The Vigin Mary Returns To Her Base Camp

By Jakob Marschner

When Jesus preached in Sidon, the Virgin Mary waited for her Son in a cave in Maghdouche, in south-western Lebanon. On November 17 she returned to the site after almost 2,000 years, appearing to Medjugorje seer Ivan Dragicevic in front of three bishops and more than 4,000 people.

shrine our lady awaiting virgin mary apparition medjugorje visionary ivan dragicevic maghdouche lebanon november 17 2012
The grotto at The Shrine of Our Lady of the Awaiting in Maghdouche, Lebanon, where the Virgin Mary waited for Jesus to return from public preaching in Sidon. On November 17, the Virgin Mary came back, though above the ground, during her apparition to Medjugorje seer Ivan Dragicevic

Saturday saw the Virgin Mary coming back to a place where she spent time on earth. Her 8 minutes long apparition to Medjugorje visionary Ivan Dragicevic took place in the Shrine of Our Lady of the Awaiting in Maghdouche, Lebanon, a place venerated by locals as a historical resting place of Mary’s since the early Christian era.

During the Virgin Mary’s time on earth, the place was a cave where she waited for Jesus to return from His public preaching in Sidon, according to tradition shared by the Maronite and Greek Catholic churches, the two main Christian churches in the area. At Ivan’s apparition, both were represented with bishops, one Maronite and two Greek Catholic. More than 40 priests were present, and more than 4,000 people.

medjugorje visionary ivan dragicevic veggente apparition apparizione maghdouche lebanon november 17 2012
Some of the more than 4,000 people gathered in Maghdouche, Lebanon, for Ivan’s apparition

“I believe the Virgin wanted to appear here because she wants to tell us that she is waiting for us to come back home – to the Church. Just like she, in her life, was waiting here for Jesus to come back home” says Charbel Maroun, the president of the Marian Movement of Lay People in Galilee.

During the apparition, the Virgin Mary gave the message “Dear children, I ask you to pray for peace. Pray with me for peace, peace. Thank you for responding to my call.” While in front of the visionary, Mary also prayed in her native language, Aramaic, an occurrence that takes place from time to another, as previously testified to by visionary Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti.

medjugorje seer visionary ivan dragicevic apparition apparition testimony maghdouche lebanon november 17 2012
Ivan giving his testimony in Maghdouche on November 17

In his talk, Ivan said that the Virgin Mary loves all her children, that she is the Mother of all, and that her love for Christians, Muslims, and Druze is the same. Muslims, too, were present at Ivan’s apparition. The theme was repeated in the sermon by Greek Catholic Archbishop Elie Bechara Haddad of Sidon:

“Our Lady loves us as we are, from wherever we come, and whoever we are, Christians, Muslims, Druze. She calls us ‘my children’ which means all her children, not only the Christians. Even if we do not see her, she is seeing us all” the Archbishop said.

Greek Catholic Archbishop Elie Bechara Haddad of Sidon

“The world has noticed that huge and special graces are granted from Medjugorje. Let us recognize and admit that the Spirit is working in Medjugorje. Today our country needs Mary more than any time before” Archbishop Haddad continued.

Mass was celebrated outside the church of the shrine from where the hills of Galilee can be seen. Many mayors and other Lebanese local politicians were present.

“We hope that they will listen to Mary’s message, and start working for peace” Charbel Maroun tells Medjugorje Today.
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