Kiera's Miracle

Featured article from June's Spirit of Medjugorje

Kiera's Miracle

By Cathy Chirdon

     My family and I were devastated four years ago when our nine year-old granddaughter, Kiera, was diagnosed with stage-4 Epithelioid sarcoma – a very rare cancer causing tumors with finger-like extensions. She had a tumor in her sacrum (bottom) area, the size of a man’s fist that had finger-like extensions to other areas. A surgeon in Pittsburgh could not remove the entire tumor because of where the extensions were. Pittsburgh had never seen this type of cancer, so we went to Philadelphia. We were told that there was nothing that could be done – radiation and chemotherapy would not work. The only cure was to remove the entire tumor. Because of where Kiera’s tumor was, it would be a very radical surgery, having to remove her buttocks and maybe more. It would be too painful and most likely that area would not heal. We didn’t want to just give up, so the oncologist said she would do another scan in a few months.
     Meanwhile, everyone was praying. Kiera’s name spread like wild fire. We received so many holy items and Masses. Kiera’s picture was taken to the Holy Land, Medjugorje, and Rome.
     My friend, Joann, told me about Fr. Bill Kiel. Her mother had been to his Healing Mass in Indiana, PA, and was healed from kidney cancer. Fr. Kiel met with us privately and blessed us all, and we went to his Healing Mass several times. After my first Healing Mass and resting in the Spirit for the first time, I had felt peace for the first time since Kiera was diagnosed. Kiera also rested in the spirit.
     When Kiera had her scan, the surgeon said that surgery would be doable, but would have to have a plastic surgeon available. However, they found a nodule on Kiera’s lung, and she had to have a biopsy. After her biopsy, the first thing Kiera said was, “Nana, I just felt the Blessed Mother kiss me on my forehead.” The biopsy was negative – a miracle! The oncologist was sure that the cancer had spread to her lungs. If it had, no surgery would have been performed.
     We kept going to Fr. Kiel’s Healing Masses and to a local church, St. Francis Night of Worship, where the Franciscan’s brothers prayed for her. Fr. Kiel had gone to Medjugorje where he said Mass for Kiera and brought her back 100 rosaries and medals. Kiera enjoyed giving these to everyone.
     Kiera had to have a colostomy before her major surgery, then in a few weeks she would have the surgery. A week before her surgery, we got a call that her surgeon had to have back surgery. We had the choice of having another surgeon or to wait until Kiera’s surgeon returned. We thought God must have a reason for this. We would wait because he was the best surgeon. Because her surgery was delayed by another six weeks, she had to have another scan. The surgeon was surprised to see that the tumor and its extensions were much, much less, and a plastic surgeon would not be needed. The surgeon said he did not understand how it could be better. I told him it was God, and he wouldn’t believe how many people were praying for her. She had her surgery while everyone was praying for her, and the surgeon got clean borders – a miracle! Kiera healed miraculously well with no problems at all. She was back in school a week after her surgery. If her surgeon wouldn’t have had surgery himself, Kiera’s surgery would have been much more radical.
     A year later, Kiera had her colostomy reversed. During all of this, we were blessed to meet so many amazing people. And of course, God had already blessed us with our wonderful family and friends, and co-workers. We had so many God-winks.
     Then, in October, 2011, Kiera felt a tiny lump in her chest that started to grow. A biopsy showed it was the same cancer. Her oncologist said surgery was not possible due to the tumor’s finger-like extensions down around her ribs. Of course, we confirmed it with a second opinion. No surgery or chemo could be done. I thought, “Why did God take away His miracle?“ That is when our wonderful friend, Debbie, said we should go to Medjugorje.
     In January of 2012, we went to Medjugorje. The visionary Vicka had been too ill to be speaking in public, but she began speaking the week before Kiera arrived. Vicka held Kiera in her arms and prayed for her. She told her that there is nothing to fear. Kiera said that she knows that, and that she is in a win-win situation. She wins if she goes to Heaven and she wins if she stays here. Vicka said our Blessed Mother took her to Heaven, and Heaven is the most joyful place we could ever imagine.
Kiera with visionary Vicka
     While climbing Cross Mountain, we first saw the Miracle of the Sun. At another location, Kiera captured this miracle on her phone, which the rest of us could not capture. You can see her video on YouTube (Video of Pulsating Sun from Medjugorje). My husband, Bob, saw a hand above the Cross as he was praying. At the Risen Christ statue, tears drip out of the leg; but every time Kiera touched it, they flowed (not drip). Fr. Kevin Devine said Mass for her and treated her like an angel. We met so many amazing people and friends for life. We all had such a peace that is hard to explain. We didn’t want to leave and cried as we drove away.
     Kiera’s care was transferred back to Pittsburgh, so she would be closer for palliative care. She was in a clinical trial in the summer of 2012, which failed, and the tumor grew. She also developed tumor lesions and fistulas in her original tumor site on her bottom. She was in extreme pain.
     Our friends, Anita and Nancy, who we met at Fr. Kiel’s, were going to Medjugorje in November, 2012, with Fr. Kiel. They felt that Kiera HAD to go back to Medjugorje. They were leaving in three weeks, and I said we just couldn’t afford to go again so soon. They said not to worry about the money. Special anonymous Earth angels donated money to pay for Kiera and her father, Dan (my son), to go. There just happened to be room on the plane and in the hotel. Also, I found out later that they were short $500, and a man from Massachusetts we never even met, who couldn’t make his trip with the same travel company that we were with, wanted to use his refund toward a child going to Medjugorje. He knew nothing about Kiera, but the agent at the travel company did. Just so happens that he has a granddaughter whose name is Kiera - spelled the same. So, November 6, 2012, we were so blessed to go back to Medjugorje, which was Kiera’s wish. Kiera climbed Apparition Hill and Cross Mountain in her bare feet all the way to the top and back. Fr. Kiel blessed Kiera from a puddle of water between the statue of Our Blessed Mother and the Crucifix, making a Sign of the Cross over her tumor in her chest. Kiera said that she felt Jesus and Mary were with her, and that evening she said she thought the tumor was shrinking. So many more God-winks, blessings, and peace in Medjugorje!

Kiera with Fr. Bill Kiel
     In December, Kiera went for her check-up, and her bottom area was as the doctor said, “Amazingly better.” She no longer had pain in this area, and she had put on 10 pounds. Her tumor in her chest was still there, but not giving her as much pain as before. Her oncologist decided it wouldn’t hurt to try radiation on her chest; although, it had been proven that radiation does not work on this type of tumor. Over Christmas, she had radiation and then again the end of January. When we went for Kiera’s checkup in August, 2013, no tumor could be felt. Her oncologist said it is unexplainable and is miraculous! He said she is his third miracle since he became a doctor. He said there was no way that radiation would have shrunk it. Also, when Kiera had an echocardiogram, I had the technician place the ultrasound over the tumor site, and he could not detect any tumor. Miracle! Kiera just had her six-month checkup on Good Friday, April 18th [2014], and her oncologist still says it’s a miracle!
     If it hadn’t been for Kiera’s illness, we would not have become closer to God, met so many amazing people, and been blessed with so many new friends. Kiera has made so many people more faithful. Kiera told me when the cancer had come back to not be sad; she couldn’t wait to meet God, and that we would be together soon because our time here on Earth is like a blink of God’s eye. We never gave up hope and praying, but also accepted God’s will and peace. Most important of all is for us to be in Heaven with Our Lord! Maybe Kiera’s illness has saved some souls.
     Before Kiera’s illness, I always thanked God, but didn’t really praise Him. I always went to church, but hadn’t made God the center of my life. I knew of the Holy Spirit, but didn’t KNOW the Holy Spirit like I do now. I now know the power of the Rosary and fasting, and read God’s Word, the Bible. So I have to thank God for Kiera’s illness because it brought me and others closer to God. Kiera is God’s gift to us – she is God’s. I know there is a God because how else can we have a heart that can love others so much. Thank you, my wonderful Blessed Mother, all my angels, saints, loved ones in Heaven and on Earth for your prayers. Thank you, God The Father! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Holy Spirit! If you are reading this, please give thanks for me.
     Remember to always give thanks and praise to God; prayer is very powerful. Nothing is impossible with God. Jesus, I trust in You!
Editor’s note: Cathy is from Dysart, PA.   http://www.spiritofmedjugorje.org/index.php

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