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Vicka on Our Lady's Mission in Dublin
By Fr. Ronan Murphy
      In 1991, before entering seminary, I felt the call to go to Medjugorje, the first of many such visitations there, especially as a priest. 
     In 1992, whilst returning from the International Cenacle of the Marian Movement of Priests in San Marino, I was collecting my luggage in Dublin Airport, Ireland. The airport, I remember, was packed with people especially with foreign students who had just arrived in the country in order to spend the summer months learning the English language. I distinctly remember whilst waiting for my luggage to come out, saying to Our Lady in the silent recess of my heart, "Mother, are you pleased with the Cenacle I have just made?" At that moment, and the only way to describe it, everyone in the airport disappeared before my very eyes.
Fr. Ronan Murphy in Medjugorje in 2016
Fr. Ronan Murphy in Medjugorje in 2016
And I found myself alone with a young woman in front of me, smiling radiantly at me. The feeling I experienced was one of peace. Just then I heard a sweet voice interiorly which I believe was the voice of the Blessed Mother say, "My Child, I am very happy with the Cenacle you have made and all the graces I have obtained for you". Simultaneous to the voice, I became aware of the identity of the young woman being Vicka, the visionary from Medjugorje, whom I had seen during my first visit there in 1991. I spoke once again to Our Lady interiorly, saying, "Mother do you want me to speak to her?" And the sweet voice once again replied, "No, this is my confirmation to you, a confirmation of Medjugorje and my Marian Movement of Priests". At that, Vicka disappeared from before me and all present in the airport appeared once again, as if I came out of an altered state and back to reality. I thank Our Lady for gracing me with this spiritual or mystical experience, confirming me to the authenticity of Medjugorje and the Marian Movement of Priests and with other such experiences which have assisted me in my vocation to and in the priesthood. Ad Jesus per Miriam. 
     Editor's note: When Fr. Murphy sent us his story, he added, "I am a priest of the Camden Diocese, NJ., ordained May 13th, 2000, on the feast of Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament." He is originally from Dublin.

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Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

Prayer for Priests
O Jesus, our great High Priest, hear my humble prayers on behalf of Thy priests. Give them deep faith, a bright and firm hope and a burning love which will ever increase in the course of their priestly life. In their loneliness, comfort them. In their sorrows, strengthen them. In their frustrations, point out to them that they are needed by the Church; they are needed by souls; they are needed for the work of redemption.

O Loving Mother Mary, Mother of Priests, take to your heart your sons who are close to you because of their priestly ordination and because of the power which they have received to carry on the work of Christ in a world which needs them so much. Be their comfort, be their joy, be their strength, and especially help them to live and to defend the ideals of consecrated celibacy. Amen. (John J. Cardinal Carberry)