Prayer to the HOLY SPIRIT

A Prayer to the Holy Spirit written by Saint George Preca (A Maltese Priest 
canonised by Pope Benedict XVI in 2007)

Fr. John Randall, The Holy Spirit makes your Baptism come alive," he said. Then, like St. Paul, you can say, "It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me" (Galatians 2.20).

"It's exciting when that happens. Jesus becomes everything for you."

Teens, he said, don't want to attend Mass because they find it boring. Others claim the rosary is a dull prayer.

"When the Holy Spirit gets ahold of the Mass, it's not boring. When the Holy Spirit gets ahold of Eucharistic Adoration, it's not boring.

"Prayer is the most exciting thing in the world. Why? Because prayer is union with God."

The Holy Spirit makes things blossom and bloom," Father Randall said. "Where it is not, things die and wither. What the Holy Spirit does in the Church is the same thing he did to Mary. He implanted the Son of God into her womb so that Jesus came alive in her. When the Holy Spirit is in the Church, he makes Jesus come alive in the Church.

Pope Benedict sees the importance of the Holy Spirit to the life of the Church.  The pope said, "The most important thing in the Church today is that Catholics experience being baptized in the Holy Spirit."

Fr.Randall put the emphasis on "experience."

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