by Jakob Marschner

The Medjugorje seers are only a means to communicate a message, and so they are no more important than the pilgrims who basically have the same role, says visionary Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo. The privileged people are the priests, adds the seer who says the key is in opening the heart.

medjugorje visionary seer mirjana dragicevic soldo july 12 2012
Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo, July 2012. Photo: Daniel Miot, guardacon.me

Ascribing too much importance to visionaries can prevent some people from seeing that they are just as important themselves, and have many opportunities in spite of not being seers, Medjugorje visionary Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo says in a so far un-translated August 2012 interview with the Italian online magazine Io Acqua e Sapone.

“You do not need visionaries, all you need is an open heart, because the Blessed Virgin says: “Open your heart, and I will be with you.” We seers are only a means, we must only say what God wants to say through our Mother, but you have the same importance, as apostles for our Mother and in bringing this with you into your homes and cities” Mirjana says.

medjugorje visionary seer veggente mirjana dragicevic soldo apparition apparizione january gennaio 2 2012
Mirjana’s most recent apparition, on January 2

The visionary tells she has plenty of examples, and that these examples highlight the importance of opening the heart by means of prayer and fasting, and asking the Virgin Mary to help:

“After the apparitions on the second day of every month, I have seen many people who came to me to say they had been healed, and they had come to know the love of God. I did not know those people, I did not ask anything for them, but they had their hearts open and asked for their Mother’s help, and she interceded for them with her Son. I tell you this to let you know how much you need our Mother” Mirjana says.

medjugorje seer visionary veggente mirjana mirjana dragicevic soldo july luglio 12 2012
Mirjana in July 2012. Photo: Daniel Miot, guardacon.me

“When Our Lady asks us to fast and to pray the Rosary, it is not because she needs our rosaries or our fasting, but because we need this. Because in this way our heart opens more and more, and the more we see, and so we see the problems of our friend who is carrying a big cross, and we see who needs bread.”

“But this is only when our heart is open. It is useless to pray and fast if you close your eyes when you see someone who needs help and do nothing” says the seer.

“So even if it is just a little, our prayer is good, because we are on a good road and Our Lady will help us. She opens up her heart, she teaches us how to pray stronger, and with the heart. You just have to go and ask the Virgin Mary to help you.”

medjugorje visionary seer veggente mirjana dragicevic soldo greets priest
Mirjana greeting a priest, the only kind of people the visionary receognizes as privileged. “There are the times we are living in now, and there will be the time of the Triumph of the Heart of our Mother. Between these two times, there is a bridge, and that bridge is our priests” she says

If the visionaries are not particularly privileged people, another group is actually set apart and special, says Mirjana:

“As I understand it by looking at the messages, if someone are privileged for our Mother, it is our priests. She says: “They do not need your judgment or your criticism, but your prayers and your love, for God will judge them for how they were as priests, but He will judge you for your behavior with the priests.” Our Lady wants for us that we are recognized for love, only God can judge” she says.

“I am sorry that I cannot tell you more about everything that Our Lady is preparing in all these years, but I can tell you one thing: there are the times we are living in now, and there will be the time of the Triumph of the Heart of our Mother.”

“Between these two times, there is a bridge, and that bridge is our priests. That is why Our Lady insists so much on prayer for them, because that bridge must be very strong to ensure that everyone can pass. Our Lady said: “With them, I will triumph.”
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