Dear Family of Mary!

  Podium shot of Marija at Notre Dame
      Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti speaks at Notre Dame, Nov. 15, 2012
(c)Mary TV 2012 
November 19, 2012

Dear Family of Mary!

"I invite you to call on everyone to pray the Rosary. With the rosary you shall overcome all the adversities which Satan is trying to inflict on the Catholic Church. All you priests, pray the Rosary! Dedicate your time to the Rosary!" (This message Our Lady gave in response to the question of Marija Pavlovic: "Our Lady, what do you wish to recommend to priests?") (June 25, 1985 -Tuesday)

Twenty five years ago Marija asked Our Lady this question, "Our Lady, what do you wish to recommend to priests?" The answer? "Pray the Rosary. Dedicate time to the Rosary!!!"

This same Marija spoke to us last Thursday evening, November 15, 2012, and shared about the early days of the apparitions, and how Our Lady taught the visionaries to pray the Rosary. Here are her words (I tried to carefully transcribe Marija's remarkable English!):

In the first days: Our program became every day more big, more large, more prayer.
Every day we celebrated Holy Mass like Christmas day, with long sermons, with long prayers, with joyful songs, because we were so happy that Our Lady is with us. And when she asked something of us we answered immediately. Our joy became the joy like when a baby is happy. Day by day we became more in love with Our Lady and she became more in love with us.  
And she said she was coming in Medjugorje with the name of Queen of Peace, because man is not happy without peace in the heart. And Our Lady said there are many people who do not have peace in the heart, peace in the family, peace in work. So Our Lady asked us to pray for God's peace, in the heart, in our family, in our nation, in the whole world, because through prayer, peace comes over every one of us.
This is the way we began to pray. And our prayer in the beginning was so little. We knew little prayers. But with big joy and our whole heart we prayed. And Our Lady began to give us messages. She said "Pray with the heart. Pray and when you pray, prayer will become a joy for you." And we, especially we visionaries - Mirjana, Jakov, Ivan, Vicka, Ivanka, - we tried every day to say thank you to God for the presence of Our Lady among us. And every day we prayed more. More Our Father's....more Hail Marys....more Glory Bes, because these prayers we knew.
The Rosary we didn't know. But Our Lady said one day. "The most beautiful prayer to pray was the Rosary. When you pray the Rosary, your heart is opened. And in response I will pray to my Son Jesus for you. And I will give you grace." So we began to learn the Rosary, the mysteries. In the beginning the Joyful mysteries and after the Sorrowful and after the Glorious.
Pope John Paul II, who is Totus Tuus, who was the Holy Father (who was Our Holy Father when we were young at the beginning of the apparitions of Our Lady), sent his Rosary to us, and he sent a message through the priests and bishop, saying "I am with you on this day, and you pray for me when you are with Our Lady." And we know that the Holy Father, John Paul II is so strong! And many times when we would hear Our Lady speak, the Holy Father would be speaking the same thing. (Marija Pavlovic Lunetti. Notre Dame, Indiana. November 15, 2012)

How beautiful! Marija admits that she didn't know the Rosary when Our Lady first appeared. But, little by little, Our Lady led them to begin to pray. First they prayed "little" prayers, Our Fathers, Hail Marys and Glory bes. But then she moved them into the Rosary. And not only did she encourage them to pray the Rosary, but Blessed John Paul II also asked them to pray the Rosary, by sending them his own rosary! What a confirmation! The Pope and Our Lady both requesting the prayer of the Rosary from the visionaries!

I am amazed that Blessed John Paul would send them his Rosary and ask them to pray for him to Our Lady when she came to them. That is incredible! Truly incredible.

And it is amazing that the very things Our Lady would speak to the visionaries about would be the things that Blessed John Paul II would speak about to the Church. The Holy Spirit was speaking through these two clear and pure channels to us, speaking words of healing, of truth, of hope and of love. Incredible!!!

I look forward to transcribing more of Marija's talk. But hopefully the video will be up on our website soon, for all to hear. We need to hear from Marija. She is a witness to hope, very much like Blessed John Paul II. Marija even said that she had been chosen by God, through Our Lady, to come to Notre Dame to give us hope. That she did!

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan

  Marija sees Our Lady at Notre Dame
 (c)Mary TV 2012
Marija has encountered Our Lady for 31 years!   

PS.  Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was not able to travel to Sacramento last weekend for the Northern California Marian Conference.  I am sorry to have missed it, and to have missed seeing many of your who were there.  But my prayers were with you all, and Our Lady put me to work here at home.  Praise God!

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