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Vicka speaking on 12/03/14

St. John Damascene

Dear Family of Mary!

Yesterday, Mary TV filmed Vicka speaking to pilgrims at the orphanage, as she usually does!  Here is the transcript of her beautiful talk so expertly translated by Miki Musa.  Her words give peace!

December 3, 2014 talk by Vicka in Medjugorje
(Vicka spoke for 24 minutes....and then prayed in silence with everyone for more than 25 minutes)

First of all I would like to greet all of you. I'm very happy to be standing among you here.... But I'm even happier that with all my heart and all my love I can share with you Our Lady's main messages that she has been giving to all of us. Our Lady's main messages are: prayer, peace, conversion, confession and fasting.   And Our Lady recommends to us to pray every day all three parts of the Rosary and fasting on every Wednesday and Friday on bread and water. But a beautiful thing Our Lady invites us to pray for is to pray for our strong faith.

When Our Lady recommends us to pray she doesn't want us to just say the words, to move our lips.   Our Lady would like for us from day to day to open our hearts so that the prayer can really become a joy for us and that we may succeed to pray with the heart.

Our Lady gave us a beautiful example and she says:  "All of you in your homes have a flower pot, and if every day you put just a few drops of water into this flower, you will see it grow and become a beautiful rose." Well, the same example is with our heart. If we put a few drops of prayer in our hearts every day we'll see it growing becoming just as beautiful as that rose.   And if just for a few days we don't put the water in for this flower, we will see it vanishing as if it never existed before.

Our Lady says it may happen to us very often, when the time of the prayer arrives that we say, "I'm tired, I can't pray, I'll pray tomorrow." Then when tomorrow comes we find another excuse. So then day by day we distance ourselves from prayer and our hearts gets influenced only from a bad side.  But Our Lady said the same as a flower cannot live without water, we cannot live without God's grace.   And Our Lady says that prayer with the heart you cannot read, write or study. Prayer with the heart you can only live in order to be able to go forward day by day.

Talking about fasting, Our Lady says those people who are sick, they do not have to fast on bread and water, but those two days a week they can give up something they like the most.   But when healthy people complain about headaches, stomachaches or find different kinds of excuses not to fast, Our Lady says: "If you do fasting out of love towards God me, there is only one thing really missing, and that would be your own strong will."

Our Lady invites us to our total, complete conversion, and she says: "Dear children, whenever you have a problem or an illness, in those moments all of you think that Jesus and I are far away from you." But Our Lady says, "No: we are always very close to you! But you, open your heart. And then you will be able to see how much we love you!"

Our Lady would like us to do a little sacrifice. But she would be most content if we would give up sinning, and not sin anymore. And Our Lady says, "I'm giving you my peace and my love.   And you bring it to your families, to your friends."Our Lady gives the blessing to all of us and she prays for all of us.

But Our Lady says, "I will be happier to see you in your families, in your communities, praying the rosary together. Especially to see parents praying with their children, children praying with their parents.   Because united in a prayer like this, Satan cannot do any harm to you."

Our Lady says Satan always tries to disturb us. Satan wants to destroy our prayers and our peace. Therefore Our Lady invites us to pray a little bit more.   And the best weapon we have is the Rosary in our hands against Satan.   Therefore Our Lady recommends us to have with us always a little blessed religious article... whether it's a little medal, a little cross, a little something to help resist Satan better.

Our Lady recommends us to put the Holy Mass in the first place, because that's the most important, the holy moment, because it is at the Holy Mass that the living Jesus comes among us.   Therefore Our Lady would like from us when we go to Church to accept Jesus without any fear, without any excuse.

Our Lady recommends to us once a month holy Confession and she says: "Do not go to confession only because you have a sin. But go to confession in order to ask an advice from your priest who can help you to go one step forward."

And Our Lady is so preoccupied for all the young people in the world.   Because young people are going through a very, very difficult time.   And we can help them, but only with our love and prayer with the heart.... And Our Lady says: "Dear young people, what today's world is offering to you is passing, is of a passing value." Through this we can see that Satan is trying to use every free moment we have wanting to destroy us.   And today obviously working through young people wanting to divide our families.

But Our Lady says these moments are moments of great graces.   Our Lady would like us to accept her messages and to live them.   Our Lady would like from us to be the carriers of her peace and to pray for the peace in the entire world.   But in the first place Our Lady invites us to pray for the peace in our own hearts. And then for peace in our families, in our communities, and then with that peace to pray for the peace in the entire world. And Our Lady says if you pray for peace in the world and you have no peace in your own heart, that prayer doesn't go that well....

Even in this very moment Our Lady invites us to pray a little bit more, to pray for her intentions, for her plans.   To take the Holy Bible every day, to read that and to try to live that during the day.   Our Lady invites us to pray for the Holy Father, the Pope, for our bishops for our priests. In fact she invites us to pray for our entire church - it is in need of our prayers.

In a special way Our Lady invites us to pray for one of her plans that is supposed to be fulfilled; realized.   But especially recently Our Lady is so much preoccupied - what she's is suffering for - when she talks about our young people and our families that are going through a very, very difficult time.

Our Lady says she prays for peace.   Therefore Our Lady asks us to pray for the same intentions - to help her with our prayers.   Even tonight when Our Lady comes to me [Vicka says] I will recommend all of you, pray for all of you - your intentions, your families, but you, also, at 5:40 pm*, you pray, open your heart, and you present to Our Lady all of this.

I believe that many of you know that Jacov and I received this beautiful gift - this beautiful grace - that during an apparition Our Lady took us by the hand in order to show us paradise, purgatory and hell.   In those three spots we stayed twenty minutes.

We were in Jakov's family home. Our Lady appeared and she said, "Now I will take you with me!"   At that very moment little Jakov said, "Our Lady, take Vicka! She has many brothers and sisters. I'm the only one in the family!" Jakov thought they were leaving and never, ever coming back again. Personally [Vicka says] I thought in that moment, how many hours, how many days, are we going to go up or down? But Our Lady simply took my right hand, Jakov's left hand. She was in front of us and she took us with her.   A ceiling opened above us just enough for us to be able to go through it.   Practically within a second we found ourselves in Paradise.  

It was enormous space. And I saw a kind of light that doesn't exist here on earth. And I saw a lot of people, and all of them more or less the same...no fat, no thin, and they had all three colors of their dresses, grey, yellow and rose....all of them walking around, singing, praying, and little angels flying over.   And Our Lady said,"Look at how joyful, how content are all these who are in paradise - joy that you cannot explain with words...joy that doesn't exist here on earth."

Purgatory is also an enormous space.   But in Purgatory you cannot see persons because of the dense fog. But you can feel and hear that there are people who are inside who are suffering. Our Lady said, "Those who are in Purgatory are waiting for our prayers to be able to go to Paradise."

The first thing that I saw in Hell was a big fire. Then I saw normal people entering in the fire.   And the deeper they were going into fire they were being transformed into wild beasts and they would curse more and more against God. Our Lady said,"Those who are in Hell, they ended up there according to their own will. So all these people living on earth doing everything against God, they are already experiencing Hell, they just continue when they die." And Our Lady said there are many people who live on earth who believe that once you die everything is over. Our Lady says that's a big mistake because here on earth we are just passing through, but the true life continues.

I know that everyone of us here came with different issues, problems, difficulties....but most of all those people who are sick.... [Vicka said]: I would like you to know that every evening when Our Lady comes my first words addressed to her are always for and about those people who are sick, praying that God through Our Lady can give them strength to be able to endure that gift of the cross they were given - but to carry that with love.

Now [Vicka says] we will remain united in a silent prayer.   So please remain silent. That's very important.   Our Lady has said silence can do so many beautiful, great things. Do not be afraid of silence! Especially, recently, Our Lady said that we people of today talk too much and we do not pray enough.   And Our Lady would like for us to change this attitude, and to start to pray more and to talk less.

If during the silent prayer you hear someone shouting, screaming, yelling, whatever, trying to disturb - do not pay attention to it.   Be focused in your prayer. Because with our prayer in silence we can defeat any possible evil that might be circling around...And after this silent prayer we'll finish our meeting with one Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be for all your intentions....

*You can do as Vicka asks also by joining in Silent prayer at <www.marytv.tv> with those praying in Medjugorje as the bells of St. James ring during the time of Our Lady's apparition...

 May we learn to pray with the heart, like Vicka, by doing it! 

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
(c)Mary TV 2014

PS. The Video of Vicka's talk is on the home page at www.marytv.tv  

"Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world."
Saint John Paul II
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