Model of a Pure Heart

Featured article from February's Spirit of Medjugorje
Model of a “Pure Heart”
By June Klins
     On November 15, 2014, MaryTv.tv streamed an Evening of Prayer for Peace with visionary Ivan Dragicevic and Cardinal Cristoph Schoenborn at St. Stephen Cathedral in Vienna. One of the witnesses to give testimony was 23 year-old Ania Goledzinowska, a former model and actress in Italian sitcoms. You can view this testimony by visiting www.marytv.tv and clicking on the video library on the lefthand side and then on evening of prayer, Vienna, 2014. 
     Ania began her story by saying she was born into a poor family in Poland. Her father was an alcoholic. When she was 10 years old, her father died, and her mother began bringing many men into their home. One of them abused Ania, and when Ania told her mother, her mother did not believe her. This added to Ania’s sadness of missing her father. She soon left her home and her school, and ended up on the streets. But she was not happy on the streets. “When I was 13, I wanted to kill myself,” she said. 
     When she was 16, Ania left Poland for Italy “to find happiness.” She had been promised work as a model, even though she was not old enough. They took her passport and other documents, and wanted her to work as a prostitute. Fortunately, Ania managed to escape, but she didn’t go back to Poland. 
     Ania eventually began to work as a model on TV in Italy and for agencies. She began to live the life she used to dream about, but she was not happy. “I hated everybody. I hated Poland. I hated my family,” she testified. 
     One day, a friend invited Ania to go to Medjugorje. She had heard about Medjugorje prior to this invitation, and despite the fact that she did not believe in it, she agreed to go there. While she was there, Ania was present for Mirjana’s 2nd of the month apparition, and she climbed Apparition Hill. “I stayed there and didn’t see anything there or sense anything. I thought it was all a big lie; it was all about money, people wanted to make money.” Her friend replied, “Ania, you do not understand it, but your heart has changed.”

The Third Station on Cross Mountain
     As Ania and her friend were about to climb Cross Mountain, her friend said to her, “Ania, think about Jesus. Think about Calvary.” Ania retorted, “I have my own problems, so why should I think about Jesus and His problems?” Despite her feelings, she went anyway. When they reached the Third Station, Ania said, “I’m not going any farther from this point.” And then she heard a voice. Ania described the voice as “not a special voice – it’s a voice that is speaking to each one of us when we were born, but in today’s life, we don’t hear that voice anymore.” The voice said, “Ania, if you don’t climb, you won’t understand the reason why you are here.” Ania felt a great peace. Then she looked at all the old ladies climbing the hill, and realized that if they could make it, then she could, too. When she reached the top and saw the white cross, she knelt down and began to pray. “It wasn’t me who was praying, because since I was five, I didn’t know how to pray. It was a voice that came out of me. And a voice said to me, ‘Ania, you must forgive.’ Only two words came out of my mouth, ‘Forgive me.’ Two simple words, but very hard to say, very hard to pronounce. When I did it, my heart became so light.” 
     When Ania returned to Italy, she began to change her life. After two years, she went back to Medjugorje to live in a Marian community with nuns. Her old friends asked her, “What are you doing?” Ania answered, “I’m doing nothing. I’m happy. I’m praying, I’m eating chicken and potatoes. And I’m very happy with it. The life in Medjugorje has changed me completely.” They replied, “You’re crazy!” Ania said that what she had found there could not be bought with money, but her friends did not understand. 
     Ania said, “I want to tell you that money cannot buy happiness in your life. I have worked with big famous Hollywood people like Leonardo DiCaprio, but many of them – many of us – would look at our homes and look in the mirror and we would understand that we are not happy, because what I want – and what each one of you want – is to be loved, to be really loved. And who is the one who can give love to each one of us? That is Jesus.” 
     Ania affirmed, “The most important thing is to love and to forgive.” She said that after many years of not seeing each other, she finally met with her mother and they hugged. They became mother and daughter again. Ania now understood that she could not blame her mother for her actions, because as a child, her mother had not gotten enough love from her own parents, so she did not know how to give love herself. 
     Ania said that whenever she gives her testimony, she always recommends that each person there should call at least one person that he or she has not been talking to and ask for forgiveness. “Although those people hurt you, don’t carry it with you. It’s not important, because when you forgive, you don’t forgive for him or her – you’ll be forgiving for yourself. And that said, you can open your hearts and take your heart with all bad feelings and all bad thoughts THAT ARE NOT ALLOWING GOD TO WORK WITHIN YOUR HEART. MANY TIMES WE ASK GOD FOR MERCY, BUT IF OUR HEART IS FULL OF ANGER AND RAGE, THEN THERE IS NO PLACE FOR GOD. There is no road that can heal us before we forgive, and there is no way that will take us to Paradise, to Heaven, unless we forgive.”

Ania showing her ring
     Ania related that the first thing the nuns wanted her to do when she went to live with them was to clean the bathroom. Ania snapped, “I’m not doing the bathroom!” The nun said to her, “Oh yeah? Is that so? Then from today you will clean all the bathrooms of the community.” Ania acknowledged, “And since then, I have cleaned many bathrooms, but I did it with a big smile on my face, because every suffering that we are giving to God, offering to God, is one step on the way to Heaven. Many times when I was cleaning those bathrooms, it came to me as if I was cleaning my soul – all the sin that collected in my soul for all those years.” 
     “My life has changed. I was Mary Magdalene before she became holy. In Medjugorje, I have changed and I started to live in chastity.” A fruit of her conversion is an association Ania created – called “Pure Hearts” – for those who have chosen to live in chastity until marriage, respecting God and themselves. As a sign of recognition, there are rings for all members. With that ring, members go to a priest and take a vow to live in chastity until marriage. Ania was told that she would never be able to find even 50 people to do this, but now there are more than 7,000! Ania said, “Today that army of Satan is very big and he, with his passion to make us feel like we’re in love, but that’s not the truth.” She continued, “Let us try to live how Jesus is telling us to live, totally in chastity. And when he or she [your boyfriend/girlfriend] says, no [to chastity], and he or she leaves you…that means that they are only with you because they want only your body.” Ania encouraged everyone to seek “true love” because everyone has a need to be “loved truly.” She concluded, “And the true love that is above all is Jesus.” 
     Ania is certainly a “model” of a “pure heart.”
Editor’s note: I read this article into a voice-recognition program that did the typing for me. I wasn’t even touching the keyboard. I did not give a command to put the words you saw on pg. 4 in ALL CAPS. Some may say it’s a bug in the program, but I really feel it is important for people to know that Our Lady/God wants us to really pay attention to those words, and that they are not my emphasis.

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