Mary Over The Storms

Three signs 10 days apart: Mary over the storms
Fr Jordi Rivero
Oct. 21, 2012: Sanctuary of Lourdes, France: Flooded. Mary over waters.
Oct. 30, 2012: Queens NY, flood and fire. Mary statue untouched.
Oct. 31, 2012: Basilica of Lujan, Arg., major Marian shrine in S.A., flooded

Lourdes Shrine, France: Oct 21, 2012

Queens N.Y.: Oct 30, 2012
Basilica of Lujan, Argentina: Oct 31, 2012
Can we see the signs of the times?
Lourdes, Oct 21. A catastrophic flood, the biggest since 1937, forced the closing of the sanctuary of Lourdes. The place the Immaculate had transformed from garbage dump into a place of grace and incomparable beauty, was covered with mud and debris. Mary's most visited sanctuary in Europe laid in desolation, yet Mary stood safe on the rock where she appeared to St. Bernadette, overlooking the murky waters with her hands folded in prayer. The Immaculate is also the Sorrowful Mother that comes to save her lost children.
Queens NY, Oct 29. Only 8 days later, Northeast USA is hit by Sandy, the biggest superstorm ever experienced there. It flooded populated areas including sections of NY city. At Breezy Point, the "Catholic Heart of NY", in the the borough of Queens, flood damage was compounded with a fire in the middle of the night. Neighbors lamented: "What is not flooded is burning" Entire blocks were leveled. Yet a statue of the Blessed Mother remained intact in her niche with her arms extended as channels of God's grace. There was no one on sight to receive those graces but the scene of Mary amidst the ruins appeared in the New York Times, The Washington Post and many others. Many saw it. But do they really understand or is it just a nice photo opportunity?

Lujan, Argentina, Oct 31. 10 days after the flood at Lourdes, flood waters surround the Basilica of Our Lady of Lujan in Argentina. The news reports say: "They cannot explain why the water level does not go down... The river is behaving in a strange manner... there are entire fields and neighborhoods under water" >>>
How much our Mother desires that we open our hearts to God's grace! How many warnings and apparitions! But since our hearts are hardened and we refuse to believe, God is making the spiritual reality visible to our eyes. The Blessed Mother's presence untouched by the powers of destruction is a powerful message: She is the refuge of sinners. Mother comes to take her children to safety. The Immaculate is victorious over evil. We are only safe with her. Natural disasters remind us that we are not gods, they offer an opportunity to repent from our pride and return with Mary to God.
"Hail Mary, mother of God pray for us sinners!" -Catholics pray these words every day. But how many realize that we are truly lost without her? A new TV program flaunts that: "We are in 2012 and everything goes". How foolish and blind we have become! We are entering a huge spiritual storm where many are being lost, but at the end The Immaculate Heart will triumph and her faithful children with her. Let us turn our lives to Mary and enter with her into Jesus Crucified. Let us reach out to bring as many as we can! Mother, pray for us sinners! Lift us up from the floods of confusion, immorality and heresy of our troubled times! As you have done throughout the ages, guide your children to bring back to Christ!


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Oct. 21, 2012: Sanctuario de Lourdes, Francia: María sobre las aguas.
Oct. 30, 2012: Queens NY, inundación y fuego. Estatua de María intacta.
Oct. 31, 2012: Basilica de Lujan, Arg., en medio de las aguas.

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