Pope Blessed Medjugorje From The Air

by Jakob Marschner
Feb: 12, 2013

Pope John Paul II expressed his wish to go to Medjugorje, but never made it there. Now a Polish priest tells the Pope actually saw Medjugorje even then: He told the priest that whenever he flew eastwards, he would ask the pilot to fly over Medjugorje so he could bless the village from the air.

pope john paul ii II blessed medjugorje air airplane fr adamus slawek
Pope John Paul II leaving an airplane – his chosen vehicle when he wanted to bless Medjugorje

Medjugorje never saw Pope John Paul II, but still then the Pope got to see Medjugorje. It took some creativity but also allowed him to see and bless the village on more than one occasion, the Polish priest Fr. Adamus Slawek told an Italian prayer group on October 19 last year.

According to the priest’s testimony, quoted by the Facebook page Per Maria – Medjugorje e Diakonia, the Pope blessed Medjugorje from the air whenever he got the opportunity to fly over the place. Fr. Slawek says that the Pope told him this personally, during a private lunch at the Vatican.

padre fr father adamus slawek pope john paul ii II 2 blessed medjugorje air airplane
Fr. Adamus Slawek

“I also go to Medjugorje, but do you know how I go there? When I am flying East, I always ask for the airplane to pass over Medjugorje. I see the Madonna there, from above, and bless Medjugorje” Pope John Paul II said, according to Fr. Adamus Slawek.

The priest further tells that, by the time of this lunch, he had not yet been to Medjugorje, but that the Pope strongly urged him to go there:

“Then he says: “Well, go! Because I cannot. It is true that, as the Pope, I could go, but it is only that the Church must be careful. When I was a Bishop and Padre Pio was alive, I went to see him even if the Church had not spoken, I went because I was more free” Fr. Adamus Slawek quotes the Pope from their meeting.

“Now I am on a pedestal, and everyone is look at me. This is why I have to be more cautious” Pope John Paul II added, according to the Polish priest.
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