Daily Grace: Holy Hour

Daily Grace: Holy Hour: Each day I want to spend an hour That's given just to You. To let Your light come shine on me To show what's good and true. ...


Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

Holy Hour.
During this hour, I tried to meditate on the Lord's Passion. But my soul was filled with joy, and suddenly I saw the Child Jesus. But His majesty penetrated me to such an extent that I said, "Jesus, You are so little, and yet I know that You are my Creator and Lord." And Jesus answered me, I am, and I keep company with you as a child to teach you humility and simplicity.

I gathered all my sufferings and difficulties into a bouquet for Jesus for the day of our perpetual betrothal. Nothing was difficult for me, when I remembered it was for my Betrothed as proof of my love for Him.

Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska, 184

Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

A Holy Hour of adoration is so powerful that many souls in the world, that were going to Hell, instead are graced enough to be in the hands of God and on their way to Heaven. This revelation, about any Holy Hour of adoration, was given by our Lord to Blessed Dina Belanger during one of the many Holy Hours she made.

Not only are all people in the word graced because of a Holy Hour, but many are so graced that their whole life is turned completely around as to be on their way to Heaven. Just think, if we had not made a Holy Hour this very day, this may not have happened for many people and may not happen during their entire life. Our Holy Hour may be the only chance for Heaven that many in the world have.