Reflection on Mirjana's October Message

Reflection on Mirjana’s October Message
By Fr. Neil Buchlein
Greetings! I hope that you have "caught your breath" by now after saying, "WOW! That is quite a message!" At the same time it could also "lull us" into a false complacency of how well we are doing. We may be on the other side of saying, “This is for non-believers, but that is not me!” Let's take a look at what Mirjana means when she says that she prays for non-believers. Here is what she has said in the past: “Our Lady prays together with me for the non-believers, though She says: `For those who have not yet known God's love.’ For this intention, Mary asks for the help of us all, or those who look at Her as Mother, because She says we can change the non-believers through our prayer and example. In these difficult times, Mary desires that we pray especially for them, because all the ugly things that happen (wars, homicide, suicide, divorce, abortion, drugs) are caused by the non-believers. That is why She repeats: ‘When you pray for them, you are praying also for yourselves and for your future.' On my part, I urge you to take this seriously. If only you could see just once the tears that run down Our Lady's face when She speaks of the non-believers, I'm sure you'd pray with all your heart. Mary says that this is time for deciding, thus, we who say we believe in God have a great responsibility when we know that our prayers and sacrifices dry the tears from Our Lady's face."
I'm going to "stretch the envelope" a little, and ask those of us who are sleeping or reading these messages with closed minds and hearts, "When we are not living the messages, then who do you think we are?" "We are non-believers!" We are certainly not going to win over those who say they are non-believers when we are providing a poor example and not living faithfully. Are we really using the Five Stones [prayer, Eucharist, Confession, Bible reading, fasting] to our advantage?
Take a look once again at the message: "Dear Children, As I look at you, my heart seizes with pain.” She is hurting as any mother would for her children who are wondering off. Her heart is in pain because of Her unconditional, merciful love for us. She will, as our Heavenly Mother, NEVER give up on us, but She will soon stop reminding us monthly, when Her Son tells Her that She will no longer appear to the visionaries.
Humanity is addicted to sin, and we are on the fast track to destruction. How quick we are to defend ourselves even when we are doing wrong. What a horrible and no-good priest am I when I question a person who does not attend Sunday Mass on a weekly basis! Gee, I thought that I was called and ordained (a Sacrament in the Church) to be a shepherd and lead them from going astray.
We live so fast, and have so much at our "beck and call" that many look to try to "fit God into their lives," rather than having Him as the center. We can justify anything today, even without thinking long and hard about it. This attitude is extremely prevalent in the world today. Gee, do you really think we want to humble ourselves and "Kneel down beneath the Cross and look at my Son." This message is not about "doom and gloom" but certainly a "Wake Up Call" and tell us that we are NOT doing what we need to do. Don't say, "Oh, Fr. Neil, but I am trying." Don't try, but DO IT.
Time is running out very quickly, and one day soon we will no longer have these Messages of Love. Our Mother does not want us to lose the race, but live with Her Son forever. BUT will we be responsible, or come up with some ridiculous or "worldly justifiable excuse" that "everyone is doing it"?
This is not an easy life, and once you know of the Messages, there are many obstacles that are thrown in our way. It takes courage, perseverance, and love. Doing what we need to do may even cause us heartache, and to become unpopular. I know priests (and I am one of them. . .imagine that!) who have lost "friends" because they spoke the Truth, but the friend(s) did not want to hear it. So the priest licks his wounds, cries out to the Lord and the Blessed Mother, and hears the words, "Thank You for being a priest and teaching the Truth." The Truth may not make me popular, but it will get me into Heaven. Isn't that where you want to be?
The clock is in motion. Do an inventory of your soul. Get to the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and make the necessary changes that you need to make. Mother is waiting!
Editor’s note: Fr. Neil lives in Hurricane, WV. He has just launched a websitehttp://www.blessedmotherschildren.com/ Article from http://www.spiritofmedjugorje.org/

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