Blessed Mary statue dug up in Hopkinton, Mass.
Blessed Mary statue dug up in Hopkinton, Mass.
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According to a Dec. 13 CBS News report, residents in the Boston suburb are over the moon about the startling discovery of the Virgin Mary statue dug up in their neighborhood.
While the operator of a backhoe excavator dug out an area as part of a 38,000 square feet expansion project, he scooped up more than just dirt.
Moments later, while a resident was strolling by, he noticed something strange in the dirt pile. Upon closer inspection, he realized the equipment operator had unearthed a statue of the Virgin Mary.
After his discovery, it didn't take long for the news to get around Hopkinton and Golden Pond. Surprisingly, the Immaculate Mary statue had only a tiny chip on Her shoulder.
"It's even beyond incredible that it was found 20 days before Christmas," said Bill Marr, Executive Director for Golden Pond, who believes the statue was purposefully buried decades ago.
From what he knows, a mobile home community sat on the site. Before that, the area was wooded.
"They are blessing us, she came to us to be with us on this holiday," resident, Beverly Dutile said about the "miracle" discovery at the facility.
Marr told Metro West Daily that he is not sure what to do with the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. However, he will ask the parish priest for advice when he comes in for his monthly blessing. He will also check with the local historic and preservation society for history on the miracle find.
The Virgin Mary statue unearthed last week has a temporary home in Marr's office. However, upon completion of the expansion project, he hopes to give the Blessed Mother a permanent home in the chapel.
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