President Kisses Medjugorje Crucifix

By Jakob Marschner on Dec: 10, 2012

President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela used a crucifix from Medjugorje when he announced his scheduled operation on Cuba, and named his successor in case he would not be able to return. The image of the Virgin Mary on the crucifix back is from her statue in Tihaljina near Medjugorje.

president hugo chavez kisses medjugorje crucifix
President Hugo Chávez kissing the crucifix on December 8

Venezuela’s socialist president Hugo Chávez kissed a Medjugorje crucifix on December 8, when admitting there are risks to his coming operation for cancer on Cuba, and naming his eventual successor.

The type of crucifix that Chávez kissed is for sale in Medjugorje – and the image of the Virgin Mary is a photo of her statue from Tihaljina 35 kilometers (22 miles) away – a statue that became iconic for Medjugorje when Fr. Jozo Zovko was Tihaljina’s parish priest in the mid-1980s.
hugo chavez kisses medjugorje crucifix
The Virgin Mary on the crucifix back, from her statue in Tihaljina near Medjugorje
President Chávez is to return to Cuba to undergo surgery for a fourth time and said in a broadcast late on Saturday night that he wished his vice-president, Nicolás Maduro, to take his place, should he not be able to return to power.
“There are risks. Who can deny it?” said Chávez, seated alongside Maduro, according to the British daily The Guardian.
“I hope to give you all good news in the coming days. With the grace of God, we’ll come out victorious” Hugo Chávez said.
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