American Testifies To Vicka's Bilocations

by Jakob Marschner

In a fully conscious state, Scott Lannin from Michigan saw Medjugorje visionary Vicka Ivankovic-Mijatovic smiling at him five years ago in his hospital room. Told by his wife, his testimony is the first public one about Vicka’s bilocations that the seer says she is not aware of herself.

medjugorje visionary seer veggente vicka ivankovic mijatovic bilocation gift testimony story barbara scott lannin howell michigan 2006 hospital
Vicka in a pink golf jersey like the one Scott Lannin says she wore when he saw her in his hospital room

Medjugorje pilgrim Scott Lannin from Howell, MI, got a major surprise when he was in hospital five years ago. He told his wife he was visited by visionary Vicka Ivankovic-Mijatovic.

Vicka’s alleged gift of bilocation was rumoured for years before she first talked about it in public, saying in a new book that she has heard people tell her such stories, but can neither confirm nor deny them.

Scott Lannin and his wife Barbara had been in Medjugorje two years earlier when his mysteruous encounter with Vicka took place.

barbara scott lannin medjugorje visionary seer vicka ivankovic mijatovic gift bilocation bilocate michigan mi 2008
Barbara and Scott Lannin renewing their vows in May 2009, three years after Scott’s experience

“While in the hospital either in May or June of 2008 Scott was in the hospital for either his knee or his hip replacement. He has had over 20 surgeries since 1994. He has received The Last Rites many times” Barbara Lannin tells Medjugorje Today.

“On this particular night the people who took us to Medjugorje in 2006 came to visit Scott. When it was time for them to leave, I walked with them to the elevators and then came back to his room.  It was very strange because there should have been several nurses at the nurses station which was right at Scott’s door but there was no one around.”

scott lannin testimony medjugorje visionary seer vicka ivankovic mijatovic bilocated ivan dragicevic
Scott Lannin with Medjugorje visionary Ivan Dragicevic in March 2009

“I went back into his room and sat in the chair next to him. He said to me, “Did you see her?” I said “who?”, he said “Vicka” and I said “what are you talking about?.” And again he said “Vicka, the visionary from Medjugorje! She was right here in the doorway of the room smiling at me. She had on a pink golf shirt and she was smiling at me. She didn’t say a word she just kept smiling at me” says Barbara Lannin.

She further tells Medjugorje Today that her husband was not a Catholic, and that she had “fallen away from the Church” when they went to Medjugorje in 2006.

“The experience changed both of our lives forever. I came back to the Catholic Church and he became a Catholic. Today I belong to two Medjugorje prayer groups, and we spread the word about Medjugorje every time we get the chance.”    Source-  http://www.medjugorjetoday.tv/

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