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Our Lady and Baby Jesus

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Jesus and Mary bless us together!
December 27, 2012
St. John
Dear Family of Mary!
Here is the message given to Marija Pavlovic Lunetti on December 25, 2012:
Our Lady came with little Jesus in her arms and she did not give a message, but little Jesus began to speak and said : "I am your peace, live my commandments." With a sign of the cross, Our Lady and little Jesus blessed us together.
We are all a little surprised at the outcome of Marija's Christmas encounter with Our Lady. We were expecting a message from Our Lady. We have gotten pretty comfortable with these regular monthly messages. We expect them and they come! But this Christmas it was different. Our Lady did not speak directly to us through Marija. All of a sudden our comfortable monthly message habit was changed! No words from Our Lady!
But instead, the Word spoke to us through Marija! The Word of God, Himself, gave us a simple yet powerful message. "I am your peace, live my commandments." These seven words could guide us for a lifetime, as indeed they have guided the saints throughout history.
There have been a lot of opinions about this occurrence expressed via the web! But for me the most important opinion is Marija's! Fortunately, she spoke with Fr. Livio of Radio Maria about this Christmas message and he asked her what it all meant to her. (You can hear this interview at http://messaggimedjugorje.blogspot.com/2012/12/video-marija-pavlovic-comunica-il.html in Italian.)
Denis asked a friend to listen to the interview and summarize it in English for us. Here is her excellent summary:
Marija notes several times that the BVM did not give a message. In response to Fr. Liveo's question, she affirms that even though our Lady has appeared with Jesus in her arms every Christmas, he as never before spoken. Marija says this is the first apparition in which the baby Jesus spoke and that she was very surprised. In fact, she makes this point several times in the interview... it is the first time Jesus ever spoke to Marija; it is the first time Jesus spoke in Medjugorje; it is something Marija never expected would happen. Marija said that while she has cried two or three times before after an apparition, she cried even more this time because of the joy in her heart; she was deeply moved.

Fr Liveo notes that a newborn cannot speak and asks about Jesus' voice. Marija says that he spoke in a child's voice but with great authority. Fr. Liveo says: "So, he spoke as a little child but with royal authority?" Marija says that is exactly right.

There is nothing in anything Marija says that would give the impression that this event is something that should cause alarm. On the contrary, while she agrees with Fr. Liveo that this was a shock (his word, not hers), she presents this as something about which she is rejoicing.
I hope this helps!
Yes it does help! I had the same kind of joy and amazement in my heart when I read the account of Marija's apparition given out by the parish. It is wonderful that Jesus spoke to us all! Wonderful and powerful. He has given us in just a few words, the central message of Medjugorje. He is our peace and His commandments are the way to His peace. Simple and powerful!
Maybe the Saint of today, St. John, the Beloved, will help us to respond to Baby Jesus' words to us. Saint John was so close to Jesus, so intimate with Him! He can teach us how to draw close to Jesus, to live His commandments, and to embrace Him as our peace. We can learn to lay our heads on His breast, to rest in Him.
In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
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PS. If there is someone who is able to translate and transcribe this interview of Marija by Fr. Livio, and share it with me, I would be so grateful. I would love to know exactly what Marija said!

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