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The routine for the monthly message given through visionary Marija has changed little in the past 31-plus years. The Blessed Virgin appears, offers the usual greeting of ‘Praise be to Jesus”, and then gives another profound message meant for all of her children.
There have been a few exceptions to this script. The most notable was when Father Slavko died on November 24, 2000; the message the next day, November 25th, ended with an extraordinary salute to the charismatic priest who served so valiantly at the site. Our Lady said, “today, your brother Slavko has been reborn into heaven and intercedes for you.”

On this Christmas day, there was another change—even more dramatic.

Usually on Christmas, the Virgin appears in a beautiful gown of white with gold trim and is holding the infant Jesus. She then gives the message. On this day, she again came in the beautiful dress and again with the infant Jesus in her arms—but she did not give a message. In a startling change, the newborn Christ child spoke.

Imagine a newborn child speaking as an adult. Comprehend, if you will, the meaning of His few but powerful words. This is what our baby Jesus said:
“I am your peace; live My Commandments.”
Afterwards, Marija said that Our Lady and little Jesus blessed us.

So, what are we to make of this shocking revelation? Is it a marked change in the apparitions? One experienced commentator, known only as “Bluecross” at his personal request, had this to say: “My personal feeling is that this change heralds the approach of the end of Our Lady’s messages as we have been used to all these years. We may be about to enter a new phase of the Medjugorje phenomenon.”

The same internet organization, medjugorjetoday.tv, who published the comments from Bluecross asked me to comment on what I thought the message meant, if anything out of the ordinary. This is what I said: “I agree that it is a clear sign that Medjugorje’s first part is near completion. As to the meaning, yes, time is short. We have been given an extraordinary grace of nearly 32 years of direct teachings from Heaven. Jesus is definitely appealing directly to those of us who have accepted His grace, to pray with great intensity for those who have not yet discovered the love of God.”

This is my belief. This is what my new book, Medjugorje: The Last Apparition focuses on throughout its 259 pages. Medjugorje is composed of two major parts: the active apparitions and the start of the ten secrets and its aftermath. The fact that we have been given all of this time to convert is pure grace from God.

Over the years, our unidentified Bluecross has shown a specialty at locating the Bible passages that the Virgin paraphrases in her Medjugorje messages. On Christmas Day, he soon tied the Christ Child’s surprising Medjugorje message “I am your peace, live My Commandments” to Jesus’farewell discourse to His disciples (John 13-14). He states, “Jesus speaking in this way echoes His farewell discourse in John’s Gospel when he says: “Peace I bequeath to you, My own peace I give you, a peace the world cannot give, this is My gift to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid.” (John 14 : 27) Elsewhere in the discourse He says: ‘If you love Me, you will keep my Commandments’ (John 14:15)”

Read these passages of Scripture several times. You will understand what Bluecross is saying through these quotations. He continued: “The start of the discourse begins: “My little children, I shall not be with you much longer” (John 13 :33). In fact, the whole of the discourse can be viewed as a summary of all that Our Lady has been teaching us these past 31 years. (John 13 : 33-38, and chapters 14 to 17).

Somewhere in the coming months, the Vatican Commission formed to investigate the apparitions will make a formal announcement on its findings. In all probability they will likely state that the apparitions cannot be declared supernatural; nor can they be declared non-supernatural. In other words, the situation is the same as it has been since the 1993 ruling from the former Yugoslavia Bishop’s Conference.

However, precedence has already been broken many times concerning these incredible apparitions. It is not totally ruled out that a positive, unprecedented ruling declaring them to be supernatural could be made, even while they continue to occur.

In the long run, whether a positive or negative declaration is made concerning the apparitions, the major message for all of us is to repent, to convert and to live as a child of God.
May the love, peace and grace of Jesus be with each of us.

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