Marija in Lebanon!

Sr. Emmanuel+


From October 8th to 13th, the  visionary Marija Pavlovic went to Lebanon on a private visit, but also on a mission. Her Lebanese friends acquired a piece of land to build the City "To You, Mary". Through Marija they wanted the Blessed Mother to bless and consecrate the place that is intended for Her, in Ghazir, the village of Blessed Father Jacques Haddad. Before and after each apparition, the people present took advantage of the occasion to consecrate themselves to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, as well as their families, their country, and especially the project of the future City of Mary. Many graces were received. Our Blessed Mother visited, touched and consoled many hearts, according to witnesses. Marija prayed for the City, that will be a place of prayer, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, consecration, listening and continuing formation open to all, for Lebanon and Syria. Marija said 
that she felt an urgent need to go to this region that has been suffering for years. She listened to the sufferings of the Syrians from the local prayer group and the Lebanese. She is happy to have fulfilled that mission and she hopes to go back.  

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