The most important is that we have Holy Spirit with us..

Priest from Poland: „Međugorje is a blessed place “

date: 27.02.2016.
Many pilgrims choose this quiet time to come to Medjugorje for more peaceful pilgrimage. So recently we had groups from France, England, Hungary, Korea, Italy, Spain, the United States and Poland. Fr. Krystian Strycharski was our guest at the radio Mir, and he has been a priest for 4 years and belongs to the parish of Divine Providence from Wilanow. He came now with a group of pilgrims, but it was 17 years ago when he came for the first time: “I came for New Year’s Eve, we spent those days in prayer and in praise and ever since then, I come here every year. The most important is that we have Holy Spirit with us, this is the place of peace and whenever I am here, I feel presence and protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary. When I come here I try to deepen my relationship with Jesus. I climb Cross Mountain and I pray Way of the Cross, while every station touches me profoundly. Medjugorje is a blessed place, many hearts are opening here and people receive their vocations here. We priests can strengthen our faith here, especially by looking at so many pilgrims who are gift from God. We can really feel God’s mercy at work, so evident in confessions. People who are here with me refer to Medjugorje as to European Holy Land. Many of them witness that their lives were changed here. I usually pray one Rosary with my group, but while here, we pray three Rosaries a day and we are all trying to come to Jesus through Blessed Virgin Mary. I would like to invite you all to come to this holy place, to really get to know Jesus who will change your lives. We all need fullness of grace that Mary had in order for us to become persons who will bear fruits. That is why you should come here, take rosaries in your hands, take Holy Bible and you will have time for yourselves here. You will discover your mission, as this is indeed holy place.“

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