Marjana Speaks Of Our Lady's Messages

(c)Mateo Ivankovic

December 4, 2015
St. John Damascene
First Friday

Dear Family of Mary!
"Dear children I am always with you because my Son entrusted you to me. And you, my children, you need me, you are seeking me, you are coming to me and you are bringing joy to my motherly heart.
I have, and always will have, love for you; for you who suffer and who offer your pains and sufferings to my Son and to me. My love seeks the love of all of my children, and my children seek my love. Through love, Jesus seeks unity between Heaven and earth; between the Heavenly Father and you, my children - His Church.
Therefore, it is necessary to pray much, to pray and love the Church to which you belong. Now, the Church is suffering and needs apostles who by loving unity, by witnessing and giving, show the ways of God. The Church needs apostles who by living the Eucharist with the heart do great works; it needs you, my apostles of love.
My children, from the very beginning the Church was persecuted and betrayed, but day by day it grew. It is indestructible because my Son gave it a heart - the Eucharist, and the light of His resurrection shone and will continue to shine upon it. Therefore, do not be afraid. Pray for your shepherds that they may have the strength and the love to be bridges of salvation. Thank you." (December 2, 2015)

*Today I want to share with you a talk that Mirjana gave in 2014, because I think it complements the message and fills in some blanks for us.  Mirjana was very candid in this talk.  She was speaking from her living room via live stream to a conference in Chicago.  Mary TV was able to provide this link for her to speak in this way!  It was a first! 

Mirjana's Chicago March 29, 2014 talk to the Totally Yours Conference in Chicago, 
streamed live from Mirjana's living room to the conference:

I would like to say hello to everybody. I am a little nervous because this is the first time for me to speak to a conference in this way (over the internet, live streamed). But I will try to do my best.
I would like to talk about love, and Blessed Mary. Because you know how much she loves us. How much God loves us. Because, all these years, He has been sending our Mother to help us to find the way to meet Jesus.
I want to say quickly the most important messages, the messages I always repeat here to the pilgrims in Medjugorje. I think that you know the first and most important message which Blessed Mary always repeats is the Holy Mass. But Holy Mass, not only on Sunday. When we were children, at the beginning of the apparitions, one time she said to us, "My dear children, if you need to choose between seeing me, having the apparition, or going to Holy Mass, you must always choose Holy Mass. Because during Holy Mass, my Son is with you."
She asks from us family prayer, because she said that the parents have a big responsibility in front of the children. Parents must put the roots of the faith in the heart of their children. But they can do this, only, if they pray together and if they go to Holy Mass together. Because children will do only what they see in the home. We cannot talk to our children about the importance of Holy Mass, if they don't see that Holy Mass is in the first place for us. We cannot talk to children about prayer, if they do not see us pray. Because of this Blessed Mary said that we, parents, have a big responsibility.
She asks from us fasting. She asks us to fast on Wednesday and Friday. She doesn't ask for fasting from people who are sick, really sick. She said that those people, through prayer will understand what they can do instead of fasting on bread and water.
She asks for confession. She said that there is not one person in the world who doesn't need monthly confession.
She asked for the Bible in our home. She said that we have all the answers in the Bible. I heard that before this talk, you were reading the message from March 18, 2014. And I must tell you something about this message. It was for the first time, when Our Lady was talking about darkness, that I saw something like a fog in winter. And as she continued to talk about God's love, everything was gone. I think that through this she was saying that if we do not choose God, if we do not choose Jesus, we will not finish good. But with God the sun is always in front of us. God will always show us the way we must go.
You know that I have an apparition every 18th of March. Blessed Mary said I will have this apparition for my whole life. Some people think I have this apparition on the 18th of March because it is my birthday. But this is not true. I must tell you that on this March 18th, Blessed Mary did not say to me "Happy Birthday." Because for her my birthday is like all of your birthdays. Because she chose the 18th of March, just as she chose the 2nd of each month, because these dates mean something. And when the things that must happen in the world start happening, you will understand why these dates were chosen, why the 18th of March, why every 2nd of the month.
I had daily apparitions until Christmas 1982, and Blessed Mary said to me on Christmas 1982 that I would not have any more daily apparitions. She said there would be one every year, on the 18th of March and that I would have some extraordinary apparitions. These apparitions started on the 2nd of August, 1987 and I still have these apparitions. I do not know for how long.
These apparitions on the 2nd of the month are also for prayer for unbelievers. Our Mother, Blessed Mary, never says "unbelievers." When you say to someone, "You are an unbeliever", you give your judgment. You are judging these people. But she never judges. She only says,"Those who haven't felt the love of God yet." And she asks for our help. When she says "our" she doesn't mean the six visionaries. She needs the help of everyone who feels her love like a mother.
Blessed Mary says that we can change the heart of unbelievers but only through our prayer and our example. She says that in our daily prayer we should put in the first place, prayer for them. Because Blessed Mary says that most of the bad things that happen in the world, like wars, divorce, drugs, abortion, all these things come because of unbelievers. And she said, "My dear children, when you pray for them, you pray for yourself, for your future."
She asks for our example. She doesn't want us to be preaching to other people, she wants us to talk with our lives. That unbelievers can see God and the love of God in us. I ask you with all my heart, to take this very seriously. If you had the possibility only one time to see the tears in the eyes of Blessed Mary, I am sure you would pray with all of your heart. We who say that we are God's children, we have a big responsibility.
When she asks for prayer for unbelievers, she asks that we pray in her way. I understand when she says this that she means, first, that we feel love for them. That we feel for unbelievers as our own brothers and sisters who are not lucky like us to feel the love of God. And when we feel like this, then we can pray for them. Never judge, never criticize. Simply love them, pray for them, and give them our example. All of us have at least one unbeliever in our home, a neighbor, someone where we work. And these unbelievers are looking at our lives, and we must ask ourselves if they see God in us or not! For this we will be responsible to God.
I also want to tell you one important thing that Blessed Mary repeats in every message on the 2nd of the month. This is prayer for our priests. She is always saying that they do not need your judgment, your criticism, they need your love and your prayer. She said,"My dear children, if you lose respect for the priest, you will lose respect for the Church and for God." Also, when she is giving the blessing during the apparitions, she says "I am giving you my motherly blessing. But when the priest blesses you it is the most important blessing on earth, because when the priest blessed you, my Son is blessing you." She said also "Don't forget to pray for your shepherds, because their hands are blessed by my Son."
Because of this, I pray you with all my heart, when you leave this conference and return to your home, your parish, please be an example to others of how we should be with our priests. I you see that your priest isn't doing what you think he must do, don't go around and judge him. Take the Rosary and pray for him. This is the way you can help him. Don't criticize and judge him. Because in this world we have so much judging and so little love. Blessed Mary wants people to recognize us through love. We should not take in our own hands what only God can do. Only He can judge.
I am sorry that I cannot tell you more about what Blessed Mary has been preparing us for all these years, but I can tell you one thing.  You have the time we are living in now, our time. And you have the time of the Triumph of Heart of Mary because she said in one message,"What I started in Fatima I will finish in Medjugorje. My heart will triumph." And because of this we have this time that we're living in now and we have time of the triumph of the heart of Blessed Mary.  Through these two times [connecting these two times we have a bridge.   And this bridge is our priests.  Because of this reason Blessed Mary is asking from us so much prayers for the priests.  Because this bridge must be so strong that all of us can go through this bridge because Blessed Mary said with them, through them, I will triumph.  Without priests we do not have triumph of the Heart of Blessed Mary. 
Many pilgrims ask me what Blessed Mary thinks when she's saying this.  I can tell you only what I think she wants to say: who can open the doors of heaven for us?  Only our priests.  Who can do confessions for us?  Only our priests.   Who can give us Jesus during the Holy Mass?  Only our priests.  Because of this reason, I ask you with all my heart: think about this very seriously.  And pray for our priests.   Because we will respond to God how we treat our priests. 
"I'm trying to tell you everything very quickly because they tell me that I have 15 minutes....and I don't know, can you understand me?   How is my English?  I saw now, Guy and I must say, Guy, you look wonderful, really.  And I'm so happy because of everything that you're doing for Blessed Mary.  Do you want to ask me something?
How Blessed Mary looks:  This is the most difficult question for me because to say how Blessed Mary looks is very difficult.  But I can try to tell you that I think she is a little taller than me.  I think this.  Because I'm always kneeling and she's always standing about a half meter above the earth...   And because of this reason I think that she is taller than me....   She always have grey dress and white veil.  Except on Christmas or Easter when she has like a golden dress. 
When I say "grey", "golden" it's the only color that looks more like that on earth.... She has black hair, because I can see some here and some here [Mirjana point to her forehead and then makes a gesture to her waste].  It means her hair is long.   She has blue eyes and she's beautiful! 
I can tell you what we would do when we were still children at the beginning of the apparitions.  We asked Blessed Mary childish questions.  We asked, "How is it possible that you are so beautiful?"  And she smiled and said,"Because I love."  She said, "My dear children, if you want to be beautiful, love!"  And when we had this apparition Jakov visionary, was only 9 years old.  And when Blessed Mary left, he said to us visionaries: "I think that she's not saying the truth.  And we were screaming at him how can you say Blessed Mary is not saying the truth, and he said, "Look at us visionaries.  Some of us can love all our lives and we'll never be beautiful like Blessed Mary said." I think that he didn't understand about which beauty Blessed Mary was talking about.   Because if you are beautiful inside.   If you have Jesus in the first place in your heart, you are beautiful because you have love.   This is what Blessed Mary wanted to say. 
I want to say also good-by to all of you.  And please, try to be apostles of Blessed Mary.  Some pilgrims who come to Medjugorje think we visionaries, we are privileged.  They think it is enough to say things to us because God is listening to us more than other people.  This is not true.  For God, for Blessed Mary, privileged children don't exist.  For them, we are all her children.  And she's choosing us for different mission.   The six of us that she can say messages through us.  But she choose all of you!  Because she needs apostles.  And I will pray for your conference, I will pray that you can be apostles of Blessed Mary.  Please open your heart.  And try to see Blessed Mary with the heart.  Because it's most important to see her with the heart.  Not with the eyes.  Because if you're looking only with the eyes you will not see anything.  But if your heart is looking you will see everything and you will understand everything. 
I'm waiting for you.  I heard that some of you will be here for Easter.  Next week we will be together.   Thank you for everything, and please pray for us visionaries also, that we can do everything that God wants from us, but in the right way.  Thank you!  Always together in prayer!!!!
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
(c)Mary TV 2015

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