit, this is called becoming fools and slow of heart.

"Even in our personal lives," the Pope added, "the Spirit prompts us to take a more evangelical path."

"Do not resist the Holy Spirit," he continued. "It is the Spirit that makes us free, with that freedom of Jesus, with the freedom of the children of God!"

Pope Francis concluded, "Do not resist the Holy Spirit: this is the grace that I wish all of us asked the Lord: the docility to the Holy Spirit, the Spirit that comes to us and makes us go forward in the way of holiness, the holiness of Church which is so beautiful. The grace of docility to the Holy Spirit. So be it."