A Healing: Testimony of Margarita Rodriguez who is sharing with us a Healing she received when Medjugorje visionary Ivan visited her parish.


A Healing: Testimony of Margarita Rodriguez

" This is a Testimony by Margarita Rodrigues, who is now sharing with us a Healing she received when Medjugorje visionary Ivan visited her parish.

I want to share with you some wonderful news of the day we had in our church Saint Brendan's the visit of Medjugorje visionary Ivan and the apparition of the Blessed Mother.

On that day Our Lady asked her Son Jesus to take care of me. My big problem is that I have been short of breath- and that is because of my operation which was back in 1987. The doctor had to remove half of my diaphragm and since then I have been very short of breath, but about a year ago I became much worst, and my right lung collapsed.

I went to a specialist, a Doctor of Pulmonary disease and he sent me to do a Scan, and also a test to see how my oxygen level was. The test showed that I had less than 60% function in my lung. So I was really bad, with my shortness of breath, I have to sleep with 3 pillows to be able to sleep, and when I am doing my housework I do it, and then I have to rest.

The doctor told me I am sorry Margarita I can do nothing more to help you, you have to live with this condition the best way you can.

I accepted what the doctor told me and that was fine and then I offered to Our Lord the little I have to offer Him.

I said to Jesus, I offer the little that I have to You because You have suffered so much for us, and our sins and You continue your suffering for us..

When I went to my church to talk to Father Fernando Heria with my friend Mary Fernandez and her husband Manolo to discuss the preparation of the day IVAN was coming to Miami and the Apparition of Our Blessed Mother. It was then that Father Fernando asked me to pray and lead the Rosary.

I said yes of course -and I was so happy- but then I was worried because of my acute shortness of breath and my cough.

I prayed very hard to Our Mother and Her Son Jesus to help me to pray well, as they both knew of my big problem. I asked them to help me--(remember I asked you also to help me in your prayers)-- so I could pray well the Rosary on that special day in front of so many people about 1500 persons.

When I went to the podium I felt that I was in a cloud, a Peace so strong came
over me, I felt different and I prayed the Rosary so well. Then after the Apparition of Our Blessed
Mother I also prayed the Rosary of Medjugorje, The Creed and the 7 Our Father's, the 7 Hail Mary's and the 7 Glory be's.

That was on a Friday January 21,2011 but it wasn't until Sunday the 23rd that I realized that I was fine and that I didn't have any shortness of breath. I didn't tell my husband anything at that time! I wanted to be sure first. I started checking myself and I began doing things in the house and I felt fine, and when I went to bed that evening I said OK now I am going to do a big test.

I took the 3 pillows away that I always had to sleep on and I was perfect,- I was breathing perfectly- and then I said now the final test- the way I always like to sleep, FLAT completely, with my stomach in the mattress and I slept perfectly all night. Since that day I continued sleeping that way with NO SHORTNESS OF BREATH.

I feel so good, and so happy. Yesterday afternoon I went to see my Doctor and I told him what happened and that I was feeling fine, and that I was no longer short of breath. He was so surprised and said to me when "Our Lord wants to do something for someone HE does it and HE did it for you Margarita."

So now I am beginning to tell about my healing and I wanted to share with you this beautiful news.
Margarita is from Miami Florida
First posted on December 20, 2011

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