Italian Cured From Multiple Sclerous

by Jakob Marschner
Gigliola Candian from Venice had multiple sclerosis and was confided to a wheelchair. In Medjugorje on September 13 she saw a great light, realized she could walk, and stood up. “To me, it is a miracle” says the 48 years old Italian who visited Medjugorje before, but never prayed for a healing.
Gigliola in March
Gigliola Candian in March
Medjugorje saw another inexplicable, spontaneous cure last Saturday when 48 years old Gigliola Candian from Venice, Italy, stood up from her wheelchair after 10 years, healed from multiple sclerosis.
“To me, it is a miracle. I felt a great heat in the legs and I saw a light. From that moment I realized that I could walk” Gigliola Candian tells the Italian newspaper Il Gazzettino.
Gigliola Candian on September 13, the day she stood up from her wheelchair
Gigliola Candian on September 13, the day she stood up from her wheelchair
In Medjugorje, the Lordspoke to me and I startedto stand upI was inside a small community, we wereat churchthere were other people and Jesusspoke to me” she tells the Venice newspaperCorriere del Veneto.
“I was praying and the Lord asked me, “Do you trust Me?”I replied that I trusted Him and He told me, “Then walk”I felt atingling in the legs, saw the light and got upwatched by everyone’s incredulous eyes. “
I was never rooted in faith but I often went to Medjugorje because there is a different feel there, I feel good there. I feel pampered by the Virgin Mary” says Gigliola Candian.
Gigliola Candian in April
Gigliola Candian in April
She tells that her illness was a tragedy for her, but one she had accepted with serenity.
“I never asked the Virgin Mary for my healing” Gigliola Candian tells Il Gazzettino.
In recent days, she haswalked on her own in herhousedone some short walks in her garden and, generally, improved day by day though muscles are still lacking in her legs. Visits from specialists are scheduled in the days to come, Venezia Today reports.

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