Da Mihi Animas: Paddy Kelly Conversion Story#links#links#links#links

World Famous Rock Star Gives His Life To Jesus:
In the summer of 2000 he and two of his brothers and sisters decided to go to the Youth festival in Medjugorje. Here he met Father Jozo and quickly through his words, counsel and abundance of graces a deep movement of conversion with God came to his brothers and sisters and in the months and years to follow. Through Mary, through Medjugorje, he finally came to know Jesus. He believed that God existed but he had not yet experianced the Holy Spirit in a deep and powerful way. He wanted to know if he was truly the Son of Man.
He wanted to believe it and not just tell himself so or because the Church said so. He wanted to feel the interior confirmation of the Holy Spirit. Then one morning the Holy Spirit entered his heart in a real way.
He called his brothers and sister he loved so much and said to them “Jesus is God, Jesus is God, Jesus is God.”
*Today Paddy Kelly still sings but now as a seminarian a Monk. He goes by the name of John Paul Mary.

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