Fr. Jozo Zovko - Our Lady calls us to pray


We must be honest with ourselves and look at how much time out of 24 hours in a day we dedicate to prayer. How much do I pray for my family? When the Lord has given me 24 hours in a day, how can I then say that I do not have time for prayer? How can my children find time for a television program they like? Why have we not succeeded in inspiring our family for longer and daily prayer? Can we sleep in peace while Our Lady calls us to pray the Rosary every day – to pray it together and to pray it with the heart? If I feel myself losing enthusiasm and love for prayer and my meeting with God, I must ask myself what is happening with me. I must not turn prayer into a habit or a form of an effort. Instead, as Our Lady said, for me, prayer must become “as breathing,” – absolutely necessary and natural…

Dear brothers and sisters, never say that prayer is too long, or that we have remained in prayer for a long time. Always remember Our Lady’s motherly words which are meant to awaken us: “Spend all the more time in prayer.” Never give crumbs or remnants of your day to God. To the contrary, give Him the gift of the most beautiful time and in abundance. May your prayer not become shorter, but flow into your life and your work throughout your entire day. This is because prayer blesses your life. Prayer unites your family and keeps it in peace. It removes all evil and temptation. Prayer is a meeting with the living Lord in our hearts. …

If the Mother is calling all of us with such persistence and love, how much greater must our love be in responding and recognizing our call and our way? This call and way are right. We need to persevere on this way of the messages.

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