Healed in Medjugorje

Healed in Medjugorje through the intercession of Our Lady, the Queen of Peace

date: 23.05.2018.
May is always a special month in Medjugorje, the month of Mary and many pilgrims decide to come to Medjugorje in this time. Our journalists had opportunity to speak to one pilgrim from Columbia who came here for the second time. This time, she came to thank the Queen of Peace for her healing. This is her story: “My name is Maria Fernanda Trejos, and I come from Columbia. I am a mother of two girls and nine years ago I began to feel pain in the lower part of my back and I visited many doctors who gave me various diagnosis, at the end I was told I needed to have the surgery. It was to be one simple and quick surgery, but everything got more complicated. They placed one metal screw inside my back, but the head of this screw broke and it could not be removed at all. The pain was getting stronger each day, I was not able to walk or to function normally. I heard about Medjugorje, read many books about this place and at the end, I decided to come here. I came here for the first time last year and I had a great desire for confession. Each day I was looking for a priest, but I was not able to confess at all. I was angry at God, I really yearned for this sacrament. Finally, on my last day, I was able to find a priest who spoke Spanish and when I began confession, I realised that two of us have a similar diagnosis. After a while, two of us agreed to offer up our pain to God for all those who were tired and sick and do not know about God. A month after I returned home, I noticed I was able to do all, to walk, to kneel, to do things around my house. Glory to dear God! I went to the doctor for exam and after all tests were done, a doctor asked me what happened in Medjugorje as I was completely healthy. The screws that were causing me pain and problems looked now as if they had a shape of the rosary. I was healed”, said Maria Fernanda Trejos from Columbia. Our Lady, thank you!

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Patty K said...

Blessings and congratulations on your healing. The Blessed Mother never fails to be there when you ask her for the graces she so generously wishes to bestow on those who believe in her and our precious Lord. May you always be blessed with God's love and healing power. Patty