The Greatest Gift

Giosepina Russo:  Pilgrimage to Medjugorje is the greatest gift I had ever received”


Giosepina Russo from Sicily works in the agency for pilgrimages in Marian shrines throughout the world. She visited all Marian shrines in Europe on few occasions, but somehow never had chance to come to Medjugorje. Even though she was told that Medjugorje is not recognised shrine yet and should not be mentioned to pilgrims, she felt great desire to come here. Mrs. Russo said that she did not even know where Medjugorje was in Europe. She came to Medjugorje last year and remained here for 15 days.

That was the greatest gift she had ever received in her life. When she came outside the White Dome and saw the statue of Our Lady with extended hand towards the altar, she felt as if she was in Heaven. She was mostly impressed by the faith of our people and by Christian standards that were part of everyday life here.

 She also shared with us one event that took place as she was going from the church back to the hotel. She was walking in the street and it was at the time when the church bells were ringing. A group of construction workers was working on the building before her and in those moments they stopped with all works to say the Angelus. “I was so deeply moved by that, I have not seen that for years anywhere in the world, and I am deeply convinced that God’s love is evidently present here, at this place in the world”, said Mrs. Russo.


Medjugorje was busy in the last few days and there were groups of pilgrims from the following coutries: Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Italy, the United States, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Korea, Hungary, Latvia and Slovenia. Massimo Nosscenttini from Italy shared his testimony with us and he heard about Medjugorje in 1981, for the first time, but arrived here already in 1983. His profession is a bus driver and he told us that Gospa completely changed his life. “As a bus driver, I visited all European shrines and that was my job.

 But, three years ago I was at the apparition with my group in the home of Marija, the visionary. Only our group was present and during the apparition I felt strong embrace, something that blacked me completely. I was trying to turn my head and to look at my colleague who was next to me, but I was not able to do that. That lasted for roughly five minutes. After that, I looked into Marija. She stood up and turned to us and told us: “Gospa embraced you all.” That was what I felt, that strong embrace and my whole life changed in that moment.

 I promised to bring as many people as possible to Medjugorje and I was hoping other people would receive what I had received.” Massimo is now a group leader and he stopped driving because of his age now. “Just to bring a group of pilgrims here is completely enough for me, for I believe that Medjugorje is heaven on earth for me! I witnessed changes in many people. I was also bringing people who were not Catholics and who had conversion here. One young men who experienced conversion here is now in the monastery in Poland and that was really powerful and profound conversion.”     http://www.medjugorje.hr/en/

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