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May 13, 2015
First Apparition of Mary in Fatima 

Dear Children of Medjugorje, praised be Jesus and Mary!

1. May 2, 2015 Mirjana received her monthly apparition at the Blue Cross in the presence of a very huge crowd. After the apparition, she conveyed the following message:

Dear children, Open your hearts and try to feel how much I love you and how much I desire for you to love my Son. I desire for you to come to know Him all the better, because it is impossible to know Him and not to love Him - because He is love.  

I, my children, know you. I know your pain and suffering because I lived through them. I laugh with you in your joy and I cry with you in your pain. I will never leave you. I will always speak to you with motherly tenderness. And I, as a mother, need your open hearts to spread the love of my Son with wisdom and simplicity. 

I need you to be open and sensitive to the good and mercy. I need you to be united with my Son, because I desire for you to be happy and to help me to bring happiness to all of my children. 

My apostles, I need you to show everyone the truth of God, so that my heart, which suffered and today suffers so much pain, can win in love. Pray for the holiness of your shepherds, so that in the name of my Son they could work miracles, because holiness works miracles. Thank you

2. Last winter, I interviewed Father Amorth, the famous exorcist in Rome. He told me how bitterly the devil expresses his hatred when he invokes certain saints while performing exorcisms. For example, the devil cannot stand it when the exorcist invokes the intercession of St. John Paul II. When father Amorth asked him why, he answered, "Because he stole so many young people from me!"

Another time, Satan declared how he hated the prayer of the Rosary. "At each Ave Maria," he stated, "I receive a painful blow on the back of my neck." Sometimes during strong spiritual events in Medjugorje, tormented people start screaming. This was frequent during Jesus' missions, as can be seen in the Gospel. These torments may have different  causes, but sometimes they are satanic presences expressing themselves through those people.
The other day, when Vicka was praying for a long time over the crowd in front of her, a woman started shouting out at her with a horrible man's voice, "I can't stand you any longer! Stop praying! You always forgive! You should have been dead a long time ago!  Shut up!" etc. Those cries from the enemy are meaningful and significant. Satan described clearly here what disarms him the most!  It is no wonder that Satan dislikes prayer and the practice of forgiveness! They make him powerless to do any harm! (see PS1)

On May 17, Pope Francis will canonize the first Carmelite Saint of the Middle East, Sr. Maryam of Bethlehem.
During her 40-day ordeal, which was permitted by God, Satan declared, "She will be canonized and I do not want it!" This remark from the enemy speaks for itself about the importance of her intercession in the matter of Redemption today! 
If Little Flower is keeping her promise in sending a shower of roses from heaven to those who pray to her, Maryam has nothing to envy, considering the graces of healing, conversion, and liberation that are granted through her intercession.

Maryam of Bethlehem
Here are some of the words she used to address to her sisters:

..."The humble soul becomes light, she lives in the truth, she rises up to God and God lowers Himself to her.  Humility gives to that soul a way to achieve other virtues.  The proud soul is like a grain of wheat thrown in the water, it swells up and becomes big.  Expose this grain to the sun and it will wither.  The humble soul is like a grain of wheat thrown on to the ground, it descends and hides itself, it disappears and it dies but it is to blossom in heaven."

... "When olives are harvested, it is done with the utmost care; all those that fall on the ground are picked so as to extract the oil. Look everywhere with an equal care for occasions to practice humility. Oil gives light; humility has the light of God; it shows God."

..."Happy the little ones!  There is room for them everywhere.  But the big ones, they get in everyone's way."  Nothing pleased the Lord more than humility."

..."Only love can satisfy the heart of man.  The good man is content with love and a little bit of land; but the wicked man, even with all the pleasures, the honors, and the riches he piles up, is always hungry, is always thirsty, he is never satisfied."

..."Look at the earthworm.  As long as it stays underground, it is safe: but if it shows itself, it will be crushed.  The worm, when ice comes, the earth is its warmth.  When the sun comes, the earth gives it freshness.  Understand that humility is happy with everything.  She posseses peace in this world and joy in the next world."

..."Reflect well on this: today on the earth, tomorrow under the earth."

..."Little sheep, love the one who slaps you and not the one who gives you kisses.  If you defend yourself when someone slaps you, you will lose everything; but if you kiss the one who strikes you, God will keep you."

..."The Lord will not reproach you for having sinned, but for not having humbled yourself."

..."Never look at either the mistakes or the shortcomings of the sisters.  Keep to yourself the most difficult, the most painful things, in order to comfort the others.  Think always good of others: excuse them.  If you see a sister spilling oil, think that she is lost in God, then pick up a rag to clean up the spill."

..."The Lord doesn't like it when we take back a part of our offerings.  Offer Him all and give Him all."

"Take great care to keep tranquility of heart, because Satan fishes in troubled waters."

"Be very charitable.  When one of your eyes sees evil, close it and open the other one!  Change everything to good!"

"Without Mary, we would be lost.  The enemy makes holes everywhere.  Mary takes care of us better than the best of mothers."

"Be small; be and remain small, so that the mother keeps you under her wings, as the hen keeps her little ones and chases them away when they are grown.  Be small, small. . .  Jesus will keep you.  See the hen and the little chicks:  as long as they are small, she feeds them with her beak, she hides them under her wings; they lack nothing.  Be small, the Lord will keep you, He will feed you."

"When Jesus looks at his chosen ones, his gaze melts their hearts. Oh, that look!" (see PS2)

4. On Monday May 11th at 10:00 PM we were present for Ivan's 
apparition of Our Lady at the Blue Cross.
Our Lady invited us to pray for her intentions and for the plans she wants to realize in Medjugorje. "Pray, dear children," she said. "Persevere in prayer. The Mother prays with you and intercedes for each one of you before her Son."

That same day a few priests and pilgrims went to Ivan's daily apparition in his private chapel at 6:40 p.m., and there, Our Lady gave the same message. she even repeated it twice as Ivan underlined it: "Pray for the realisation of my plans!" In this world that is so badly troubled, it is good to remember that Our Lady does have a plan, that this plan will definitely be carried out,that victory has been promised, and that we are invited to be its instruments, or better still, its apostles!
5.  Stay Tuned! Sister Emmanuel will be in the U.S.A. in July!

6. The next Live Show will be broadcast in French on June 3 at 21:00. I will talk about the message of the 2nd. The Live of the 3rd is replayed on   http://www.enfantsdemedjugorje.fr/index.php/le-direct-du-3.html  Also, don't forget! You can watch 10-minute videos in French of small spiritual advices at:

Dearest Gospa! We thank you for your continuous intercession in our favor!  Help us to be strong in our warfare against Satan through prayer, with the rosary in hand.  You with us and us with you, then we are certain of the victory!

Sister Emmanuel +
(Translated from French)

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