Archbishop Hoser Celebrates Mass in Medjugorje!

Special envoy of the Pope, Archbishop Hoser

Archbishop Hoser Celebrates Mass in Medjugorje!

On April 1st, the whole parish of Medjugorje could witness an exceptional event!  After almost 36 years of apparitions, the special envoye of the Pope, Archbishop Hoser, has celebrated the international evening mass at St. James!  We were all wondering what he would say in his homily. It was beyond our expectation!  Mgr. Hoser actually meant to not only encourage us, but to comfort us!  He spoke (in French) about the presence of the Queen of Peace. You may listen to an extract of his homily by clicking here:

Here are the most striking words he said:
"This worship, which is so intense here, is extremely important and necessary for the entire world.... Let us pray for peace, because today the destructive forces are immense... It takes an intervention from Heaven. Now, the presence of the Holy Virgin, this is an intervention! It is an initiative from God! Therefore, I would like to encourage you and comfort you as the special envoy of the Pope...!"

If you want to listen to the whole homily, you may click here: 

This phrase was followed with a very strong applause. Many were weeping for joy (and I was too!).

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