Fr. Edward Sousa Jr. giving God's blessing to
Nancy Latta

"God Bless You! 

For the feast of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, the Jews have a beautiful tradition: They offer one another a symbolic fruit, a pomegranate, (reminiscent of The Song of the Songs), and say, “May God give you as many blessings as there are seeds in this pomegranate!”
So, in this first month of the year, I too wish you this great abundance of blessings for 2012! Above all, let's remain in deep communion with our Pope  who fights for the Church and counts on our prayers!

It is important to remember that all true blessings come from God and not from luck or chance. Luck does not really exist because God is master of all things and He leaves nothing to chance. Chance is a fabricated invention of man, and when someone tells me “Good luck”, I answer, “God bless you!” Just like the seeds of a pomegranate have no space left between them, but are instead beautifully interwoven into each other, God leaves no space to void.

Medjugorje is a place of great blessings; this is no secret. But, by living the messages of Mary, abandoning sin and adjusting our lives to the Gospel, every one of us can become a blessing for others, and make of their work, their home, their life, a flood of blessings.

Priests are the ones who give the greatest blessings. The Gospa said, “When a priest blesses you, dear children, it is my Son who blesses you. The blessing of a priest is greater than mine.

 If priests knew what they give when they bless, they would bless day and night!” In January, at Medjugorje, the Franciscans go to the homes of the Croatians to bless their houses and families. May all the parishes of the world resume this powerful tradition!

A friend from Kerala, a father of a family very close to God, told me that one time he was attending Mass but he had to leave the church quickly after Mass because of an important trip to another town. Since the mass lasted longer than usual, he first considered leaving before the end. But then he thought to himself, “No, I do not want to miss the final blessing!” and he stayed to receive it. Later on, as he was driving, he was caught in a very serious accident that involved many cars around him. It was a very bloody scene. But though he was in the accident, he was left completely uninjured, which was inexplicable. He then heard an inner voice saying, “Because you received my blessing at Mass, your life was spared!”    Excerpt from http://www.childrenofmedjugorje.com/

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